March Sadness: Georgetown Edition

As the real March Madness came to an end, we here at 4E decided to give some ~content~ to all of Hoya Nation who had to sit through another NCAA Tournament without a team to root for.

We all have places on campus where we like to be sad. Whether it’s public, private, has beautiful views, reinforces the stresses of everyday life, allows you to forget about your issues or just involves you staring at your pillow, we all can root for our spots in the first annual March Sadness Bracket Challenge: the end-of-season tournament to determine where exactly is the best place to be sad on campus.

Some Notes

Dahlgren Chapel – Dahlgren is a heavy hitter in terms of sadness. I talked to some of my friends about this one, and they singled out something called “Catholic Guilt.” Since I’m Jewish, I don’t really know what that is. However, I would be super sad if I had to tell someone all of my sins every week because there must be SO many. I am, as they say, a sinner. I don’t exactly know what’s considered a sin, but I feel like I commit at least seven of them every time I watch an episode of “Storage Wars: Texas.”

My Bed – My bed is a great place to think about all the times that my friends have abandoned me (looking at you, Mark) and my family has shown little regard for my feelings. It’s great because if you squeeze the pillow really tight, you actually can’t hear any of the sounds of the cruel outside world.

Back of ICC 214 – The back-left desk of ICC 214 is a great place to be sad. This one is especially true when you get back your chem midterm and it’s not what you expected, even though you studied really hard and answered all the questions coherently but your TA really screwed you and must hate you because of that one time she said liked your sweater and you didn’t understand what she was saying at first so you just kept walking. Maybe this is more of a me problem.

Gaston Hall – Gaston has great acoustics for not only a cappella concerts and Rangila, but also for crying. If you really want to hear yourself cry (that is, bellow all of the half notes and pitch changes of your sobbing), there’s no place like Gaston to sit and bawl.

Yates Steps – Sometimes I like to pretend I’m going to Yates and start to walk up the steps, then I realize the steepness makes those steps really hard to ascend. Naturally, I just turn around most of the time. But that makes me extra sad because not only am I skipping Yates because I’m lazy, but I’m also physically incapable of exerting the necessary amount of energy that will allow me to even start working out. In the end I just cry, which one could argue is a form of exercise for your eyelids.


Meet Your 2017 Mr. Georgetown Candidates!

If the competition to find a ticket were not fierce enough, the competition for the crowning of Mr. Georgetown Class of 2017 promises to be one of the fiercest ever. From its promises of song to dance to talents never before seen in Gaston Hall, this year’s lineup is sure to make the judges’ decision a difficult one.

Will they have you looking like this?

Or like this?

Without further ado, 4E presents your candidates for this year’s Mr. Georgetown Pageant:

  • Name: Navneet Vishwanathan, Mr. SAS
  • Hometown: Nanuet, N.Y.
  • School: SFS
  • Major: International Economics
  • What do you love most about your organization? The best thing about SAS is deep cultural involvement and the environment that it builds. SAS really is a home away from home because of how uniquely I’m able to relate to the community and express my heritage and upbringing with similar peers. On top of that, SAS does a great job of extending this to the greater Georgetown community through Rangila and other programs that allow me to share my background with everyone. All that and the food of course, food is the best. Food is good.
  • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far, what would the title be? Not a biography, a cookbook. “Big Data, Baseball, and Masala: A guide to spicing up your regression models.”
  • What is your most beautiful feature? My beard. It’s my most distinguishing feature and TBH is pretty luscious. I shampoo it daily with a pineapple- and lemon-based beard wash with chunks to exfoliate. After that I use a pine-scented balm to tame and moisturize it.

  • Name: Matthew Amberger, Mr. GUGS
  • Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y.
  • School: MSB
  • Major: Finance/OPIM
  • What do you love most about your organization? The thing that I love most about GUGS is the sense of community that permeates the club. Despite members having such varying backgrounds and career paths, we all share the common bond of loving barbecuing and eating delicious food.
  • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? My favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page was the one that was actually directed at GUGS. It was at a time when it was popular to send a DM to any club/business asking something that people really didn’t know the answer to. In this case, it asked, “Why are our burgers so round?” I found this to be so funny because we get asked this question all of the time, and while the answer is obvious to our members, we realize our burgers definitely aren’t “normal.” The real answer to the question is that we are required to serve our burgers well-done, so by having them rolled into a ball, they can stay juicy while still being a full meal.
  • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far, what would the title be? The autobiography title would be “Yes, but Without the H.” I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve introduced myself and people thought my last name was actually hamburger. To be fair, for the past three years I’ve been in a club dedicated to making burgers, so it’s very fitting, but this funny interaction has been around since I was in kindergarten. While many things have changed since the first time it happened, this little joke has been one of the few constants in my life.

