Georgetown Day Fails


It’s that time of year again, Georgetown Day! 4E asked a few of our non-Freshman bloggers about their worst best Georgetown Day moments.

*Note: All the names in these stories have been removed. There is no way to figure out who everyone is.*

Contributor #1: “On Georgetown Day last year I kept getting the phrase “hooked up” confused with “hung out” for some reason. So, when I wanted to tell all my friends about how I had just hung out with someone I, mistakenly, told them I had hooked up with him. Fortunately they knew this wasn’t true because they had been with me the entire time (yeah, not sure why I was explaining this to them if they were there, #drunk), so they tried to get me to stop saying that. I got annoyed and obviously assumed they weren’t listening to anything I was saying so I just started yelling “BUT I JUST HOOKED UP WITH   (name redacted)  !” repeatedly outside of Lau. This person also happens to be in a Frat on campus, and one of his brothers also just happened to walk by while I was screaming this and witnessed the entire thing. I’m sure if I could actually remember any of this then I’d be embarrassed. But yeah, this is my confession.”


Contributor #2: “Freshman year I had a Spanish oral at 11 a.m., so I decided to do a champagne brunch before then. However, this caused me to get super nervous, freak out before my final and go crazy in the ICC. Afterwards I was so scared I wasn’t drunk enough that I pregamed insanely hard and was #blackout by the time I got to the lawn. I remember very little from my time on the lawn. The only thing I do remember is screaming ‘Scotty doesn’t know’ at a super high volume before retreating to my 5 hour nap. Nothing was the same after that.”


Contributor #3: “Like any good Hoya on her first Georgetown day I woke up at 7:30 a.m., excited to start the day. I proceeded to take a couple of shots before trying to cook breakfast – needless to say my ‘fried’ eggs were so poorly cooked I’m surprised they didn’t give me salmonella. Then I went to a classic ‘toasts to toast’ Georgetown Day party, during which I proceeded to finish off a bottle of André by myself, before moving on to more shots. Despite my roommate’s best efforts to force a bagel down my throat and sober me up a bit, I blacked out around 10:30 a.m. I woke up on a couch, my head in a trashcan, with my roommate and the senior boys who lived there looking down at me. I spent the rest of the day in my bed, alternating between passing out and dry heaving. I missed all of the Georgetown day activities, and obviously all of my classes. Total rookie move. Don’t be like me – eat a good breakfast and pace yourself or pay the price!” 


Don’t make the same mistakes as these Georgetown Day veterans. Good luck and be sure to document all of it on social media.


Internship Fails

internship failsSo it’s finally summer, and after all the beach towels and sunscreen bottles are put away from Memorial Day weekend at the shore, it’s time to start your internship. And you’re really excited, right?

OK, so maybe you’re a little nervous. Being the new kid is scary. You’ve got no idea what these people are going to expect of you; you’ve really only got two professional looking outfits. So while you’re all out there stressing about making a good impression in your first few weeks, it’s good to be reminded that you’re not alone. None of us know what we’re doing.

In my first days on the job, I encountered more than a few internship fails. Revel in my failures so you can feel a little better about that hole in your sweater you hope no one sees, getting lost on your commute or accidentally hanging up during your first phone call. (It might just be funny to laugh at me — that works too.)

1. Anybody there?

So it’s the very first day and I walk in the door, but no one is at the front desk. What do I do?

a) Wait for the secretary — I’m sure she’ll be right back.


b) Take action: go find someone and introduce myself as the new intern.

Sydney opts for none of the above and walks around aimlessly for several minutes before someone asks her who she is … good choice.

2. Office Antics

So I’m finally inside and I’ve met the intern coordinator. She and her coworker are joking around and ask me which one I think is older. I’m trapped, I’ve got to answer, but what do I say? I tried laughing it off as a joke, but they kept staring at me. “You look about equal?” That’s a safe answer. But they keep pushing, “How old do we look?” Oh, all adults look the same age to me! “Thirty-two.” That’s young but realistic, right? They just laugh at me. I’m still not sure I had the right answer …

3. Snicky Snacks

There are plenty of pretzels and animal crackers at the coffee station, and I was told to help myself. I’m starving and really want some, but do I risk everyone watching me take like seven handfuls and bring them all back to my cubicle? I waited until no one was there, dashed over, poured myself an entire cupful and ran back. Judge me. I dare you.

4. Meeting the Boss

So now that I’ve got all these animal crackers, my boss pops in to say hello. My mouth is completely full with the crackers, but I have to talk to him. Chew? No, too obvious. Swallow? Impossible. Instead I shove all the food to one side and proceed to have a conversation with my boss. Smile, I think to myself, oh wait not too much he’ll see the food in your mouth. Every time he looks away I chew as slowly and quietly as I can. Maybe he didn’t notice?

5. Lunch Break

I get an hour for lunch, success! I picked Chipotle, which seemed like a good choice to me. Unfortunately, I got caught in a rainstorm on the way back and, of course, my car was parked nowhere close to the restaurant. So now I’m soaking wet and have to go back in to work … what am I supposed to do? My hair will dry, and, with the black pants I’m wearing, you can barely tell they’re soaked — same goes for the blazer. But what won’t dry is my shear pink top which is now two different colors, and see through on the top — lovely. Luckily, I had a hair brush (because, for some reason, I thought that was more essential to bring than an umbrella) but I had no idea what to do about the shirt. My decision? I went into the bathroom before anyone could see me and used the hand dryer to blow dry my shirt. I literally stuck my chest under the hand dryer … it was possibly a new low.

6. Going Home

So you think that would be enough fails for one day right? Wrong. I have one more. As I walk out to the parking lot I realize I have no idea where I parked. That’s easy, just use the button on the keys and the car will flash and beep. Plot twist — my keys don’t have one of those. So I searched for my car for at least ten minutes in the drizzle.

So while you’re obsessing about being perfect on your first day, just remember me, soaking wet, animals crackers in my mouth and wandering around without a clue. I also may have written this at my cubicle while I was supposed to be working. Whoops! So have a good summer, and remember, it’s hard to fail as badly as me.