Campus Sartorialist: November

campus sartorialist march 22

As fall starts turning into winter, most Hoyas are bracing themselves for some truly cold days ahead. Indeed, weather forecasts all over predict snow and general chilliness for this Thanksgiving break. However, yesterday was an unexpectedly warm day, so the 4E bloggers decided to take a walk around campus and get some shots of stylish students.


Anjali Dayal (Ph.D. candidate in the government department) looks fab in a classic jacket/skirt/boots combo. The black and gray color palette takes her look from classy to business classy – ladies with upcoming interviews or presentations, take note.


Next up is Jonathan Marrow (COL ’18) rocking shorts in the 60-degree heat – pink shorts, too. Coupled with Sperry’s, a button-down and a Hoya vest, I think we can all agree that this look is so Georgetown. 


Matt Grisier (COL ’16) is decked out in what experts call “a suit and tie.” The light blue-and-white stripes complement the gray jacket and pants nicely. Perfect for an interview or for the workplace!


We ran into Sam Kleinman (COL ’16), who was looking sharp in the very classic button-down and jeans combination. The casual rolled-up sleeves, baller watch and subtle pen in the shirt pocket lend themselves to the “academic but laid-back” look.

BussyBussy Awosanya (COL ’15) is rocking a purple dress with flats on this fine day. Accessorizing with a leather jacket, unique necklace and cute bag, this is the look of a true sartorialist.

Ben Laura

Last up, we met Laura Angelich (COL ’15) and Ben Saunders (SFS ’15), who, while dressed differently, are united in their support of GIVES. We loved Laura’s adorable jacket, scarf and boots, just as we loved Ben’s “Kindness Is Cool” T-shirt. Some fashion trends come and go, but kindness is always in season.

Thanks to Erin Hart and blogger Julia Kieserman for helping me get these shots of fashionable Hoyas! Stay tuned for more photos of fresh Hoyas next month.


Campus Sartorialist: October


Autumnal fashion is great fashion. And Georgetown autumnal fashion is even greater. You guys seriously look flawless all of the time. I’m very jealous of your clothing, very often. So you’ve got that going for you. Which is nice.

The 4E staff was so inspired by your style that we decided to hit the pavement around the John Carroll statue, wait for you beautiful people to walk by and feature your impeccable class on our blog.

First up is Sindhu Darisi (MSB ’15) and her friend who is unfortunately not a Hoya. We had to get a picture of them together. Have you ever seen two people look so cool and coordinated? The sunglasses, the dark color-scheme, the Zara boots. ***Flawless.


Next we met another fabulous pair: Sarah Joseph (NHS ’18) and Rajiah Arbab (COL ’18). We loved Sarah’s boots and Rajiah’s mixed patterns!


On this lovely fall day we also ran into Connor Canning (COL ’16), who wouldn’t take credit for his killer jacket because his sister bought it for him. Gotta love a stylish sister but you were rocking it, Connor.


Recent graduate Tierra Evans (’14) and undergrad Shawnetta Stephens (’15) were just walking around enjoying homecoming weekend and looking super autumnal when we approached them to let them know how good they were looking. Their knit game was on point and we love Tierra’s earrings. Also the guest appearance by Jack on the left was cool. Hey Jack!


This photo of Will Stroup (COL ’17), Michael Hosbein (NHS ’17) and Carter Rise (COL ’17) is super candid (sorry Michael) but we think it’s part of their aesthetic; so casual cool. They’re looking very Georgetown in their polos, zip-up vests and Ray-Bans. Keep it up and keep sipping that Peace Tea.


Anthony Buonomo (COL ’16) and Peter Armstrong (SFS ’15) had just left the costume sale in the Davis Performing Arts Center but they still managed to look suave. We got a hipster Shakespeare vibe from Anthony and a badass Jack-O-Lantern look from Peter. Never stop posing fiercely and popping your puffy collar.




Finally we have Jordan Neman (’16), a Hoya, and all of his fashionable friends (Angie Kang, Steven Neman and Brigitte Neman) who unfortunately don’t even go here and won’t grace us with their style daily. They just look so good together, uk? Also Angie’s hair is purple, so that’s awesome.


Conclusion: You are all beautiful and you’re weirdly good at coordinating outfits with your friends. Can’t wait to feature more of you Hoyas looking lovely together next month.

Huge thanks to blogger Meg Lizza who helped me choose Hoya fashionistas and chase them down. Thanks for making it less aca-awkward.