PSA: Mindy Kaling was in Georgetown


For those of you who are fans of The Office and The Mindy Project, you might want to sit down. According to our Twitter sources, the wonderful Mindy Kaling was in DC yesterday. Even better, she was looking at food places IN GEORGETOWN.

I eat in Georgetown. She may have eaten in Georgetown. Conclusion: We are the same person.

How do we know this? Ms. Kaling tweeted out to her followers yesterday the following message:

Please commence freak out!!!


While 4E has not uncovered which restaurant she chose as her fancy, we were very impressed with the rhymes the citizens of DC came up with to entice this fabulous lady to dine in our humble abode.



Georgetown University even got into the game! Could you imagine if you ran into her at Snaxa?!

Of course resident comedian and politician, Joe Luther, threw out a rhyme:

This one is my personal favorite. Possibly because of the Kimmy Schmidt reference:

Ugh, but who doesn’t love Chris Messina:

While we don’t know where she went, Mindy did respond to this tweet with the clapping hands emoji. Did she ditch Georgetown all together?

  Mindy, come back. We love you. giphy Photos/Gifs/Tweets:;;;;

Restaurant Week Preview

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 1.55.31 AM

When you’re a college student, you’re pretty much broke. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, you just can’t afford to wine and dine yourself like you deserve. Good meals are hard to come by — unless your parents decide to visit — and I, for one, always take full advantage of that opportunity.

But for this week, we’re in luck! D.C. Restaurant Week of Winter 2013 begins today and lasts until Sunday! For that limited time period, you can enjoy a three-course lunch or dinner for a reduced price. The fixed price for lunch is $20.13 and $35.13 for dinner. A number of Georgetown restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week including Café Milano, Clyde’s, Filomena, Il Canale, Nick’s Riverside Grill, and Farmers Fishers Bakers. A quick side note. I went to Farmers Fishers Bakers last weekend, and it is by far my favorite restaurant in Georgetown. If you’re going to go anywhere for Restaurant Week, go here. But make reservations well in advance because this place is always booked.

For those of you who have never been to a restaurant during Restaurant Week, here are some tips to make the most out of your experience.

Make Reservations. This isn’t the kind of thing where you can just stroll into a restaurant and expect to be seated immediately. Restaurants are packed during Restaurant Week regardless of where you go, so you have to be prepared. Your friends might think you’re crazy for making reservations five days in advance, but they will thank you later.

Read Menus and Reviews.  You want to find the restaurant that is going to give you the best deal, but you need to actually like the type of food that the restaurant serves. Try to do some research beforehand so that you aren’t disappointed when you get there.

Check the List of Participating Restaurants.  Not every restaurant in D.C. has fixed prices for Restaurant Week. You should always ask if the restaurant is participating in Restaurant Week when you call to make reservations.

This week is also a great opportunity to explore some cool neighborhoods in D.C. But, wherever you go, food will be involved so that’s an automatic win. Have fun eating!

Photo: OpenTable