Finals Fashion Part 2: Revenge of the Sundresses


Guess what’s back (again).

A few of you might remember my Finals Fashion post from the Fall. (Don’t try to hide it. I know you all read it on the daily.)

While you should always heed my advice no matter the season, things have changed. Gone are the sweaters, boots and scarves. Before you get too depressed, remember that spring is here! And with it are a ton of new ways to make your final finals of the year flawless.

For me, spring is the last time to make a first impression. So spring finals is, like, the last, last first impression.

Since I am going abroad this fall, this next week will be my last tango until January. I know, you are probably sobbing. I’m sad too. We will get through this.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14963-1375936316-11So, since this is basically it, I’m going to need to make my last week on this campus (read: runway) worth it.

Spring at the Hilltop is a glorious time filled with fun, friends and fabulously flawless fashion. Sadly, our humble abode has been hit by a snag of bad weather, and that is frankly an understatement. Thankfully, Georgetown students don’t let the weather get them, or their outfit choices, down. Read on for tips to impress during this finals season:

Sundresses. This is the ultimate go-to look for spring. People will probably look at you and think, “OMG why are you so put together?!” Lies. Sundresses are the ultimate lazy girl excuse for clothes. It is literally like wearing a sheet, plus colors and patterns (also, not a sheet at all). My advice? Sun and dresses are nice and all, but for finals? Leave that combination at home. Unless you wanna be the recipient of my bitchy resting face.

Too many to handle.

Georgetown gear. Despite the obvious preppy presence found on campus, Georgetown students can rock the school spirit wear. The best part is that no one will ever say anything bad about your choice of ensemble because they would then be going against Georgetown. And no one puts Georgetown in the corner.

Sandals. With warm weather comes a new shoe responsibility. Sandals, flip-flops, Toms… They are all the bomb-dot-com when it comes to the heat. They can be simple or adorable. I don’t care. But they are completely acceptable. Just make sure that you are not wearing them weirdly, because I’m not into that.

Florals. Many have a weird urge to wear florals during this special time of year. I mean, I guess I get it… It’s spring and all. I mean, I’m all for the “we’re all in this together” thing, but let’s be individuals here, people. Throw in some stripes, solids or statement shirts. The world will thank you. Who knows, maybe you will start a new fashion craze.


Leggings. TBT the days of winter leggings. As a famous writer (me) once said, “I am leggings.” I would have to agree with myself. No matter the season or occasion, leggings are a fan favorite. You can pull off that whole “I just worked out” look (even though there is a 98% chance you didn’t) while still being socially acceptable. This time, instead of pairing them with a baggy sweater or sweatshirt, try a t-shirt or button down. You will look so put together without doing anything. Too hot out? Running shorts are the way to go. All the fun, half the length.


Jeans. I know, I know… I was all against jeans (so conformist) last semester. I am not saying that I have had a change of heart. However, jeans are socially (and personally) acceptable during spring finals. Currently, I have limited options because I sent all of my winter clothes home. My solution to jeans in spring? Colored jeans: the perfect way to brighten up any day without doing really any work at all. Cuff ’em, cut ’em, color ’em… I don’t care. Just rock it.

People at other schools always talk about how much sun they get during spring finals. Personally, I am going to live my study life (read: hell) in peaceful darkness.

Until we meet in Lau, my friends. Call me, beep me, wear a sundress with me.

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The Ultimate Holiday Break Netflix Guide

Screen-Shot-2013-01-14-at-9.08.23-PMThank goodness finals are finally over! Now it is time for food, family and my favorite friend, Netflix. The shows, the options, the never ending episode reel … oh the thrills!

Since the dawn of time (well, actually only for the last few years), Netflix has manipulated the time management of college students worldwide. Now that finals are done and over, however, free time is plentiful. That means there’s no excuse for wearing pajamas all day and plunging into some new TV addictions.

For that reason, 4E has complied our list of the top Netflix shows for the season:

1. Orange is the New Black – If you aren’t catching the hype of this show, I’ll send you to prison, just like the series’ main character, Piper Chapman.

2. Scandal – Nothing like a little mischief to spice up the holiday season. Am I right?

3. Breaking Bad – 4E does not condone making or selling illegal substances. However, we do condone watching shows about doing so.

4. Revenge – Mega-millions, double lives and Hamptons betrayals… Sounds like our plan to get back at Florida Gulf Coast University.