  • Name: Austin Rose, Mr. Club Soccer
  • Hometown: Frederick, Md.
  • School: College
  • Major: Government
  • What do you love most about your organization? Soccer has always been an important part of my life, and I love getting to play with a great group of guys at Georgetown. Admittedly, I peaked in my middle school rec league, but I still like to get out there to stretch my legs for a solid 10 minutes before returning to the bench.
  • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? The “send nukes” meme. I really respect Jawad for actually sending the message to professor Kroenig, and I think such healthy dialogue between a progressive student and an outspoken neocon represents what Georgetown is all about.
  • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far what would the title be? “The Chronicles of Yeah Boiiii.” I’m a very upbeat and enthusiastic person, and every once and a while I like to let out a big old “Yeah Boiiii” when I’m feeling high on life. I also really identify with the Yeah Boiii Youtube legend, and have been practicing for years to emulate his tone and endurance.

  • Name: Ari Goldstein, Mr. JSA
  • Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.
  • School: College
  • Major: Government
  • What do you love most about your organization? I love how good JSA is at including and celebrating the diversity that exists within Georgetown’s Jewish community. Some Hoyas identify as cultural Jews, some as religious Jews, others as spiritual Jews, and still others as political Jews or familial Jews, but JSA has always treated this diversity as our strength, fostering a culture of both dialogue and celebration. I actually think that’s no small feat for an organization that’s supposed to represent an entire community. Also, we have monthly brunches with bagels and lox, which is my other favorite thing.
  • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far what would the title be? I’d probably call it “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” for obvious reasons.
  • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? Definitely Benjamin Franklin Gates, AKA Nicolas Cage’s character in the “National Treasure” movies. There’s no way he could have stolen the Declaration of Independence without studying American history (and maybe stealing the clock hands?) at Georgetown.

  • Name: Matt Linz, Mr. Club Swim
  • Hometown: Randolph, N.J.
  • School: College
  • Major: Biology
  • What do you love most about your organization? There’s a pretty strong sense of community. It runs the whole spectrum; we all bond for 10 hours driving to Club Swimming Nationals in Atlanta every April, but we also ask each other for feedback on memes.
  • What is your most beautiful feature? Maybe my sense of humor … but probably my butt. Hopefully that’ll explain itself during the group dance portion of Mr. Georgetown!
  • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? Jackie Kennedy Onassis. I love how gracefully she carried herself. I think it’s a little-known fact that she took continuing education classes in American history here. My favorite high school teacher instilled in me a fondness for president and president-adjacent factoids; I have a head full of trivia.

  • Name: Max Wolfgang Rosner, Mr. Knights of Columbus
  • Hometown: South Side of Chicago, Ill.
  • School: College
  • Major: Theology/Government
  • What do you love most about your organization? It’s the only organization — at least that I know of — that works toward social justice and views a sheathed sword as a socially acceptable fashion accessory.
  • What is your most beautiful feature? My calves. Louis XIV believed a strong, toned, hairy set were the pinnacle of beauty. I got to play the Sun King for a dance performance in my French history course last semester. It was a liberating experience.
  • Who is your favorite Georgetown alumn? Trevor McLean. (Disclosure: Trevor McLean is a judge for Mr. Georgetown 2017.)

  • Name: Dan Fain, Mr. Ultimate Frisbee
  • Hometown: Madison, Wis.
  • School: College
  • Major: Economics
  • What do you love most about your organization? I love that for four hours every week I get to practice with my best friends and forget about everything else going on in my life.
  • What is your most beautiful feature? My calves. Fourteen years of Irish dance have sculpted them well.
  • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? Preston B. Whitmore. It’s hard to beat someone who rediscovered the lost city of Atlantis.

  • Name: Tyler Kranawetter, Mr. GIVES
  • Hometown: Laguna Hills, Calif.
  • School: College
  • Major: Biochemistry
  • What do you love most about your organization? I love the inclusive atmosphere of friends GIVES creates. Anyone can join and be my friend, and I’m always desperate for more friends.
  • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? It’s the truest of feelings, but GIVES won’t do that to you!
  • What is your most beautiful feature? My blue eyes because my parents both have brown, so I am genetically very lucky I ended up with them.

  • Name: Ben Costanza, Mr. Phantoms
  • Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
  • School: College
  • Major: Government
  • What do you love most about your organization?As a musical style, a cappella is incredibly unique, as it promotes both individualism and community. Each person is responsible to have a complete mastery of his or her own part; however, that part is meaningless by itself. Only when sung with those of the other group members does it gain true value — and become art. Regarding the Phantoms specifically, we sing “Like a Prayer” by Madonna sometimes, and that’s pretty fun.
  • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? This one because it has the least amount of likes, making it the most exclusive and therefore the most valuable.
  • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? It’d have to be a three-way tie between Leo O’Donovan (for his hall’s chicken fingers), Antonin Scalia (for his Supreme Court appointment capping off an evolution of the social and political standing of Italian-Americans in the United States), and my friend Ed Crotty (for telling funny jokes).

