What Does the Fox Say?


You may have noticed around campus that there are a myriad of orange fox stickers that look something like this:


This adorable little fox started popping up in odd places on campus towards the beginning of the semester. At first I only noticed it on a few cubicles in Lau. But now, as you go about your day you probably have seen this guy on the walls of the ICC, the brick pathways near Healy and even on a couple of trashcans. So what does this mean?

At first, there were various speculations. One student told me it was a secret society on campus- I really wish this was true, but alas, not the source of the fox stickers.

secret society

Another student told me it was for GAAP weekend, as a way to guide new students around campus. Instead of following footprints or arrows you simply follow the fox! While that would be highly entertaining to watch confused high school students and parents search for strangely placed foxes, this is also not the true source of the sticker.

What it is, is the logo for a new app called Secret. While it does have a clever name and an adorable fox as its mascot, people seem skeptical about the app itself. The purpose of Secret is that it allows you to post anonymous secrets for other people to read. Ironically the tag line for the app is “be yourself”, despite the fact that the entire purpose of the app is anonymity.


Don’t worry kitten, we are too

So what exactly do people post on this Secret app? According to the app description, you can post things such as what is your biggest lie and what would you tell your 13 year old self?

The app promotes expressing yourself and making new friends. It kind of sounds like Facebook and Instagram without all the stalking, YikYak without the helpful tips or Formspring minus all the nasty questions and teen angst.

Unsurprisingly, there have been some concerns about vulgarity and bullying on the site. But who knows, maybe Secret is just about to catch on. Only time will tell. For now, the biggest secret seems to be, who has been putting up these secret fox stickers all over campus!?

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Fox Dies. Calamity Ensues.

RFcsWhat does the fox say? Nothing. It’s dead.

I’m sorry about that. That was harsh, though sadly, it’s true. According to the DCist, the Capitol Hill fox is dead. Naturally, we at 4E are super sad about the death of a kind, innocent, furry little creature that many have come to know and love. Looking back, it’s clear to me that the Capitol Hill fox lived its life to the fullest at every turn; he was the sweetest fox who ever gained quasi-fame over the Internet, and he’s in a better place now.

That better place is most likely full of foxes. So of course, the Capitol Hill fox now has the chance to flaunt his newfound political knowledge around his peers, much like the average Georgetown student. These are the famous foxes that he will most likely run into in fox heaven. You may not know all of them. Don’t worry about it. They’re foxes.

1. Fantastic Mr. Fox They’ll debate whether the agrarian lifestyle can survive in America’s modern economy. The Capitol Hill fox should probably also tell Mr. Fox that stealing is illegal.


2. Disney’s Robin Hood They can discuss the merits of redistribution of wealth. The Capitol Hill fox should probably also inform Robin that his stealing is also against the law.


3. Tails from “Sonic the Hedgehog” Tails can articulate the difficulties of playing the dual role of sidekick and helicopter. The Capitol Hill fox will contribute his knowledge of drones and airstrikes to the conversation.

190px-Sonicchannel_tails_cg4. Honest John from Pinocchio I assume this swindler may remind the Capitol Hill fox of a few people he met on the Hill. The Capitol Hill fox will explain to John that he should really try to go back to school.

honest john

5. Foxxy Cleopatra She’s still alive, but let’s be honest: We all know Foxxy Cleopatra will end up in heaven. She’s already a goddess. So you’re welcome, Capitol Hill fox. She’s a whole lotta’ woman.


So what can we learn from all this? Foxes have a really bad rep and life doesn’t last forever. So YOLO, foxes, YOLO.

Photo: parentpreviews.com, deepthoughts.wordpress.com, wikipedia.org, fanpop.com, oopslive.com

What Does the Fox Say?

What does the fox sayMankind’s fascination with furry animals has been well documented, especially in the social media age.  Tumblr, Twitter and BuzzFeed all publish countless articles featuring thousands of pictures of tiny creatures. Typically, they focus on domestic animals, like dogs, cats or tiny pigs. In Washington, D.C., though, a different kind of critter has people buzzing.

During the government shutdown, a fox roamed the White House garden, pleasing tourists and feasting on squirrels, taking on the identity of the Shutdown Fox.  Today, DCist reported the appearance of a new fox this past weekend: the Capitol Hill Fox.  Just like the Shutdown Fox, the Capitol Hill Fox has taken up residence on the Capitol lawn, relaxing, enjoying the weather and getting down with its predator self.  This has even led to speculation that Shutdown Fox has returned!

Looking for something to do after class on this beautiful January day? Head down to the Capitol, and experience the circle of life in a way that only D.C. can provide. Or enjoy this instead:

Photo: Evan Gildenblatt via Twitter