14 Halloween Costumes You Can Make “Sexy”: Georgetown Edition

Aside from trick-or-treating, we know you love seeing those creative costume ideas that go beyond *rolls eyes* Harley Quinn.

If you want to think a little outside the box, but still maintain a sexy and eye-catching aura, here are fourteen Halloween costumes that can go from weird to hot.

  1. Sexy “Student Guard Who Makes You Swipe”

2. Sexy “Chaplain in Your Building Who Makes Good Pancakes”

3. Sexy “Tennis Coach in Prison”

4. Sexy “Rise and Shine”

5. Sexy “That Person From GERMS Who Saved Your Friend From Alcohol Poisoning”

6. Sexy “Mark Zuckerberg”

7. Sexy “Girl Thinking She’s One of the Boys After Going to One Georgetown Basketball Game”

8. Sexy “Leo’s”

9. Sexy “Girl Who Can’t Play Beer Pong Even After Going to Every Frat Party”

10. Sexy “Switching From MSB to College”

11. Sexy “Wisey’s Rat”

12. Sexy “Kappas Who Go to Nobu”

13. Sexy “Professors Who Assign 4 Exams in One Day”

14. Sexy “My Drunk Snack at 1 a.m.”

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Winter Break Life Lessons: the 8 Things You Discover

Banner - Winter Break

Winter break is an interesting time. In the middle of the school year, it’s a weird lapse between the fall and spring semesters, just a few weeks full of extravagant (or monotonous) family holidays, trips to visit relatives and indulgence.


What other time during the year do we have such an opportune chance to reflect on ourselves, our lives, and the relatively-(but-only-for-a-short-while)-distant bubble that is Georgetown? The answer is not summer break because the expanse of time is too long, too lacking of holiday festivity, and too routine. Here are the gems that winter break affords us, mainly:

  1. The Joy of Snacking. You never quite remember just how valuable a stocked fridge and cupboard full of cereal and Cheez-Its is to your wellbeing until you’re home in your childhood bed with nothing on your agenda except a trip to the kitchen.giphy
  2. Netflix. In particular: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You can watch a whole season in one day. Can you watch the whole series in one break? While we make no speculation as to whether or not this timeless spectacle can grow old, we will admit that break teaches us that those episodes that are full of flashbacks are cop-outs. Since we saw that scene yesterday, it’s not worth reflecting on when Ross could have a new date or Phoebe could be making some weird family-related discovery. 
  3. The Time-Capsule Phenomena. Nothing. Ever. Changes. Can you believe that your town looks the same, your dog sits in the same spot on the rug and your mom has the same routine of game-show watching after dinner each night? While you’ve been busy conquering Brown House and concocting new Leo’s dinner creations the world has continued to spin and life has continued to go on as you know it outside of the front gates. 
  4. Reading for Pleasure. This one goes well with the unfathomable idea that you have this strange amount of time where you don’t remember the date, you have almost forgotten what it is like to live out of a planner and the alarm clark has been untouched. Reading for pleasure: dictated by your own curiosity and not listed on a class syllabus, who knew?
  5. How Great It Is to Do Nothing When It Is Only Temporary.giphy-1
  6. How Unreal (Actually) College Is. Think about it, your friends are your next door neighbors if they’re not your roommates or a short walk across campus to Henle away. Yet over break they’ve reverted to their second lives all over the world, in different time zones.
  7. How Much You Missed and Didn’t Miss Your High School Job. Day 1: *Wow this is so great. I remember that customer, so nice. I’ve missed this.* […] Day 3: *If only everyone could look away while I subtly rested my head on this cash register for the next hour…
  8. The Value of Your Dog. Okay, so this one you never quite forget, but man is it great to have a furry friend to greet you: it’s something that makes leaving the house difficult. Something to pet, and something to talk like a baby too: good times. Jack-My-Happy-Dog


Photos/gifs: giphy.com, cutestpaw.com, theodysseyonline.com


If The Shoe Fits …


This past Friday, freshman Georgetown basketball player Shayla Cooper attempted to block a three-pointer by throwing her shoe.

No, that wasn’t a typo.

You have to admire her quick thinking and innovation, so here are a few other things you can achieve by throwing your shoe:

1. Stopping the Leavey elevator doors from closing because once you miss one of those, you have to wait another hour for it to come back.

