Riding the Yak: A Beginner’s Guide


The anonymous social media app Yik Yak has been generating buzz for quite a while, for both good and bad reasons. Of course there will always be those who abuse the privilege of anonymity, but I feel like the Georgetown/GW Yik Yak community generally censors out offensive posts, and I really enjoy the app. Hopefully, these (semi)pro-tips can help new and older Yakkers alike get the most out of the Yik Yak experience.

Tip 1: Upvote Your Own Yaks 

Yaks are rated on a system of “up” or “down” votes. The more ups, the higher your score; however, if you get a score of -5, the Yak disappears. In general, I recommend liking your own Yak to get the ball rolling and encourage other members of the flock to join in.

Tip 2: Watch Out For Spoilers

Is there a new show like, oh I don’t know, House of Cards out that you haven’t watched yet? I can guarantee someone on Yik Yak would be more than happy to spoil it for you. Proceed with caution.

Tip 3: Know Your Audience

This is tough to gauge, but sometimes you have to pander to the crowd if you want up-votes. You might think you’re funny, but that doesn’t mean Yik Yak will.

Tip 4: Have Thick Skin

While no one should ever be genuinely offended or targeted by Yik Yak, you will surely end up doubting your sense of humor at some point. You can’t win ’em all.

Tip 5: Don’t Re-Yak

Unlike on Twitter, “re-yakking” or reposting other peoples’ Yaks is frowned upon. You may think you’re being sneaky, but someone will notice and instantly call you out. It’s not worth it.

Tip 6: Take Advice With A Grain Of Salt

Yik Yak has slowly evolved into a new form of Yahoo Answers, which is certainly entertaining, and sometimes helpful. The advice on Yik Yak is probably about as reliable as Yahoo Answers, too, so maybe think twice before trusting it.

Tip 7: Proceed With Caution

This is more of just a warning, but Yik Yak is an anonymous place for college kids to post, and thus can get incredibly inappropriate. Generally it is hysterical, but some discussions of the human anatomy and bodily functions could catch one by surprise.

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Yik Yak can be fun, but isn’t for the faint of heart.

Photos/Gifs: Imgarcade; FallonTonightGifs

The Girls’ Room Guide

the perfect pottyNow that I’ve spent about a semester and a half here I think it’s time that I provide you with a comprehensive list and appraisal of arguably the most necessary resources on campus: the bathrooms.

I’m going to stick to public bathrooms because you won’t let me inspect your private bathroom (still not entirely sure why, though) and because I think a review of Georgetown public bathrooms will be of greatest service to my fellow Hoyas. Which potty will receive my coveted 4E Best Bathroom Award? Read on to find out.

Note: I can’t speak for men’s bathrooms. Sorry.

Which building will receive the Bestest Bathroom Award?
Which building will receive the 4E Best Bathroom Award?


Lau’s bathrooms provide a lovely sanctuary to quietly cry about your imploding schedule and upcoming midterms. However, if you glance at the back of the stall door, you’ll notice an upsetting edition of the Stall Seat Journal. (The current paper is all about the calories that we drink and it may make you sad.) Still, I appreciate mystery Stall Seat journalists’ attempts to inform the Georgetown population about the dangers of Adderall and liquid caloric intake, so thank you. Overall, Lau library bathrooms are in decent shape: They’re not that pretty to look at but they are smart and we can all relate to intelligence while studying at Lau.


The bathrooms in Leo’s are generally super clean because nobody uses them. They’re the perfect refuge to duck into while avoiding that person you always see in Leo’s who says he knows you but you don’t seem to recall. Just don’t sit in there and eat your lunch. If none of your friends are free to eat, go sit by yourself: It’ll build your character. Or you could sit with me! I’m such a good friend and I’ll tell you about bathrooms and other interesting places on campus. If you do decide to sit by yourself, please don’t take a big table. Then I just might have to send you back to your toilet seat. Which, as I mentioned earlier, is super clean.


Regents is lovely and so are its bathrooms. One time while washing my hands in the notoriously chic Regents sinks, I happened upon a discovery. I noticed a rapid influx of mothers and their high school daughters. As a former prospective student I know that some campus tours end just outside of Regents. Some might say tours end here for the view. I say tours end here for the bathrooms.


Epicurean’s bathrooms are swanky. Real swanky. Top notch toilets and a buffet to boot. Bonus points: They’re available almost 24/7.


There’s a weird gaping hole in the wall of one of the bathrooms in the ICC, but there’s fun writing on the stall doors! In other words, I have a lot of mixed feelings about this one. These lavatories can also get insanely crowded between classes and they’re very small, so avoid walking in them with a large backpack.


Stunning. Five Stars. I expect nothing less from the business school. However, I would like to mention that the paper towel dispenser gives a sizably longer ration than any other building on campus and that’s so not green, MSB.

The 4E Best Bathroom Award goes to…

Mine. Oops, sorry. I live in VCE so I happen to have my own personal loo. It’s super convenient and there are even rubber duckies. In terms of public bathrooms on campus, though, basically stick to the newer buildings to find nicer bathrooms. It makes sense. So don’t be stupid.

Photos: heavy.com, justbathroomsigns.com