5. White Collar – Is art heist really illegal if it’s committed by someone as good-looking as Neal Caffrey?

6. Arrested Development – We happen to be huge fans of Arrested Development at 4E. In fact, we might even open up a banana stand next semester.

7. House of Cards – This is about the city where we go to school. Besides, Kevin Spacey visited us this year and he was awesome.

8. How I Met Your Mother – There are no words to describe this comedy gold. Just watch the show and you’ll thank us later.

Whether you’re rejoicing in the holiday spirit with family, catching up with old friends or sulking because you’re not on the Hilltop, make sure to take our suggestions and spend some quality time with your good pals Net and Flix.


How It Felt To Go Home for Winter Break

Home-for-the-Holidays-ColoradoCongratulations, Hoyas, you made it through finals. If you are anything like us at 4E, you’re probably already sitting on your couch and binging on Netflix with a plate of food the size of a dwarf planet. Needless to say, it feels great to be home. But just in case you needed reminding how awesome it really is leave for winter break, we retold your homebound journey for you. It went something like this:

When you finished your last final, you questioned if everything was real life. Could you actually be done?


In a brain-fried daze, you slowly walked back into your room and opened the door. Then you did this:

But you suddenly realized your train/plane was leaving in an hour and you hadn’t packed anything.tumblr_lv98xhjZEx1r6aoq4o1_500

So you shoved everything humanly possible into your suitcase and ran out the door.tumblr_m7ujvlcv1X1rcp7w8o1_500

And – thank goodness – you made it to the airport/train station. [Insert sigh of relief.]


Your travelling came and went. Before you knew it, you saw your house. And then it hit you: YOU WERE HOME!


And then you walked inside your house and everything just felt so good.


And then you saw your fridge filled with food!


After that, you realized you had an infinite amount of free time with no homework to do …


… except listen to Beyoncé’s new album. Over. And. Over. Again.beyonce-1

But wait! You just realized Christmas is coming!excited-1

And, finally, the most amazingly breathtaking thing of all happened: YOU SAW YOUR BED.


So for the next 14 hours, you looked like this.


Yeah, that’s basically how it all went down. Enjoy your time off and happy holidays from 4E!

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The Finals Coffee Drinking Game

coffee_olympics2At this point in the week, Lau-goers have become downright restless. With the Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to push through those last few papers and memorize those last few chapters you forgot to take notes on. If there’s any time in the finals process that caffeine equates to the nectar of the gods, it’s now. We at the 4E have decided to spice up your caffeine intake with this coffee drinking game. Enjoy, and good luck on those last few exams!

Take a swig of that coffee…

1. Every time you finish a page of an essay or a chapter for your final tomorrow.

2. If you see someone sleeping in the comfy chairs on Lau 2.

3. If you hear a pre-med kid say he’s going to drop pre-med.

4. Every time someone recites their finals schedule to you.

5. Every time you’re asked, “When do you leave?”

Take a shot (of espresso)…

1. If your casual night studying in Lau just turned into an all-nighter.

2. Every time you see laughter turn to tears. (Bonus: Finish your drink if those tears become real.)

Finish your drink if…

1. You see someone with three or more empty coffee cups, an entire meal or a pillow-blanket combination in their cubical. These are all signs that this person has decided to forgo their dorm for the week and move into Lau, and they deserve your caffeinated support.

2. You’re already home. Ugh.

Drink ’til you drop that last paper on your professor’s desk! Good luck, Hoyas!!

Ideal Alternatives to Studying

ExamsIt’s been over a week since the last day of classes, and finals studying is in full force. The prospect of two weeks on campus with no classes seemed like it might be fun. There would be so much time for activities – if only that pesky thing called “studying” were not in the way of you and holiday-spirited revelry with friends. After that sentiment fled, Lau became a time-warping alternate universe of notecards, Word documents and cabin fever. However, we know that Hoyas have other things on their minds than studying.