2. To take down the person in front of you at the Diner who is about to take the last batch of chicken fingers.

3. As an alternative to throwing your graduation cap after commencement.

4. Just because you didn’t feel like holding it anymore

5. To flee the ball and capture the love of Prince Charming.

And you may be wondering, “wait … is she allowed to do that?” and the answer is sadly no. Check out this quote from the Associated Press

Even with increase in fouls, not everything has been caught. In the Georgetown-Richmond women’s game Friday, freshman Shayla Cooper lost her shoe early in the second half and tried to block a Spiders’ 3-pointer by throwing her sneaker at the ball. She missed and so did the officials, who didn’t call a foul on the play. Or even a ‘soletending’ violation.

” ‘Picking up a shoe and throwing it is not a rule in the rule book,’ [NCAA women’s basketball secretary-rules editor Debbie] Williamson said laughing. ‘It’s an unsporting act as there’s no rule for throwing equipment. It should have been an unsportsmanlike foul.’ “

This isn’t a play we’ll likely forget anytime soon, so enjoy this gif to commemorate the moment.

The Basketball Preview Preview


Tomorrow marks the start of basketball season, which means The Hoya’s basketball preview will also be released. This glossy Hoya special will feature a roster and schedule, a season preview, a sophomore update, the rundown of the new freshmen, a 2012-2013 recap, a Big East roundup and much more. Here’s a little teaser for you before you grab a copy for yourself tomorrow!

Chris Bien/The Hoya
Chris Bien/The Hoya

Chris Bien/The Hoya
Chris Bien/The Hoya

Chris Bien/The Hoya
Chris Bien/The Hoya

Chris Bien/The Hoya
Chris Bien/The Hoya

Chris Bien/The Hoya
Chris Bien/The Hoya

Chris Grivas/The Hoya
Chris Grivas/The Hoya

Chris Grivas/The Hoya
Chris Grivas/The Hoya

Madness at Midnight

HEY! Guess what today is?! Yeah, that’s right. Tonight, at midnight, there will be madness. Madness, I say! For all of you newcomers to the Hilltop, when the clock strikes twelve, our beloved 2012-2013 Hoyas basketball team is officially permitted by the NCAA to begin regular practices. Can you say, celebration?

You know what else today is? Exactly one month (minus one day) from our first home game of the season at the Verizon Center, mark your calendars. Be there. It’s also one day from the Georgetown/Lehigh football game on Harbin Field – Patriot League match-up that cannot be missed and a fierce Big East battle between Georgetown and Marquette in Men’s Soccer (#paranoia). It’s also 44 days until Thanksgiving.

So, you get a wristband from waiting outside the gym tonight – now what? What actually happens? I am a freshman and I am confused – what happens?! (I am a sophomore and I am wise, so I will tell you).

1. Hoya Blue, lead by the fearless Andrew Rennie, will reveal the WAG slogan, chosen by students (yeah, like you!). Exciting. This slogan will be on your Georgetown t-shirt for the next 9 months, don’t you want to know what it will say across your back? (“Kick Me”? Lol, jk)

2. All of the basketball players come out to a different song that they pick and they dance, and it’s cute, and I love it. I caught sophomore center, Tyler Adams, outside Healy Hall yesterday and asked him if he’d reveal his song… no go on that one. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

3. So many student groups will perform. They cannot be missed. If you miss them, you will not see this.

Speaking of singing and dancing, I heard the best news (via the Twitter, of course, and our friends at Casual Hoya). Yes, it is true. Doug E. Fresh is going to be in attendence at Midnight Madness which means aggressive beat-boxing, dancing, singing and just getting weird in McDonough. So if you like those things, and generally just like fun, get over to McDonough tonight to celebrate the Hoyas. And if you don’t like fun, you need to get your priorities straight. Maybe hang out with me, and we can have fun together because I am a big fan of it.

So, advice. Don’t stand outside Brown House tonight in pink shorts or a tight black skirt (in the cold, it’s cold, people) to see if they’ll let you in. Stand outside McDonough instead, where they WILL let you in, and love you, and welcome you.

Photo by: The Washington Post, The Examiner, The Daily, Silky Kadakia