An Open Letter to Mother Nature

To: Mother Nature
Cc: Mr. Sun, Jack Frost, President Obama
Bcc: Mom
Subject: WWTWD? (What will the weather do? Duh.)

Dear Mother Nature,

As a D.C. citizen and a lover of weather-appropriate fashion, I want to (read: must) express to you my ultimate confusion. I simply do not know what shenanigans you are trying to bring upon the District of Columbia.

Exhibit A
We went from this…


… to this …

hot … in a matter of four days.

Hello? Is this a joke? Am I getting punk’d?

I mean really, come on. It is February. No one loves spring as much as I do, but all of these weather changes are totally messing with my head — and don’t get me started on what this is doing to my closet.

Example: Yesterday I wanted to take a nice walk down to Chipotle because it was beautiful and warm out. What happens? Ice, and then snow and then all of a sudden I was on the floor.

I slipped and fell.

Please, explain this to me. It was 60 degrees out. There should not be snow on the ground. I should be basking in the sunlight, not laying in a pile of dirty winter precipitation.

What do you think this is, Canada? We ALL know the real reason we came to D.C. was because it has warmer weather than our northern neighbors. It is the thing that I brag about every time I see my family — and I am from Long Island, not Antarctica.

The worst part about these crazy weather patterns is how it is messing up Georgetown’s style. I have seen everything from woolen sweaters to shorts to heavy down coats in the span of a day. That is not normal and, honestly, it just makes me want to cry.

So please, Mother Nature, next time you feel like going on a weather bender, keep in mind that I, Courtney Klein, will not be happy.

Also, I blame you for my cold. You should honestly be trying to get on my good side. Please step up your game before I apply to a school in a normal city.

Courtney Klein

Photo: Huffington Post; Gifs: tumblr

A Brief Guide to “Romantic” Movies

couple-at-the-moviesIt’s mid-February. There’s snow on the ground and the smell of random Leo’s desserts are in the air. You know what that means ­— it’s Valentine’s Day!

Of course, we here at 4E have been churning out the Valentine’s-related articles recently, but you know who else is stepping up their V-Day game? Hollywood. Yes, the film industry celebrates Feb. 14, too, and lovebirds all over the country will be flocking to theaters to watch a movie with their significant others. We’ve taken the time to preview a couple of romantic movies currently in theaters. Warning: For some reason, they are insane.

Labor Day

Intense staring = love.

“A story of love, passion and betrayal as seen through the eyes of a teenage boy and the man he later becomes.” You literally cannot go wrong with that tagline. Judging by the trailer, there’s a lot of baking, some suspicious policeman and Josh Brolin’s eyebrows … Romance.

Winter’s Tale

Killing it with these taglines, Hollywood!

Starring Colin Farrell, this movie has it all: Irish gangsters, a mysterious horse and tuberculosis.

Endless Love


If you haven’t heard of this movie, drop everything and watch the trailer right now.

I know what you’re thinking: “Is this a thriller? No, it’s definitely a romance. And there’s some kind of tension. It’s kind of dark, but they’re in love. What is happening?

Endless Love follows the story of a “sheltered but privileged teen” and a “working-class youth with a troubled past.” In other words, we don’t know what’s happening, but we think it will be box office gold.

If, for some weird reason, none of the above are appealing to you, never fear: Netflix exists, and it has plenty of great movies to watch with a date/your friends/yourself. Happy viewing, Hoyas!

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Friday Fixat10ns: It Is Still February?

Trees Without Leaves from ecgarbi on 8tracks.

Is it just me or does February seem to be dragging on a bit long this year? Check out these chill tunes to get you through the last kick of winter.

Beth/Rest – Bon Iver Basically any of Bon Iver’s tunes would fit in this playlist. I just picked this one because my name’s in it. I have a hunch that he spends long amounts of time writing about ex-girlfriends in a log cabin somewhere as part of his creative process.

Oh Annie – The Morning Benders These guys are inextricably end-of-winter/springish. That association might be due to the timing of their last album’s release — which happened to be around this time of year. This one has a lull to it, though, that reminds me of that feeling of laying in bed after waking up from an only mildly satisfying nap.

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying – Ray Charles  The sun is out today and despite cold mornings, spring is sort of on its way. So don’t let the sun catch you crying when it gets warm eventually. Ray Charles fits any season.

Surgeon – St. Vincent The frantic push at the end of the song perfectly encapsulates wanting winter (or anything) to end.

Wait – M83  Um, this is the perfect nap song.

Wishful Thinking – Wilco One of my favorite tunes from Wilco, partially because of the wistful quality to the build-up in the beginning and the poignant lyrics.  Feels like a cozy sweater.

I Remember – Araabmuzik Frosty, techno-y remix of a Kaskade song. Very February.

Polish Girl – Neon Indian A tad more upbeat than the rest but the repetition of the lyric “You fail to remember” captures that sense of impatience that the other songs also embody.