    • Name: Cameron Perales, Mr. APO
    • Hometown: Laguna Hills, Calif.
    • School: College
    • Major: History/Classical Studies
    • What do you love most about your organization? What I love most about APO is that we’re a family of people who are committed to helping others as best we can. Service to others is at the core of what we stand for as an organization, and its truly rewarding to see the impact we can have on our community, and that impact brings us together in a deep and authentic way.
    • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? This one. Why? Because traffic on the 5 and the 405 are a way of life. #WestCoastBestCoast
    • What is your most beautiful feature? Once my middle school nurse abruptly paused in the middle of talking to me about my broken thumb, held up my entire hand and examined it for a long 30 seconds. After she finished she said with a tinge of jealousy that I have perfect nail buds. So I guess I have that going for me, which is nice.

      • Name: Danny Frumento, Mr. NSO
      • Hometown: Valley Stream, N.Y.
      • School: College
      • Major: Government/Theater
      • What do you love most about your organization? NSO has the ability to shape new students like no other organization on campus can. Someone’s experience in NSO can completely shape the rest of their time at Georgetown. The friends they make and the memories they share will be lifelong, and it was an honor being able to have a hand in impacting so many new students and families’ lives.
      • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? I’m a lonely soul, and sometimes a fella needs some love.
      • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far, what would the title be? It’s Been Downhill From There: A Story of How I Peaked in High School” … because I peaked in high school.

        • Name: Nick Na, Mr. FOCI
        • Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
        • School: SFS
        • Major: International Political Economy
        • What do you love most about your organization? Everybody’s going to probably say “I love my organization because community” or “it’s the people” or maybe they’ll even throw in the casual “cura personalis.” I’m going to be edgy and say I love FOCI for its fo-love for fo-puns because fo-tastic focians are fo-eva using them at all our focials. fofofofofofofofo.
        • What is your most beautiful feature? I’d have to say my most attractive feature is my big toe. Back in Atlanta, they used to call my toe “biggie smalls” because it’s the biggest of all my small toes. Its sensual curvature and mellifluous scent can even excite old ladies on New Jersey beaches.
        • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far, what would the title be? “Pretty Boy Swag.” Self-explanatory.

          • Name: Max Hartley, Mr. GOLD
          • Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
          • School: MSB
          • Major: Finance/Accounting
          • What do you love most about your organization? GOLD (or Georgetown Opportunities for Leadership Development) is a great organization designed to help young people on campus blossom into well-balanced and capable leaders. What I love most about GOLD is being able to see every person who joins GOLD grow as both a leader and person as well as apply what they learn in their other activities.
          • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? As an RHO worker, I can’t say this is a direct quote from my resume, but what I can say is that working at the RHO has provided me a vast array of both technical and people skills that are unparalleled through any other on-campus experience.
          • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far, what would the title be? “Living Life to The Max,” because who wouldn’t want their autobiography to then become a made for TV Disney movie with the movie title already included. I guess I also like having no regrets, but that is strictly secondary.

            • Name: Jesse McNeill, Mr. Outdoor Ed
            • Hometown: Chevy Chase, Md.
            • School: College
            • Major: Environmental Biology
            • What do you love most about your organization? Chill peeps. Good vibes.
            • What is your most beautiful feature? I have a 1.7-inch nipple hair. Very impressive.
            • If you were to write an autobiography about your life so far, what would the title be? “Why Am I Sweating? A Memoir.”

              • Name: Alex Roberds, Mr. Pep Band
              • Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
              • School: SFS
              • Major: Regional and Comparative Studies
              • What do you love most about your organization? I know you’ll get a lot of this, but I love the community that pep band creates for its members. I love being in a group that cares so much about Georgetown, music, and each other.
              • What is your favorite meme in the Georgetown meme page? It has to be this one. I think most people can relate to this one. I think it could say “three hours later” and it would still work for Georgetown. People are very passionate about their political beliefs, which can lead to some serious (and often entertaining) debates.
              • What is your most beautiful feature? Definitely my eyes. I’ve never been able to get a consensus on what color my eyes are. I get a variety of answers, most typically blue or green (or both), sometimes hazel and even gray. Regardless of what color they are on any given day, though, you’re certain to get lost in them.

