Five Possible Dining Alone Scenarios at Leo’s

Eating Alone

They say that the enemy of success is comfort. Leo’s is likely to be a place you find yourself often — and if not poopoo for you, because Leo’s is HOT. The triumphant marketing team’s latest endeavor, inspired by the altruistic and chumley community that is the Hilltop, has developed table sharing signs. Not only are these well designed “Dining Solo? Join me, this is a shareable table” signs equipped to add flare to your table and meal, but they are also something bigger. They are invitation to community, to love, and to the ever-beloved networking skills  that Hoyas pride themselves on.


While the prospect of inviting or approaching a fellow stranger to share company over a meal of chicken fingers may seem daunting, 4E urges you to take the leap — for as some wise human once said, “achievement thrives on the extended peripheries of our comfort zones,” or something like that. If you take the leap this may happen…


1) HoyaLoveStories.

giphy-4Heard the stories? It could be you. Sit down stay awhile. A long while. Eventually you’ll be buried together. 

2) The Best friend.


Who knows maybe you’ll end up getting Leo’s together every night?! Be each other’s best man? Go to your kids first birthdays? Retire together? There is so much room for possibilities.

3) The Business Partner


Uhuh hunny. Handshake is the name, entrepreneurship is the game. Let Chicken Finger Thursday inspire you to develop the next Facebook, waffle press, air travel machine…

4) Discover your best friend’s old hook up


When they sat down you thought they looked familiar, but the more their little idiosyncaries begin to reveal themselves, like how he says bro after every other word, or laughs lika hyena… it finally clicks, your roommate used to go out with him. Now you sit, devour your food, and hope nobody saw you.

5) The Stalker

Hey, this could very much be the biggest liability of taking the leap. But really, how bad could having someone’s undivided attention be?… There’s always restraining orders if you start to feel unsafe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.02.19 PM

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Winter Break Life Lessons: the 8 Things You Discover

Banner - Winter Break

Winter break is an interesting time. In the middle of the school year, it’s a weird lapse between the fall and spring semesters, just a few weeks full of extravagant (or monotonous) family holidays, trips to visit relatives and indulgence.


What other time during the year do we have such an opportune chance to reflect on ourselves, our lives, and the relatively-(but-only-for-a-short-while)-distant bubble that is Georgetown? The answer is not summer break because the expanse of time is too long, too lacking of holiday festivity, and too routine. Here are the gems that winter break affords us, mainly:

  1. The Joy of Snacking. You never quite remember just how valuable a stocked fridge and cupboard full of cereal and Cheez-Its is to your wellbeing until you’re home in your childhood bed with nothing on your agenda except a trip to the kitchen.giphy
  2. Netflix. In particular: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You can watch a whole season in one day. Can you watch the whole series in one break? While we make no speculation as to whether or not this timeless spectacle can grow old, we will admit that break teaches us that those episodes that are full of flashbacks are cop-outs. Since we saw that scene yesterday, it’s not worth reflecting on when Ross could have a new date or Phoebe could be making some weird family-related discovery. 
  3. The Time-Capsule Phenomena. Nothing. Ever. Changes. Can you believe that your town looks the same, your dog sits in the same spot on the rug and your mom has the same routine of game-show watching after dinner each night? While you’ve been busy conquering Brown House and concocting new Leo’s dinner creations the world has continued to spin and life has continued to go on as you know it outside of the front gates. 
  4. Reading for Pleasure. This one goes well with the unfathomable idea that you have this strange amount of time where you don’t remember the date, you have almost forgotten what it is like to live out of a planner and the alarm clark has been untouched. Reading for pleasure: dictated by your own curiosity and not listed on a class syllabus, who knew?
  5. How Great It Is to Do Nothing When It Is Only Temporary.giphy-1
  6. How Unreal (Actually) College Is. Think about it, your friends are your next door neighbors if they’re not your roommates or a short walk across campus to Henle away. Yet over break they’ve reverted to their second lives all over the world, in different time zones.
  7. How Much You Missed and Didn’t Miss Your High School Job. Day 1: *Wow this is so great. I remember that customer, so nice. I’ve missed this.* […] Day 3: *If only everyone could look away while I subtly rested my head on this cash register for the next hour…
  8. The Value of Your Dog. Okay, so this one you never quite forget, but man is it great to have a furry friend to greet you: it’s something that makes leaving the house difficult. Something to pet, and something to talk like a baby too: good times. Jack-My-Happy-Dog




Georgetown V Syracuse: Leo’s Goes Orange FREE

Banner - Oranges

Don’t go to Leo’s Friday thinking there’s even a remote chance you’ll be able to find your daily vitamin C in an orange, because there won’t be any.


