How to Tell it’s NSOver

 georgetown-overviewFreshmen, transfers and NSO staff alike (but mainly freshmen), you may have noticed that Wednesday September 2 marked a tumultuous end to a very significant period of your life: New Student Orientation. Yes, 4E knows this may be a hard realization to make. To help you through this confusion transition, we’ve laid out the signs that make you realize that it’s NSOver (but tbh it’s never really NSOver).

  1. You have had to find your first class in the ICC and feel as though you have been thrown out to the wolves.

200-22. You no longer have the discomforting comfort (yes, that’s a thing) in being forced to make friends through structured conversation.

3. You actually somewhat miss the helicopter mom power dynamic of your OA. Especially when he/she reminded you to go to breakfast.


4. Your phone has transitioned back to a familiar saddening silence as it is no longer being spammed by your NSO GroupMe.

5. You have experienced a liberating surge of grownup-ness as you find your own table at Lau, realize you made it through the whole day without an icebreaker and bonded with a stranger over the lengthy pasta line at Leo’s.


Go on ducklings, but remember that it’s never NSOver.