                • Name: Johnathan Marrow, Mr. Philodemic
                • Hometown: Princeton, N.J.
                • School: College
                • Major: History
                • What do you love most about your organization? In the Philodemic, we take ideas as seriously as we take people. Anyone can show up and argue on a side of our debate and we’re forced to listen and hear them out, to respond and engage. It’s a tradition we’ve been carrying on for 187 years: It never gets old and it’s always worthwhile. Plus, we dress fancy, have some funny titles, and we’re generally a bunch of radical conformist eccentrics. And I like to talk a lot.
                • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? William Gaston, Georgetown’s first-ever student … and first-ever dropout. Also a U.S. congressman. Setting the standards for Hoyas since 1791.
                • What is your most beautiful feature? My modesty. It’s one of my best qualities ever. No one has better modesty than me.

                  • Name: Larenz Griggs, Mr. BSA
                  • Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
                  • School: College
                  • Major: Psychology
                  • What do you love most about your organization? I love how proud we are of our identities. Though everyone is different in some kind of way, we’re all one huge family at the end of the day, and that’s hard to come by.
                  • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? My favorite Georgetown alum is Ettian Scott, because he took me under his wing when I was an underclassman and helped me in numerous ways to maneuver throughout Georgetown. He is one of my closest friends, and we still stay in contact.
                  • What is your most beautiful feature? My most beautiful feature is probably my unapologetically, outgoing/weird personality. Though I’m a student-athlete, most people I meet say I don’t fit the stereotype. I’m extremely silly and love to laugh. I’d also rather watch anime or “Game of Thrones” before watching ESPN. Not to mention, I enjoy poetry slams and going to jazz restaurants.

                    • Name: Brian Bies, Mr. Escape
                    • Hometown: Potomac, Md.
                    • School: MSB
                    • Major: Marketing/Management
                    • What do you love most about your organization? The people. There’s a story blog campaign on the ESCAPE Facebook page called “Essence of ESCAPE.” It is about sharing the stories, backgrounds, and experiences of the 42 Leaders part of this year’s Leaders (Team 27 Universe). They are relatively short posts, but they better illustrate how inspiring the ESCAPE community is to be a part of: 42 Posts, 42 Awesome Humans! I met my best friend on ESCAPE — ESCAPE brings people from all across campus, regardless of creed, faith or identity; it is wonderful to see the magic of ESCAPE in this way.
                    • Who is your favorite Georgetown alum? I know, “National Treasure” is a movie and “Scandal” is a TV Show, but they epitomize how great Georgetown is: Ben’s love of history, wanting to do something greater than himself (#JesuitValues), and he is portrayed by the iconic Nicolas Cage. Olivia Pope is a badass (no other word for it), as she is passionate and determined: She developed her reputation as the best fixer in D.C. because she accomplishes what no one else can! Who doesn’t want to be like Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope?
                    • What is your most beautiful feature? I just asked one of my housemates/best friend at Georgetown, Daniel Ernst, and he immediately said, “your eyes,” which is funny because I don’t actually know the color of my eyes! Depending on the circumstances, some people will say they are green, and others will say they are brown.

                    So, whose got your vote? Come out on Nov. 4 to find out who will be crowned ~King~.

        Photos Courtesy of Georgetown Program Board;

Hillary is Coming to the Hilltop

If you’re anything like us here at 4E, you probably freaked out pretty hard when you found out Hillary was coming to campus. I mean, after all, What Dreams Are Made Of” is a modern classic.

But after watching “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” for the umpteenth time in order to prepare ourselves for what we thought would be the first stop in the 2017 Hillary Duff Comeback Tour, we noticed something a little odd about our email invitations to the event in Gaston Hall on Friday.

The invitation didn’t say Hillary Duff, it said Hillary Rodham ClintonThis couldn’t be.

Last we’d heard, the former Secretary of State and pantsuit-aficionado was lost deep in the woods of Chappaqua, New York with her dogs. We wanted to do something about it, but sending a search team to look for America’s most accomplished grandma isn’t a part of The Hoya‘s budget.

At first, we didn’t know what to think. After months of #FakeNews, we didn’t know if we could even trust our own eyes. But there it was right in front of us.

The Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton is coming to the Hilltop!

Since the announcement, questions have arisen.

  1. Do we get in line at 3 AM or 4 AM?
  2. Should we wear that old campaign T-shirt we haven’t been able to look at since November 8th without vigorously crying?
  3. Will she mention Trump?
    (Editor’s note: In a perfect world, he would show up at the speech too and they’d have a wizard’s duel à la McGonagall and Snape in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” over the presidency but hey, we get that that might be asking for a little too much. In fairness though, Healy Hall has always reminded us of Hogwarts.)

Whatever Hillz says, we’re sure it’ll be memorable. Almost as memorable as that time she won the popular vote by a few million votes and somehow still didn’t become president! Hahaha you’re so funny @ElectoralCollege! We’ll never get over that one! #TBT

Oh and Bill, if you see this, feel free to come too. We promise to get you lots of balloons.