Don’t plan on stocking up on goldfish,

Don’t crave cantaloupe,

There won’t be any orange soda,

nor will there be orange juice,

There will be no cheddar cheese,

Leo’s will be orange FREE!


       To prep for the game this Saturday, Georgetown Dining is committed to ridding Leo’s of all things orange so that neither the students nor the basketball players will consumer orange before the big game against Syracuse. “We’re responsible for feeding the team and staff three meals a day and won’t take a chance serving anything remotely orange that could have a negative impact on the result of the game,” Marketing Director Adam Solloway said. “This goes for students as well.” 

Show your school spirit and tweet with the hashtag #BOOrange to @georgetowndining


Swipe for Burgers: For a Limited Time Only

Meal Swipes Hoya Court

Have you, the curious Georgetown student, ever wondered what life would be like if you could extend your precious meal swipes beyond the reaches of Leo’s and Einstein’s? Well, have we got news for you!

According to Georgetown Dining (@gtowndining), you can use your meal swipes at any of the three establishments in Hoya Court from today, Dec. 8 to Saturday, Dec. 13! Now a meal swipe can get you meals from Elevation Burger, Subway or Salad Creations. Sadly, the times when you can use your meal swipes are limited, and can only be used from 4:30 p.m. to close Monday to Friday and from 10 a.m. to close on Saturday, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Props on the vegetarian and (relatively) healthier options, Hoya Court! (Also props on using #TreatYoSelf in your Twitter announcement.) This experiment in meal swiping will hopefully be more convenient for students living in Henle or Darnall, while also serving as a reprieve from Leo’s food and Einstein’s bagels. Remember, this ends Dec. 13, so get those wraps/flatizzas/burgers while they’re hot.

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4E’s Georgetown Dining Wishlist

Dining Wishlist

Some may call the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., a food paradise with its sizable collection of restaurants, but for those college students who miss their go-to franchise locations, these quaint streets full of privately owned bars and restaurants can feel more like a food desert.

As some of you may know, a Georgetown Dining survey was recently sent out to students. Among the standard “How great is Leo’s, guys?” type of questions, the survey included questions asking which franchises we’d like to see on campus. The list is long. So, to quell the homesickness and induce some nostalgia, we’ve compiled a food wish list for Georgetown.

When asked where he is from, one of my close friends responds with a hair flip and an elitism-infused, “I’m from So-Cal.” Let’s give these California kids everything they want and bring an extension of this West-coast-based burger joint to campus.

I mean, come on.

Dunkin’ Donuts
Despite some weird seasonal treats (spinach and artichoke supreme bagel? Croissant donut?), you can’t beat a caramel iced coffee or a chocolate glazed donut with chocolate frosting. Even if they do have a location in Dupont, we need one closer to campus to satisfy our donut and coffee cravings

Remember those free sandwich coupons Chick-Fil-A gives at basketball games if the opposing team missed free throws? We would finally have a place to use them.

Everybody — especially people from Philly — loves Wawa. For those of you who have not yet experienced the hype, it’s basically a glorified convenience store. The food, however, is delicious — the macaroni and cheese is a fan favorite — and the sandwiches (hoagies) have a pretty devoted following as well.

Panera Bread
How great is this place? From yummy breakfast options to fantastic soups (two words: Bread. Bowl.), Panera’s got it all. There’s one in Dupont, but that’s honestly too far to fulfill my constant panini needs.

Is this real life??

While the debate over the best coffee and tastiest burgers will probably continue forever, the addition of these options to the neighborhood food scene would offer more variety and allow students to bring a little piece of “home” to campus regardless of where they are from. Georgetown, consider bringing a franchise students love to campus.