We asked what you’d rather do than study for exams … and here’s what Hoyas have to say:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Running a marathon, because it would be less painful
  3. Playing with my pet bird
  4. Watching Elf
  5. Drinking
  6. Traveling back in time to actually pay attention in class the first time around
  7. Stealing the Healy clock hands while everyone is too busy on Lau 2 to notice
  8. Watching TV
  9. Apparently reading Thought Catalog, since I’ve been doing that for the last hour
  10. Studying something I’m more interested in
  11. Lying next to a crackling fire with hot cocoa while watching all 8 Harry Potter movies
  12. Cuddling and listening to Christmas music
  13. Figuring out how much wood a woodchuck actually would chuck
  14. Squash
  15. I’m not really sure it’s appropriate
  16. Dancing
  17. Watching a movie
  18. Christina Hendricks
  19. Watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on my bed with my dog and a hot piece o’ ‘za
  20. Playing soccer
  21. Watching the entire series of New Girl online. Oh wait, that IS what I’m doing.
  22. Tanning on the beach in San Diego
  23. Flying a blimp!
  25. Eating a banana Nutella crepe
  26. Literally anything
  27. Be on a tennis court, racquet in one hand, beer in the other
  28. Kissin’ my dog on the lips
  30. Going to the premiere of the new Hobbit movie solely for Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug
  31. Eating a wheel of cheese, but the wheel has lots of different sections and each one is a different kind of cheese
  32. Snapchatting the entire song “Royals” line by line while dressed as Lorde
  33. Walking through Costco eating free samples while drinking a slushie
  34. (This response was deemed too explicit to print on 4E)
  35. Babysitting Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s kids
  36. At home, on my couch, watching the latest episode of Homeland with a warm slice of pizza from my fave pizza restaurant
  37. Making a gingerbread house
  38. Flossing my teeth
  39. Hiking in the Adirondacks and eating PB&Js and trail mix with my two favorite people in the world
  40. Taking my chances with a poisonous frog
  41. Laying in bed covered in puppies
  42. Wrestling a great white shark
  43. Catching the rats in Darnall with a loincloth and a small hunting spear
  44. Scouring the city for knives to donate to Leo’s
  45. Petting little Jack … for hours

So there you have it. That’s everything you’d rather be doing than studying for finals… Now get back to studying for finals.


Finals Fashion: A Guide to Dressing Down

Finals Week FashionAs we near the middle of this fabulous finals season (read: gag me with a spoon), it comes time to discuss the elephant in the room: the Hoya finals wardrobe. Finals force us to spend unthinkable amounts of time in unspeakable locations (cough: Lau). They also make us Georgetown students lose our minds and, sadly, our fashion sense (gasp!). During exam time, we even start looking like … normal college students (double gasp!). There is a wide spectrum of clothing worn during these troubling times. Here are the 4E favorites:

Pajamas The best part about finals is definitely that you are not obligated to leave your dorm room, except for the actual finals part. While many of us do study in other places (cue again: the madhouse that is Lau), sleepwear is seen throughout the Georgetown campus. It is comfy, casual and sometimes correct for the occasion. However, I would advise that you do not make this a habit. While you may feel good about your choice now, if you make this into a pattern you will not be psychologically ready to encounter the high fashion standards that will re-emerge in January.

We're ready for Lau!
We’re ready for Lau!

Sweatpants Finals are the one time of the year when you can get away with wearing completely comfortable clothes outside. If you walk into Lau during the semester, almost everyone is dressed presentably (and sometimes painfully). Walk into Lau now, and the ratio of sweatpants to jeans is unbelievable. It makes sense; sweatpants are both comfy and cute, and many Hoyas have been seen making their sweatpants look chic. You go Glen Cocos.

Leggings This is me. I am leggings. I would say that leggings are the most popular type of clothing during finals … for female Hoyas at least (though we totally support any male legging – megging? – aficionados). There are many different ways to pull of this innovative look. Pair them with a t-shirt for a relaxed, “I might work out today” look. The athletic, dressed down combo is sure to make people think that you might be fit and actually do something with your life. Or you can do what I usually do and pair your leggings with a sweater. The best part about this look is that people often will think you are put together. Joke’s on them.

Scarves Baby, it’s cold outside. Therefore, scarves are a must. Whether they are for warmth or for fashion, they are a staple in the Georgetown finals style. They make an outfit seem cute, while in reality, it could be a hot mess. This is the beauty of accessories. Use them to hide your inner finals meltdown.

See? Even Pope Francis advocates scarves during finals week!
See? Even Pope Francis advocates scarves during finals week!

Jeans Some Hoyas do opt for the more put-together look during finals. Yes, I mean jeans. During finals, however, most Hoyas do not wear their jeans the same way as they usually would to class. Perhaps you’re breaking out the baggy “boyfriend” jeans, or even those white wash dad jeans that you only wear when you don’t want to do laundry. Personally, I’m not a fan of wearing denim jeans during finals. It’s just too much for the occasion. Jeggings, on the other hand – those I can work with.