TEDxGeorgetown Tipping Point

tipping pointOctober 22, 2016

Gaston Hall

6 Students. 1 Professor. 3 External Speakers.

This is TEDxGeorgetown: Tipping Point

A tipping point, according to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference, is “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”

Here are some 4E examples of Tipping Points:

– When you find the right gif, after searching for three straight classes.

– When your computer dies just before you find out who gets the final rose.

– When you finally get a great TEDxGeorgetown photo two years later.
Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 14.16.49 DJ Tedx

Shoutout to 4E star and TEDxGeorgetown co-chair, D.J. Angelini.

To hear more Tipping Points, come to TEDxGeorgetown on Saturday October 22nd in Gaston Hall. Doors open at 9:30am and the day officially begins at 10:30am. Get your tickets here. And to learn more about TEDxGeorgetown check out their website and Facebook.

Photos: Facebook/TEDxGeorgetown

Best of #BernieAtGU


Robert Cortes/The Hoya
Robert Cortes/The Hoya

If you missed Bernie in Gaston today, don’t worry, 4E has all the updates from his speech today. Check out some tweets below!

The Many Faces of Bernie Sanders


Right now, Georgetown students are lining up for the chance to hear possible democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, speak at Gaston at 2pm. Bernie will be speaking about democratic socialism in the United States.

While most Georgetown students know who Bernie is, 4E wants to provide you with even more background information. You know, just in case you aren’t in the know.

This is Vermont senator, Bernie Sanders:


In 1991, Sanders was elected into the House of Representatives:


Sometimes Bernie is very pensive, like when he listened to testimony by Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan D. Gibson in 2014:


Sometimes he invokes FDR in his speeches, like in this picture:


He’s got a lot to say:


So if you are interested, you should get yourself to Gaston and listen:


Can’t make it today? No worries, The Hoya will be live tweeting the event starting around 2pm. Look out for updates on our twitter account!


Rangila Preview 2015


For the past two decades, the South Asian Society has hosted Rangila, a massively popular event showcasing a variety of South Asian dances, performed and choreographed exclusively by students.

This year, Georgetown’s 21st Rangila show will take place on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22 in Gaston Hall. Tickets are now sold out for both shows!

The event’s main mission, in addition to allowing students to dance their hearts out, is fundraising for the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation, which provides medical care to people injured in the India-Pakistan conflict.

4E’s staff interviewed choreographers from this year’s Rangila dances to get their thoughts about Rangila “Are You Game?”. Read them below!


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Our group’s style of dance focuses on contemporary music, both Indian and non-Indian, and tries to blend athleticism, precision and energy into a cohesive piece that is both entertaining and exciting.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
I would say that our spirit animal is the fox because we strive to be intricate and precise on one hand while also being powerful and commanding the stage. Also, foxes are my favorite animal.


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Our costumes are probably one of coolest parts of our dance. There are four sets (2 for the girls, 2 for the guys) and they each look very different. Our dance will be an exciting mix of colors, representing the fusion that we are of Indian and American styles and cultures


4.  What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We are raising money for the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation in two ways; first, we are all reaching out to friends and family and encouraging them to donate money to the organization’s worthy cause and, second, we are also buying each other flowers during the week leading up to the performance to not only bring a smile to our dancers’ faces, but also to raise money.


-Vikram Shah (SFS ’16)

Old School

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
The style adheres mainly to what you would see in a Bollywood movie’s dance sequences, sprinkled with a special air of nostalgia, because these are older songs. It’s music that we grew up listening to, so it’s nice to relive those years when we were able to pick our noses without reprimand. The whole environment created by these factors helps us enjoy the dance.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
The woolly mammoth.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Tera Rang Balle Balle (everyone is in that section, so we enjoy a sense of solidarity with our troops).
4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Guys: red vest, black t-shirts and black pants. Girls: skirts, blouses and scarves.


-Parth Shah (COL ’16)

Salsa Masala

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Rythmic, yet passionate. The Latin fire and Bollywood romance drive us.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Let’s just say velcro is involved.


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
To this point, more Salsa dancers have bought flowers (the proceeds of which go to PSF) than every other dance combined.


-Joe Puthumana (COL ’16)


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Folk is a really unique dance because it’s so open-ended. Our routine is inspired by traditional dances from regions around the South Asian continent and we choose songs that reflected “folksy” sounds from both South Asia and the U.S. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Folk for us as choreographers is that we get to pull on so many different styles of dance to really create this eclectic routine that mixes all our favorite parts of different dance forms together.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Hmm, a spirit animal that captures how diverse both our dance and our dancers are is kinda hard! We’d have to go with a chameleon though, since we get to change our style as much as a chameleon can change its color.


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
The girls are wearing lehengas, which are long skirts and short blouses. They will also have a scarf that goes across the front and over their heads. The boys are wearing very loose-fitting pants, short tunics and scarves around their necks.


