Friday Fixat10ns: Christmas Rap Essentials

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Merry merry finals everyone! We hope you’re all feeling jolly as ever. I know I am. This year I’m grateful to be sitting on cozy Lau 4 instead of dealing with drunk Santas on the LIRR.

Here at 4E we know that many of you are getting through the finals slog by hitting up your trusty Christmas playlist. We have a new one to help you spice things up: The Essential Christmas Rap Playlist. Enjoy and have a very Ludachristmas.

1. Ludachristmas Ludacris

We’ve never been happier to hear Luda’s jolly laugh. He just wants to spread a little cheer with his Christmas tree decked with toilet paper and some Jolly Ranchers and candy canes.

2. Sleigh Ride TLC

They don’t want scrubs for Christmas, so Prancer better not be hanging out of the passenger side of Santa’s ride trying to holler at them. T-Boz wants headphone sets and a fly dress for Christmas. And they all want love and joy and happiness and lots of good cheer.

3. Christmas in Harlem  Kanye West ft. Featuring Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Cyhi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Musiq Soulchild, Teyana Taylor and Big Sean

This may be the greatest Christmas song I’ve ever heard. Would you expect anything less from a self-proclaimed God?

4. Jingle Bells  Trey Songz ft. Flo Rida

This music video is so wholesome, it makes us uncomfortable. Where is the Trey Songz we know and love? What is the point of the scarf? Trey Songz asked Santa for jewels this year and Flo Rida asked for this song to end.

5. Christmas in Hollis Run DMC

Run wants an ill reindeer for Christmas. He also wants a million dollars to buy a boat and a matching car but he doesn’t want it bad enough to steal a million dollars from Santa’s wallet.

6. Deck Da Club  Ying Yang Twins

The Ying Yang Twins want the club to be decked in boughs of money this Christmas. I will be in search of the Ying Yang Twins this holiday season. I would like a bough of money.

7. A Christmas F*cking Miracle Run The Jewels

This song is not as fun as you would expect. In fact it’s not fun at all. We don’t really know why we included it, but it has Christmas in the title and the music video is great. El-P wants to learn to look both ways both ways before he crosses the street for Christmas.

8. A Jehovah’s Christmas  Troy and Abed

Your favorite characters from Community devise a plan to allow a Jehovah’s Witness, Troy, to celebrate Christmas and participate in the Glee’s Club’s Christmas pageant. Troy wants to finally earn Kendrick Lamar’s respect this year (don’t we all?).

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All Hoyas Want for Christmas Is…

Christmas-Tree-Wallpaper-christmas-8142630-1024-768Santa, can you hear us? We have been so good this year. And all we want is one thing… Actually, no. We want lots of things. Hoyas want lots of things for Christmas – and here is just some of our Georgetown list:

1. Summer internshipsIntern8

2. Vineyard Vines everything2bd3f4d3e88c6fc11cfbaef63f77616525430fc2e43a97f603ffa43719652644

3. A guide to not getting lost in the ICCtumblr_mcxiw8aCN41rtwyeyo1_500

4. Delicious food from Leo’s (a Christmas miracle, indeed)delicious

5. A Tuscany comeback518757822

6. A 4.0 GPAh176CD89E

7. For class registration to go like thisfresh_prince_amazed

8. Free and unlimited Wisey’s forevertumblr_m9flpzpEOa1r25xgk

9. For Lau to get struck by a catastrophically gargantuan meteoriteAtomic_Bomb

10. World peace


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The Secret Santa Conundrum

Secret SantaBreak out the holly and dust off your elf shoes: It’s the holiday season once again! We all love getting presents, but giving them can be tough. One of our most treasured (and common) holiday traditions is the “secret Santa” gift exchange. For those of you who don’t know what a secret Santa is, go read a book or something.

As every former secret Santa knows, it can be very difficult to find a gift that works both for the person and the price range. Being a college student does not help the process either. Right now, we’re fully occupied with finals, fighting for tables in Lau and preparing for the holidays, so shopping does not always fit into our busy schedules.

And now, to add to the holiday horror, let’s say you reach your hand into the hat of secret Santa choices and – gasp! – you select someone you don’t know. 


What are you supposed to do? You have no idea what their interests are or where they are from. How are you supposed to get them a meaningful/funny gift that will make everyone think you’re witty and cool but that won’t make the receiver question your sanity? We feel your pain. Here are some great secret Santa gift options that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

To begin, try to find out anything you can about this mystery person to whom you have been assigned. 4E welcomes (and even encourages) Facebook stalking, so go crazy. Don’t forget to check Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Tinder, Lulu and any other social media site you fancy. Everything helps when you are in this sticky situation.

Then, stick with these cost effective and time-tested basics:

Fuzzy socks This is one of my go-to items. While this is used more for girls than guys, anyone should be able to enjoy the magic that these can bring! Fuzzy socks can be found at most retail locations, so depending on your price limit you can play it safe at T.J. Maxx or go crazy at J. Crew.

Scarves ‘Tis the season for warm clothing! It is hard to say no to a pretty scarf: They are trendy, comfortable and, most importantly, WARM.

Candy basket Finals make people hungry, and hungry people like candy. Save a life: Buy some candy. Hit up CVS and buy a variety of different treats. To make this gift more special, throw it in a decorative bag.

Mugs Whether they are used for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, mugs are always useful. A helpful tip: Anthropologie sells a variety of decorative mugs with different letters on them. These range from about $8-$15, and they are adorable.

Cupcakes Georgetown is known for its cupcake locations. As you should realize by now, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like food. Whether this is your entire gift or just a sub-section, cupcakes are always a great idea.

