So what are you doing after you graduate? The question haunts every senior who is slowly realizing that his or her idyllic life at Georgetown will eventually come to a close. If you’re considering graduate school, there’s an event you should check out that may make you a bit more willing to answer that daunting question about the FUTURE.


Sept. 15 is your opportunity to meet with representatives of top U.S. and international universities. The QS World Grad School Tour is hosting a fair that will feature reps from schools like University of Oxford, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, London School of Economics and Political Science and King’s College London. If that doesn’t get you going, here’s another MAJOR reason to show up:

The QS World Grad School Tour is offering $1.7 million in scholarships, and this money is exclusively available to attendees of one of these grad school fairs.

And if that doesn’t get your heart pumping, the fair is also a great opportunity because:

  1. You could win free online GRE test prep for a month from Magoosh (which is an awesome name). The winner will be announced at the event like this:


  1. There will be informational seminars available, including a GMAT seminar hosted by GMAC.
  1. Finally, if you are one of the first 100 people to arrive, you will receive a free QS Top Grad School Guide.

Studying at an international grad school could be a great experience for all of the reasons you loved undergraduate study abroad. But even if you’re down to stay in ‘MURICA for the rest of your life, you should still check out the event because there will be top U.S. grad school representatives there too.

P.S. To get free entry you have to preregister online here and say the Hoya’s exclusive secret password at the door.


Okay, don’t tell anyone but the password is… “Hoya promo”.

Here’s the address for the QS Grad School Tour fair:

National Press Club
529 14th St. NW 13th floor
Washington, D.C. 20045

Sept. 15, 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

So register and enjoy the spoils!

This post is sponsored by the QS Grad School Tour.


How to Talk to a Second Semester Senior

Second Semester SeniorsAs they begin their last semester of college, the members of the Class of 2014 are in a strange place. Some of them have job offers and graduate school acceptances, but many of them do not. Whether they’re happy to graduate or wishing they had four more years, they should be handled delicately. Here are some tips from an expert (i.e., one of those stressed seniors) about what to say to these tender children.

Do not ask what they’re doing next year.

Most seniors do not have concrete plans yet. Even the few who do have law school acceptances, offers from consulting firms or Teach for America acceptances aren’t exempt from the self-doubt and anxiety that can come from contemplating the post-grad life. If you’ve somehow found a senior who doesn’t freak out when considering what lies beyond May 2014, at the very least they’re tired of talking about it.

Do not ask what it feels like to be a second semester senior.

It feels scary and exciting and weird and wonderful. Often at the same time. Do not use this as small talk unless you really want to know those things.

Do ask for advice.

Seniors are full of advice, and they’re also really self-absorbed, so they love giving it. They have wisdom about basically everything: classes, internships, relationships, extracurriculars and friendships.

But do not ask about the future of their relationships and friendships.

Your single friends have never felt more hopelessly single than they do right now, after winter break and a litany of aunts and uncles asking if they have a “special someone.” Those in relationships are all worried about whether they’ll last post-May 17. This also applies to all of their friendships, so don’t ask how much they’re going to miss their best friends. The answer? A lot.

Do accompany them to the Tombs.

Seniors love Tombs and as many of them begin 99 Days next month, they’re going to need some company. If you’re not 21, there’s always weekend brunch, lunch and dinner.

Do not judge them for the #SWUG life.

A SWUG is a senior wash-up girl. The SWUG life means going out without getting dressed up, staying in to drink wine and watch movies and napping at inappropriate times. We know your judgement is just envy.

Do be their cheerleader.

Whether they’re applying to grad programs, going to a job interview, starting a blog or finally showering, support them in their endeavors! A cheerful text or a hug might just make their day. For my fellow seniors, here’s a piece of advice from the latest episode of “Parks and Recreation” and my personal hero, Leslie Knope:

In times of stress or moments of transition, sometimes it can feel the whole world is closing in on you. When that happens you should close your eyes, take a deep breath, listen to the people who love you when they give you advice and remember what really matters.

Photo: Wikipedia