Hats Sometimes our schedules get too busy to create beautiful hairstyles. The hat (no matter the kind) is the perfect fix. No one will know that your hair is less than presentable.

WHAT? While many Hoyas take advantage of the break that is finals and wear whatever they want, there are some people out there who have not hopped on the bandwagon. Over the last week, I have seen various people who were actually dressed up in the library. Excuse me, are you not taking finals? Do you not like comfort? Do you have a date? If so, you should not be dating during finals because it will distract you from your studies! The point is, it is imperative that you take advantage of this dress down occasion!

See you in the library, folks. I’ll be the one in the sweater, leggings and slippers. ‘Tis the season.

Photos: Flickr, Twitter @GUAlumni, Getty Images

The Drinks You Should Study With

Finals CoffeeFINALS. You are desperately searching for any source of caffeine like a dying man in a desert searching for a drop of water, and you’re utterly convinced it is the key to all of your success in school and in life. You may have a point. It is a known fact that the key to actually passing more than one final is that anxious jittery high that comes from a cup o’ joe. But this time, we are taking it to the next level. Directly from 4E to you is a list of our favorite coffee drinks to have handy for each subject we are studying.


Ah, the cappuccino. Difficult to make and fancy to say, this drink will transport you to a small little cafe in an obscure part of Europe where you can watch it all go down. As you enjoy the fluffy foam hovering over the crucial espresso shots, remember the Titans. Or watch the movie Remember the Titans for a study break and then go back to studying for Early Fill-in-the-Blank-Area-of-the-World.


If you are stuck taking derivatives all day and night, the only hope for you is a nice large black coffee. Only the darkest java will provide the necessary fuel without the unwanted distractions of a more eclectic drink. It’s a serious drink to remind you that you are doing serious work, something employable in the real world one day. Congrats! Just don’t mess up on that final. Better keep drinking.


English is all about getting those creative juices flowing, finding the inner meaning and reading between the lines. What better drink than a Frappuccino or smoothie, an opportunity for creativity. Try any and all flavor combinations, with and without whip, and reap the delicious rewards of your genius. Just don’t spend as much time picking a flavor as you do working on your paper.

Foreign Language

Bonjour Madame, quieres espresso? When it comes to a foreign language, your best bet is a small cup with an even smaller amount of espresso in it. Consider just one or two shots because each one has as much caffeine as a full cup of coffee! Asking for a shot or two (sometimes known as a solo or dopio) will make you sound and feel as sophisticated as someone who is bilingual (maybe you if you keep studying).


If you are studying economics, you are going to need to treat yourself. Go mocha or go home. In fairness, you are studying what people want, and what do people want more than chocolate and coffee? You must experiment with a mocha yourself to understand what all the (economic) fuss is about. Believe me, only a mocha can bring you to Pareto efficiency.

So there you have it! Your best bet is never to stop drinking some form of caffeine. Though your sleep schedule may be completely thrown off by the time you get home for winter break, your plan should be to sleep through the next three weeks until you’re allowed back to Georgetown anyway.


Laungevity: Signs You’ve Been in Lau for Too Long

Lau StrugglesReaders, let me give it to you straight: I am writing this article to you from Lau 2 at 5:30 a.m., ending an all-nighter preparing for my looming finals that started at 7 p.m. yesterday. I don’t know where the time went. I don’t know how I managed to survive on only vending machine Fritos and hours-old coffee. I’ve been in Lau for so long that I don’t even know if the sun set last night. All I know is that I’ve been in Lau for too long.

So now, I am sharing with you the telltale signs of Laungevitythe long duration of time spent in Lau, so you can avoid it for your sake. Here’s how you’ll know:

Every. Single. Person. Is. Gone.

Lau 3 is completely empty. Literal ghost town.
Lau 3 is completely empty. Literal ghost town.

Yet someone is vacuuming (and it makes your head feel like it’s exploding).


But eventually, even the workers go home. Then, all you see is cubicle after ominous cubicle.

Nobody on Lau 1, just Post-It Notes of a lost student. Probably a ghost at this point.
Nothing but cubicles and the Post-It notes of a lost student. Probably a ghost at this point.

Then, Lau stops being a library.