Frames Georgetown locations have a wide selection of frames. This is a great gift idea because Georgetown students love to show off their friends and family, filling their rooms with pictures. T.J. Maxx/Homegoods have great selections, as does Urban Outfitters. You’ll get extra points if you put a picture of yourself and the giftee in the frame. And if you’re not on that level, photoshop yourself into a picture with them. It’s creepy but heartfelt.

Posters Hoyas love to decorate their cribs (not just with frames), so make them a poster! All you have to do is find a funny picture, add some equally uproarious text and upload it onto a website like this that blows up photos for free! You’ll only have to pay for printing at the Gelardin color printer, so you can buy even more goodies if you want to up the ante.

Alcohol paraphernalia For those of you readers who are above that magic age, flasks are the perfect gift, as they tend to be super cute and really funny. Urban Outfitters offers a wide array of options that are sure to please any thirsty Hoya.

The classic “gag” gift Many stores in the Georgetown area offer funny trinkets that are sure to make even the biggest Grinch smile. Urban Outfitters (I know, once again) has thousands of little items ranging from books to funny bandaids.

Gift cards Hear me out. Yes, gift cards can come off as insensitive, but they are not a bad last resort. I am personally a fan of Sweetgreen, Tombs, Saxbys and/or Corp gift cards (If you have me for secret Santa, take a hint.). You can make them fit your price range and even add a few pieces of candy along with them! No one can turn down free food and snacks … and if they do, they do not deserve your gift.

Still stuck? Luckily, most people will not turn down a gift. Just because it isn’t something they want does not mean they won’t enjoy it! Don’t stress. Secret Santas are supposed to be fun, and it’s the thought that counts, right?

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Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday: The Bargain Shopper’s Conundrum

Black Friday Cyber MondayEvery year after the Thanksgiving turkey has been stored and the last few pieces of pie have been consumed, a new time for celebration approaches. Before the Christmas bells start to ring, the bargain shopping season arrives just as quickly as it ends. Many shoppers face the difficult decision – a Sophie’s choice if you will – of whether to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  4E has compared the two, and here are the results!

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday:

Cyber Monday Wins with…

1. Safety Let’s say you spend your Thanksgiving with family, and perhaps do not feel inclined to wake up early the next day only to be attacked in a giant clothing outlet. If this sounds like you, then Cyber Monday wins with the opportunity for shoppers to wait til the holiday ends and still enjoy the sales.

2. Comparison When you are online, you can easily compare prices and not get too overwhelmed (or overspend) in the midst of a buying frenzy.

3. Comfort Perhaps one of the most important advantages: Cyber Monday allows shoppers to remain in the comfort of their homes, beds and even pajamas.


Black Friday Wins with…

1. Trying it on! If you have not experienced waiting for an order to arrive to the mailbox, opening it and – to your dismay – realizing that the small online picture lied to you, then you are very lucky (perhaps buy a lotto ticket at some point?). With Black Friday shopping, you can see what you are buying, recognize the quality and possibly even try it on. Plus, there’s no need to wait for shipping (or pay the shipping fees).

2. First come, first serve Black Friday starts off the bargain season, which means shoppers get first dibs when they arrive. Because of this, Cyber Monday doesn’t always include the same number of Black Friday deals or items.

3. Thrills Some people actually enjoy the rush of running around, scouting for a particular item and feeling the sweet satisfaction of getting that prized item … especially in comparison to simply clicking “add to bag.”


So, in the end, who wins? Lucky for us, we do not have to decide and can partake in both! Speaking of which, only a few hours are left til midnight and the end of all those Cyber Monday sales. To make shopping a little easier, check out the official Cyber Monday website.

Happy shopping, Hoyas!

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What A Dad Wants


Don’t be that child and give the boring old Father’s Day tie. Here are some awesome Father’s Day gifts at wallet-can-handle-this prices that’ll make your dad proud and give him more reasons to believe that having you was not just another headache and a dent in the bank account.

For the D.I.Y Dad
The Container Store’s Ultimate Hammer Tool – The go- to all-in-one gear

Lowes’ Kobalt 28-Piece Home Tool Set – Also handy for those odd jobs!

Home Depot’s Dremel 200 Series 2 Speed Rotary Tool – Great for dads who love fixing up the little jobs around the house!

For the Iron Chef Dad
Gourmondo’s Bacon Balsamic Dressing – Who doesn’t love adding more pig to their salads?

William Sonoma’s Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection – It’s summertime. Time for more BBQ!

Harry and David’s BBQ Steak Sauce Gift Set – Who doesn’t love some BBQ sauce and booze?

For the Sporty Dad
MLB Gear at Modell’s – Let Dad show his spirit for his fav team.
Prices vary.

NIKE One RXN Golf Balls – Go golfing with Dad this weekend.

NIKE+ SPORTBAND – Easy-to-use device with personalized features

For the Dapper Dad
The Body Shop’s Activist Bath & Shower Gel – Leave your dad feeling refreshed after a long day at work.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream – Give your dad an easy-to-use cream for smooth-shaven skin
$9.00 – 19.00 (size varies)

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mesh Polo – Let Dad feel fit and fresh in this classic polo.

For the Workaholic/ Techie Dad
Delfonics Stationary Wood Ball Pens – Simple yet stylish. Dad will definitely be using them to show off at work.

Shaper Image’s Motorized Tie Rack – So here’s something for dad to store all those ties you gave me for past 18-20 years. It looks cool in his closet too!

Personalized Leather iPad Case – Give Dad a gift with a personalized touch to remind him of you when he works long hours

There are a ton more gift ideas out there, but we hope these will help you make Dad proud!