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We are all participating in the Rangila-wide fundraisers of flower sales, tshirts, tickets and asking family and friends to donate to Pritam Spiritual Foundation. I know we are all incredibly dedicated to Rangila as dancers and choreographers, but what makes this event so special for us is that we know that in the long-run, our hard work doesn’t just pay off on Gaston’s stage; it pays off when innocent people who are caught in the Kashmir & Jammu conflict get a second chance.


-Piyusha Mittal (SFS ’18), Monika Bapna (COL ’17) and Mackenzie Trumbull (COL ’16)

Desi Beat

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Desi Beat is a hip-hop Bollywood fusion dance that combines popular hip-hop moves with Bollywood-inspired Indian moves. It’s got a little bit of everything, from slow sexy songs to fast-paced Bollywood.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Our group’s spirit animal is a tiger, because we’re fierce and flawless.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Our favorite song to dance to… that’s a hard one. My personal favorites are Imaginary by Imran Khan and our finale!


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We’ve been sending flowers to one another and participating in the #ShakeYourSAS challenge. Nesh, Lucy and I also got cupcakes smashed into our faces by our dancers to help raise some more money.


-Sama Rao (COL ’18)

Senior Independent

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?

Senior Indep is a very unique dance as it’s a collaboration among Seniors who have either choreographed a Rangila section in the past or been a member of the South Asian Society board. The goal of the section is to incorporate all the different styles of dances that are displayed in the other sections of the show. This includes Hip Hop, Garba, Raas, Classical and, of course, Bhangra.

Since this dance is made up of choreographers who have substantial dancing and teaching experience, we are really able to incorporate some pretty unique and high level moves. Furthermore, it acts as a great way to bond with our fellow Seniors for what is our last time performing in Rangila!


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
An owl since our practices start extremely late.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
We will be featuring Hotline Bling in our dance sung by the infamous Canadian Superstar, Aubrey Graham.


-Aakash Bhatia (MSB ’16)


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
We’re dancing in the classical South Indian style called Bharatanatyam. It’s a really beautiful art form that allows you to tell cultural stories through dancing.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Mundian To Bach Ke – Punjabi MC.


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Traditional Bharatanatyam outfits with bells on our feet.


-Saumya Bollam (COL ’16)

Senior Bhangra

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Bhangra, a high-energy dance form that hails from the northern state of Punjab in India, can best be described as “an explosion of happiness.” The moves are simultaneously structured, powerful, full of confidence, graceful and smooth. When all of us dance Bhangra together, we are united in this charismatic way that causes our heart rate to increase and our hearts themselves to swell with joy. It is a special experience to perform this type of dance with over a hundred of your fellow Hoyas on the prestigous Gaston Hall stage and we are excited to showcase the beauty and strength of Bhangra to our family and friends.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
A baby golden retriever — fun and full of energy!


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
We will be wearing traditional Punjabi costumes – they’re all really colorful and each person wears a shirt, vest and either pants or a chaadar.


-Madhav Paul (COL ’16), Pallavi Tatapudy (NHS ’16), Sharanya Venkataraman (SFS ’16) and Jaysel Shah (SFS ’16)


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Garba is traditionally danced during the festival of Navarati and originates from the state of Gujarat. It’s an all girls dance during Rangila that is fast-paced, sassy and distinguishable by its concentric circles. We love dancing together more than anything! We all met during Garba last year and had such a great time that we decided to become choreographers too. The friendships are definitely the best part of Rangila.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Single ladies!


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Incredible lengths that are intricately embroidered and very colorful. They’re definitely going to pop on Gaston stage!


-Sitaara Ali (COL ’17)

Classical Fusion

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Classical Fusion this year is a combination of Bharatanatyam, a traditional dance from South India and inspiration from modern dance and Bollywood. We’ve showcased the grace and the beauty of Bharatanatyam fused with powerful, bold and sassy moves. Our dance is a lot of fun, because it’s really high energy but still involves elegant movements.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
An octopus! CF involves a lot of complex arm movements.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
We think all the songs on our mix are fantastic, but we especially love Bad Blood! We love to get down with our girl Taylor.


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Our dancers will be wearing traditional Bharatanatyam costumes and some variations on traditional dance costumes. Our dancers are also going to have really awesome ghungroos or ankle bells to show off their amazing footwork!


-Roopa Mulpuri (SFS ’18)

Arab Fusion

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Arab Fusion combines Middle Eastern dance styles including traditional Arab dabke, Turkish folk and belly dancing with Bollywood steps and American lyrical and hip hop moves. Think Princess Jasmine meets Deepika Padukone meets Beyonce.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Our spirit animal is most definitely a White Tiger.