Wow it's so late even the BOOKS are gone on Lau 5!
Wow! It’s so late even the BOOKS are gone on Lau 5!

You start feeling all sorts of weird emotions.


Finally, common sense (and the clock) tell you that you have to leave.


Then you step outside … and even though you’re cold, exhausted, miserable and borderline delusional, you feel like this:


Good luck on your finals, Hoyas, but please be wary. Avoid Laungevity at all costs!

Photos/Gifs: Matt Sullivan for The Hoya, Tumblr,, Wikipedia


Walking in a D.C. Wonderland

Holiday SpiritThe final stretch is finally here! Christmas break is on the horizon and only a week or so stands between us and home-cooked meals, Netflix, cookies, presents and home-cooked meals… Did I say home-cooked meals already?

But why wait to get in the Christmas spirit? There is no point: It is physically, mentally and seasonally impossible to get through finals without a little holiday cheer. As a smart elf once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”

However, this advice might be bit faulty. In fact, 4E doesn’t advocate going to Lau at this time of year to sing Christmas carols. (Nonetheless, it’s finals time, so you do what you need to do.) There are plenty of places in D.C. where Georgetown students can experience some holiday warmth and cheer. So go, be merry: It’s Christmas time!

Waterfront Ice Skating The ice skating rink on the Georgetown waterfront is a great way to waste time and get in the Christmas spirit. Don’t forget to snap a few pics and sing some holiday songs. Props go to those who dress up for the occasion.

National Christmas Tree This is the perfect place to take in the beauty of D.C. and the magic of Christmas. It is a fantastic photo op. Also, did I mention that it’s really, really pretty? Much better than the one in your dorm room.

Zoo Lights THIS IS FREE, so go to it. Every year the National Zoo presents a beautiful display of light sculptures. They also sell holiday treats, which is a reason in itself to go. In addition, this year’s slogan is “It’s wild; It’s free!” In other words, there is no possible reason for you not to go.

The Nutcracker Nothing says Christmas to me like “The Nutcracker.” Whether you go and see the Washington Ballet’s performance (aka what is getting me through this week) or watch the movie or even just hum the music… “The Nutcracker” will keep you from cracking under the pressure of finals.

Copley Lawn If you’re desperate for holiday cheer but can’t find time to leave the Hilltop, just head over to Copley Lawn. Maybe take a picture with the snow (slush? water? who knows?). Because what says “Merry Christmas from Georgetown” better than a slushy John Carroll?

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all around D.C., Hoyas!


Friday Fixat10ns: Brace Yourselves, Finals are Coming…

Study Friday Fixations

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”″]

Classes end today. Finals begin Wednesday. Having survived the whole semester up until this point, it’s a good idea to relax and enjoy some downtime before getting into the thick of paper writing and studying. Your relationship with Lau is going to be taken to the next level very soon, so in the meantime, enjoy this playlist:

Berzerk – Eminem The end of classes brings a temporary stress relief for most Hoyas, so why not take Eminem’s advice and “grow your beard out, just weird out and go berserk”?

Good Good Night – Roscoe Dash Take a night off this weekend to de-stress and spend some time with friends, or, at the very least, catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Say It Ain’t So – Weezer Yeah, sadly it is so. At some point you’re going to have to get back to studying.

In Too Deep – Sum 41 During this time of year, it can sometimes feel like finals are controlling your life. Keep your head above water and plow through those finals; it’ll be over soon and you can return home!

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys Don’t isolate yourself too much now that classes are over and study days are beginning. Study with friends, get Leo’s together and commiserate over how much work and studying you have to do for finals.

Sleep All Day – Jason Mraz Okay, so it’s probably not a good idea to sleep all day, but you’ll definitely want to get enough sleep to do well on your finals.

Never Saw It Coming – Tigers Jaw Describes exactly the feeling of taking that final you’re unprepared for.

Enjoy The Ride – Krewella Whatever happens with finals, it’s a good idea just to appreciate where you are now: in college, living the dream and nearly finished with this semester.

Time is Running Out – Muse Can you believe it’s already December? Neither can we. And that means Christmas is coming…

Another Christmas Song – Stephen Colbert This hilarious rendition of a Christmas song by Colbert is perfect for those of you who love Christmas songs but want something new. It’s only Dec. 6, but it’s never too early for Christmas music!

Enjoy the holiday spirit, get some rest and ace those finals, Hoyas!

Photo: HelloKaiShin