Overheard at Leo’s

Banner - Leos TalkAs Georgetown students, some of our greatest – and most of our worst – memories are made at Leo’s. Despite this, Leo’s remains the place where we don’t necessarily need to have a filter, and it shows. What are the raunchiest best things that we’ve heard in Leo’s this week?

  1. “I hope that we get on @couplesatleos today.”


2. “Are you pregnant? That does not look like a food baby.”

3. *Looks at salad bar* “Nah you’re right, I’m getting chicken fingers.”

4.  “I’m going to fail chem so please help me figure out how to become a professional wine taster.”

5. “The farthest I’ve ever gone is putting squash into this condom.”

6. “Well, the only con I can think of is that he reminds me of a serial killer, but you can’t have everything.”

7. *Finds really straight banana* “How much do you think people would pay me if I videoed myself eating this and put it on Craigslist?”

Stay classy, Leo’s. Always stay classy.

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4E’s Guide to the Thanksgiving Food Coma


Going home for Thanksgiving inevitably means one thing: a weekend-long Thanksgiving food coma.

You arrive home to a fridge packed full of all your favorite foods and you are simply overwhelmed by the sight. You begin the food frenzy with Thanksgiving dinner, which forces you to unbutton your pants and lay on the couch just so you can walk again.

You think that after recovering from this food coma, you’ll be good for the whole weekend, but think again. You will be suffering from this food coma all weekend as you binge on all the treats your mom got on her last Costco run. You can’t resist your gluttonous ways, but it’s OK, all of us are like you.

So here is how to come back from that three-day food rampage:

Sleep. Sleep off the food all day long. In order to do this properly, you must first commandeer the couch. It is yours; no one can take it away from you (until your older bro or cousin throws you off for the game). Then take the best blanket in the house (the one that everyone fights over) and cocoon yourself like a little, or let’s be real, large burrito. Finally, sleep away.

Watch football. There are some great college football games on tomorrow, so take this opportunity to nurse yourself back to functioning by watching some ESPN. It’ll give you the perfect excuse to continue to be absolutely sloth-like and also to eat more. Nobody can yell at you for chillin’ on the couch because you’re doing it for the love of football. Remember clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. But also full stomachs, too.

This is you.

Wear only pants with elastic. If you are wearing pants with an actual button on them and no elastic as you are reading this, then you are doing it wrong. Stop and put on some stretchy pants, and just do less. When I say stretchy pants, I mean wear those flannel pajama pants you got last year for Christmas or those gray sweats that are so huge that you can fit another person in them.


Eat more food. Like curing a bad hangover, the only way to come back from stuffing your face with last night’s leftovers is to just continue eating. You’ve already consumed enough calories to feed an Olympic men’s swimming team, so you might as well keep going. There is really no going back at this point.

Do not exercise or do any school work. Opening a book or going to the gym will only make the food coma worse, believe me. The headaches and stomachaches will be excruciating and you will keep asking yourself why you continue to actually care at all. It is best if you just pretend to be an illiterate mass, only motivated by the aroma of something greasy being cooked in the kitchen.

Those are the commandments you must live by to survive this post-“food baby” madness. Remember, more than anything, do not do anything. Anything that takes up more effort than walking to the kitchen is not worth it.

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Newsflash! The New Sweetgreen Menu Is Here!

Sweetgreen Menu

If you didn’t already know, Sweetgreen has recently introduced some new salads to their menu, including some seasonally inspired creations. Sweetgreen is the only place where, in my opinion, it is justifiable to pay $10 for a salad because they are just so freaking good. Earlier in October, the salad chain introduced three new signature salads, three fall inspired salads and three salads infused with delicious grains. Because of this menu revamp, Sweetgreen did retire some of their signatures, including the District Cobb, the Santorini and the Chic-P. But do not worry, fellow Hoyas, because you’ll be drooling once you hear about these new creations.

The Rad Thai: This salad is made with organic arugula and mesclun, sprouts, shredded cabbage, spicy sunflowers seeds, cucumbers, basil and citrus shrimp drizzled in a spicy cashew dressing. Yeah, seems pretty rad to me.

The Harvest Bowl: This salad incorporates organic wild rice with shredded kale, apples, sweet potatoes, toasted almonds, goat cheese and roasted chicken in a balsamic vinaigrette.  Not only will this salad fill you up, but your taste buds will be in a daze of pure bliss.

The Seasonal Pick: This Turkey Day-inspired salad has organic mesclun, roasted turkey, roasted brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes, covered with a cranberry vinaigrette.  Yes, this could possibly put you in a Thanksgiving-like food coma. You’ve been warned.

Well, now you know what all the commotion is all about. Go ahead and venture away from your “usual” because these new finds are worth trying.

Photos: sweetgreen.com, flickr.com