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
We will be wearing bright and colorful harem pants and blouses with coin skirts and matching scarfs!


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We are participating in the #shakethatSAS initiative and have challenged President John DeGoia and our very own Jack the Bulldog to either shake their SAS or buy flowers for all 36 of us. All proceeds from flower sales go to the Pritam Spiritual Foundation so we really want to see President DeGoia shake his SAS but would love flowers anyways!


-Shreya Barthwal (COL ’17)


1. Can you explain Raas’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Raas is a traditional folk dance style that originates from Gujarat, India performed with daandiya, or sticks. It is often done during festivals, and in large groups. We enjoy the high-energy, inclusive aspect of Raas. The dance is usually performed in concentric circles, with many partners so there’s plenty of opportunity to get to know everyone in the room through this form of dance.


2.What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Raas is a group dance, and is performed by rotating to the music in circles. Raas’s sprit animal would be a manatee (slow, steady and social).


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
We have so many!! But our favorite group activity is to….. SHUT UP AND DANCE!!!!


4. What costumes will Raas be wearing for the performance?
Girls will wear traditional lenghas, which consist of a skirt, a blouse and a scarf embroidered with mirrors and jewelry. Boys will wear kurtas, or embroidered tunics.


-Alexa DeAngelis (COL ’16), Neharika Khandavalli (COL ’16) and Nivedita Jejurikar (SFS ’18)

Bulldog Bhangra

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Bhangra is a high energy and fast paced dance from the northern region of Punjab in India. It is so much fun because all the moves are high power and require so much energy to dance to them. It is difficult to learn at first because the moves can be hard, but once you learn, you can Bhangra anywhere to any song. It’s one of those styles of dance that you can apply to any high energy song, and you get a work out dancing as well. Bhangra is always a crowd pleaser because it is a form of dance that everyone enjoys to watch because it looks so amazing and unique on stage.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Our groups spirit animal would have to be a monkey. Monkeys are full of energy, jump around, and are just crazy. Bulldog this year is such a fun-loving group and we have had such a great time this semester with each other just dancing and having fun. Also, who doesn’t love monkeys in India, we are just a lovable group.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Our favorite song to dance to would be Headband. It’s been amazing to dance Bhangra to such a popular party song, and it shows that Bhangra can get down as well. Our favorite part is applying Bhangra moves to non-Punjabi songs and surprising our audience.


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
We will be wearing traditional Bhangra costumes for Rangila. The boys wear a Chaddar, a type of cloth that you wrap around your legs, and a Kurta for a top which is a long shirt. The girls wear Salwars as pants, and they are flowy and loose and the shirts for girls are callled Kameez that are long as well and are knee length. The girls also wear scarves called chunnis, which is traditional to every Punjabi outfit.


-Harneet Kaur (SFS ’17)


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the preview. Special thanks to Aakash Bhatia, President of the Georgetown South Asian Society, for helping us with this post.




Contributing Bloggers: Courtney Klein (SFS ’16), Catherine McNally (NHS ’17), Karl Pielmeier (SFS ’16), Keaton O’Neil (COL ’16), Griffin Greco (COL ’16), Sydney Bolling (COL ’16), Mike Radice (SFS ’18), Marina Smith (COL ’18)

Penn Masala Preview

Penn Masala

Good news, fans of a cappella and of South Asian music! Penn Masala, hailing from the University of Pennsylvania, is coming to Gaston Hall tomorrow at 6 p.m. for what is sure to be a riveting performance, thanks to Deloitte, Pratham DC, GU Jawani and the SAPAN Institute. Unfortunately, tickets are sold out, but for those lucky enough to be attending or to anyone interested in the group, 4E interviewed Penn Masala’s business manager, Pranay Sharma, and the group’s President, Dilip Rajan.

For those not familiar with Penn Masala, could you describe your group in a few words?
Penn Masala is the world’s first and premier South Asian a cappella group (no instruments, just voices). By combining the best of Bollywood with Western popular music, we’ve been able to release 8 albums and perform around the world.

Have you ever performed in DC before? Are you guys going to see the sights while you’re here?
We have performed in DC before and love the city! Unfortunately, I’m not sure if we’ll have time on this trip to do the sightseeing so we’ll have to come back some other time for that.

Where was the coolest place you’ve ever performed?
The coolest place we’ve performed in recent times was definitely at IIFA (the Indian International Film Awards). It was unreal to be singing songs on stage that were originally performed by the actors that were sitting in the first row!

What are your favorite songs as a group?
We all have our own favorites but as a group we all love performing “Fix You – Ishq Bina” (Coldplay and AR Rahman) and “Distant Places” (written by the group).

Who would be your dream singers to work with?
Working with Arijit Singh or Shreya Ghoshal would be a dream come true!

