Are You Ready For Some Football?

united states of football

Georgetown prides itself on being a university with a very diverse student body, represented by every state and dozens of different countries.  Along with this varied representation comes diversity of a different kind: football allegiances.  From the Patriots fans (like myself and senior blog editor, Lindsay Lee) to the Ravens fans (like senior sports editor, Laura Wagner) and all the fans in between (well, maybe not the Jaguars), NFL teams all have some sort of representation here at the school.  The only question is, where should these football-lovers go watch their favorite teams play?

Common Room

An ideal choice for freshmen, your floor’s common room (or any floor’s, for that matter) is a terrific place to watch a game on a Sunday.  As long as your common room has cable, it is an extremely convenient and often comfortable place to catch a game.  It’s certainly a great way to meet and bond with your fellow floor mates – so long as you don’t hate each other too much once the game is over.


While dorm rooms can often be a little cramped, there is certainly something to be said about streaming the game on your computer, getting an HDMI cable as a computer-to-TV adapter, and watching the game in the comfort of your own room (even better if you have cable).  Having the luxury of inviting your friends over to watch a game and being able to make food anytime you want can lead to the perfect game watching experience, especially in an apartment or townhouse,.


Sometimes the comfort of a common room or living room aren’t an option; other times, you just want to be social.  If that’s the case, Epicurean is a great place to watch your favorite NFL throw down.  Whether you’re 21 or not, Epicurean is buzzing on game days, and the atmosphere makes watching a game a lot of fun.  Order up a milkshake, kick back, and be ready to be entertained.

Alumni Lounge

Another on-campus option, the Alumni Lounge remains a mystery to many Hoyas.  Located just off of the VCW steps (walk up one set of stairs and go through the door on the left), Alumni Lounge has an optimal set-up for fans of bizarre, out-of-market teams.  They have multiple TVs going, DIRECTV, a lot of seating, ping-pong, foosball, billiards, vending machines and it provides an option to again meet some fellow football fans.


For the over-21 crowd, Rhino provides a great atmosphere to watch your favorite NFL team take the field.  A number of games going, good food, and the option of drinks certainly can make for an exciting day of football.


Leo’s now has a screen on the upper floor where they project games as they come on! (You may have to fight some people around 1pm on Sunday to get your game up there though…)

Hopefully, this Sunday you can watch your favorite team pick up the W, and meet some new people who share your allegiance (don’t get your hopes up, Bills’ fans).