It’s a Full House! (Again)


Now I’ve had controlled asthma for the past 10 years, but when I heard this news I definitely had to reach for my inhaler.  If you haven’t been able to tell by the title, FULL HOUSE IS BACK and better than ever! *insert tears of joy*

This won’t be an exact renewal of the Full House series, but rather a spin-off titled Fuller House, according to John Stamos’s recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. According to Stamos, 13 new episodes will be released on Netflix next year.  The show is set to focus on DJ Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler, and of course, the sassiest little sister of all, Stephanie!

So. Much. Sass.

In honor of the greatest television show to ever grace our TV screens, let’s look at some of what 4E thinks are the best moments from Full House!

baby exercising

D’awwww, look at actual fetus Mary-Kate (or Ashley?) exercising!

FHDancingThat time Steph, Uncle Joey, and Danny taught us how to dance.

When Michelle provided us with the catchphrase we would use for years and years to come.

When Uncle Jesse made us all feel better for not being able to ice skate like a professional… face planting is expected, guys!


Annnnd finally, when they kept the magic of Christmas alive…even when your own family lost your Christmas presents (I’m still salty, Mom).

We can’t wait for this series to be featured on our Netflix home pages and, if you don’t have Netflix, get with the program!  Uncle Jesse is waiting!  Happy binge watching, Hoyas.