You can check out more about Penn Masala here, including videos of their performances. The concert tomorrow will be raising money for Pratham USA, the largest educational movement in India. Thanks Pranay and Dilip and the rest of Penn Masala – we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s concert!


Don’t Kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia


For all of you 4E readers who can’t get enough of foreign affairs, government and interesting people (so… everyone), Lecture Fund is having their first event tomorrow night featuring Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak! Prime Minister Razak is here to discuss topics focused on the future of Asia, including international security and Malaysia’s position as the 2015 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) chairman.

Clearly, this will be a stellar event that is sure to provoke much discussion. But let’s look a little more closely at Prime Minister Razak, because there’s a lot you might not know about him — especially if you’ve been brainwashed by Mugatu. From what we hear/hope, no one is plotting to kill the prime minister of Malaysia at this event.

Anyway, here are the many faces of the real Razak. The prime minister attended the University of Nottingham in England, getting his bachelor’s degree in industrial economics.

Malaysian PM Razak listens to questions from reporters during a break in a plenary session on the second day of the ASEM summit in VientianeHe became the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Post when he was just 25 years old. 
najib-tun-razakHe has also been Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Minister of Education and Minister of Defense.
NajibAs Minister of Defense, he worked to provide relief after the tsunami that affected the Indian Ocean region in 2004.  Malaysia-Prime-Minister-Najib-Abdul-RazakWhen he was Minister of Finance, he pushed through several stimulus packages in the 2008 financial emergency that affected many countries.

najibrazak22e In 2004, he became Deputy Prime Minister.najib-razak1In 2008, he announced the 1Malaysia campaign, a movement meant to inspire Malaysian unity and a more efficient government.NajibRazakFront-621x310The eight values of 1Malaysia are perseverance, loyalty, a culture of excellence, education, acceptance, meritocracy, integrity and humility.
najib-razak-july28 On April 3, 2009, he became Prime Minister. Fun fact: Razak likes to Power Point.najib-razak-rosmah-mansor-2011-6-18-23-50-8 His main goals upon entering office were to find solutions for the Malaysian economic problems and to push for political reform.najib-razak-rosmah-mansor-2011-6-18-23-40-45Within one day of being Prime Minister, he removed bans on newspapers from the opposition, and released several people from prison under the criticized Internal Security Act. He’s also quite a card. 

He has met with President Obama once, in 2010, when they discussed nuclear weapon proliferation and global security. NajibRazakAndRosmah-621x309

If you’re interested in seeing Prime Minister Razak speak, doors will open in Gaston Hall at 4:30 and close at 5:30 tomorrow. After his speech there will be a conversation with Marc Mealy of the US-ASEAN Business Council, as well as a Q&A with audience members.

Definitely check out the event, and bring your Magnum/a yo-yo in case you need to save the prime minister of Malaysia. We don’t want to have to write a eugoogoly.

The Many Faces of Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth WarrenTonight, President Jack DeGioia and the McCourt School of Public Policy will host the Honorable Elizabeth Warren in Gaston Hall. (Hillary and Elizabeth in one week?! I know, I can’t believe it either.) Warren’s talk, entitled “Collateral Damage, National Interests and the Lessons of a Decade of Conflict,” is a part of Georgetown’s annual Whittington Lecture.

Senator Warren (D-Mass.) is one of the leading ladies in U.S. politics. Known for her hardball attitude, Warren consistently makes headlines for her willingness to take on the foremost issues facing the nation today. From the minimum wage to tax reform, Warren is not afraid to buckle down and make sure her voice is heard on the nation’s hottest topics. In order to prepare for Warren’s appearance in Gaston Hall, we at 4E have decided to take a look at many faces of Elizabeth Warren:

This is Elizabeth Warren.


After graduating from the University of Houston and Rutgers School of Law, Warren went on to teach as a professor of the law at many universities, including the University of Texas School of Law, University of Michigan and Harvard University.

At the University of Texas School of Law
Warren at the University of Texas School of Law

In 2012, Warren ran for Senator of Massachusetts and won with the largest percentage of votes in Massachusetts history. She is the first female Senator ever to serve from her state.

Photo Courtesy Tim Pierce

Since then, she’s been a powerhouse. She’s been known to battle bank regulators …


… and news anchors, too.


Warren has also previously called for raising the minimum wage to $22/hour.

elizabeth_warren_portrait.topShe serves on several Senate Committees, including the Special Committee on Aging; the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee and the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.


And even though she didn’t attend Georgetown …


… She’s still one of the coolest senators around!


So, to experience Elizabeth Warren in all of her coolness, head on over to Gaston Hall at 5 p.m. to get a good spot in line. When you get inside, don’t forget to caption that perfectly-filtered Instagram with #WarrenAtGU. This event is definitely something you won’t want to miss!