What Clubs Famous People Would Be In At Georgetown

As one of the top 20 schools in the U.S. (and home to the hottest college men, according to Tinder), Georgetown is generally accepted as a place for the ~elite~.

We’re not an Ivy but… yeah, pretty much.

While a fair number of VIPs have walked these hallowed halls (I sometimes daydream about running into Bradley Cooper in the dish return at Leo’s), with a 16% acceptance rate, it’s hard to “catch ‘em all.”

I still cringe…

Once you’ve figured out what famous Hoya you are, come take a break from procrastinating for finals reality with me and imagine what clubs your favorite celebs would be in if they had sported the good ol’ blue and gray.

*wipes away tear*

The Kardashians – Thirty-Seventh

We all know that these gals enjoy the finer things in life. I can’t attest to their academic aspirations, but I have a good feeling that if Kardashoyans existed, they would be major contributors to Georgetown’s premier lifestyle and fashion blog. #Yeezys #For #All

If you stop reading 4E, Kim will be mad. 

Emma Watson – Blue and Gray

This is the friend that you want to hate but can’t because they’re just too nice. Smart, beautiful, vaguely international—they make Georgetown look damn good. You may resent this pal’s borderline *magical* talents, but you have to admit that this kid is going places.

A typical Georgetown know-it-all.

Mark Ruffalo – The Corp

To all my Ruffalovers out there, this one’s for you. This Bernie Bro can sport a knit fleece like no other, and will engage you in a long-winded discussion on conspiracy theories if you so much as whisper the words “inside job.” Can’t you imagine the man behind The Hulk, once dubbed a “sentient farmer’s market,” serving you your double shot of espresso at Midnight MUG with a crinkly, good-natured smile? We know we can.

That woven bracelet tho :-O

Ivanka Trump – GUASFCU

The First Daughter was a student in the MSB for two years before transferring to Penn (*cough* complicit). Her penchant for fancy shoes and ambiguous business buzz-words would make her a prime candidate for Georgetown’s most prestigious financial association.

If you don’t sleep in a suit, are you really an MSBro?

Zac Efron – GUGS

The High School Musical and Neighbors star is truly a man of the people. For this reason, he’d be a member of one of Georgetown’s most accepting clubs, flipping delicious meat spheres burgers for the masses on Friday afternoons. *sings We’re All In This Together with added enthusiasm*

If only Georgetown had real frats…
Stay warm, people. If Bradley Cooper made it through finals, so can we.
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Haters Gonna Hate: 4E’s Guide to Court Storming


If you were at the Villanova game this Monday, and even if you weren’t, you know that it was an incredible game. However, there has been a lot of recent debate about the appropriateness of the court storming that occurred after our 20-point win.

There are plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t have rushed madly onto the court: it was a regular season game, not a crucial or championship win,  and I am not even going to mention how dangerous it is.

But that didn’t stop us from doing it.

I jumped over two barriers and got yelled at by numerous adults, but I will not regret my decision to storm, made in a moment of excitement. So here are a few guidelines from the 4E on moments when you should definitely court storm. (All of which apply to Nova.)

1. When you’re looking to achieve your 30 seconds of infamy.

They may be talking about our lack of discipline, but hey, we’re on the news!!

Aren’t you proud, Mom?

2. When you want to remind adults that they wish they were you

You know it looks fun. Ah to be young.

3. When it’s almost midnight and you’re delirious and sleep deprived. Let’s get weird!

4. When you haven’t been this excited in a long time. Yes, Georgetown has a great athletics program and an illustrious history, but you forget that for 1/4th of our students this is their first big home game win. Let the freshmen have their fun!

5. When your friends are on the opposite side of the court and you just want to give them a hug. Let love in, folks.

So while the haters gonna hate and make fun of our court storming last night, just remember that we only have four years here, and if you want to run like a wild person onto the court, then you go! Explain your sprained ankle to your parents later.

Photos: Sydney Bolling/The Hoya, nbccollegebasketballtalk.files.wordpress.com

Transformation Tuesday: 4E Bloggers


From #mancrushmonday to #tbt, there is no social media craze that the 4E staff haven’t tackled.

Today’s topic? Transformation Tuesday.

As the holiday season nears, people tend to pull out those adorable December pictures from years past. From what I have been seeing, the people of Instagram have changed a ton since day 1.

Well, what about our own bloggers? I went hard-core stalker mode to dig up the 411 on all your favorite writers.

First up is the one and only DJ Angelini. Look at those faces… Can you see the resemblance?

DJ TransformationNext is the internationally famous Sydney Bolling. Still classic after all these years.

Sydney Transformation

Next is former Blog Editor and Online Editor, Lindsay Lee. She has the most amazing clothes, don’t you agree?

Lindsay Transformation

No one does Transformation Tuesday as well as the flawlessly fabulous Alexis Oni-Eseleh.

Alexis Transformation

The next transformation is former 4E Editor Emma Holland. Still the most hardworking blogger, as you can see.

Emma TransformationLast, but not least, I threw in my own Transformation Tuesday because I was such an adorable kid.

Courtney Transformation

Go ahead and stalk us. We would love it.

Let the transformation be with you.

Photos: Instagram