The Five Stages of the GAAP Facebook Group


Perhaps the only thing that connects and unites each and every class on campus are our respective GAAP Facebook groups. We eagerly joined them right after being accepted into Georgetown, hesitantly began to “meet” (stalk) our classmates before school began and now use them to communicate while on campus. After watching the progression of three different GAAP groups, I have come to the conclusion that every year, each GAAP group evolves in exactly the same way, and there’s no way around it.

Stage 1: Early Acceptance Butterflies

The group is created, and everyone that gets accepted Early Action begins to join. Generally, the posts aren’t too exciting at the beginning, as the newly accepted students start to feel the group out a bit. Posts usually fall under three categories: (1) “Congrats everyone, I can’t wait to meet my fellow Hoyas!”; (2) “Hey guys, where are my fellow (insert geographic region/state/country) at?”; (3) “Hey everyone, I’m super smart and got into (insert extensive list of other highly-ranked schools), help me decide!”

Stage 2: The Regular (Admission) Crowd Shuffles In

Any sort of calm in the group disappears on the day Regular Decision results are released. The group easily triples in size and more congratulations/geographic questions/pleas for college advice are soon to follow. This stage is fun, though, because the questions start to get a little more personal. This is the one time in your life that you can post “Does anyone love Full House as much as I do?” on Facebook and get dozens of replies.


Stage 3: Summertime Madness

A lot happens in the GAAP Facebook groups over the summer. People get more comfortable and post some hard-hitting questions. The whole CHARMS process goes down, housing decisions are released and incoming freshmen struggle through pre-registration. Finally, and most importantly, Facebook Superstars (or Celebrities) begin to rise and there’s nothing more exciting than finally meeting that kid from Facebook that posted 300 times over the summer.

Stage 4: Too Cool, Except for School

Probably the most appealing of the five stages, this typically lasts for most of freshman year. Basically, everyone realizes that they would prefer to not be Facebook Famous, and only post the important stuff. Club sign-ups, cool on-campus events, and generally important school questions make it up on the page. Plus, cool upperclassmen (like me!) use them to spread and share pertinent information (like this article!).

Stage 5: Craigslist 

There comes a time when the GAAP group simply becomes a place to unload anything and everything that can be sold. Basketball tickets are certainly the hottest commodities, but that isn’t all. People sublet, rent out parking spaces, find roommates, unload old refrigerators and even sell livestock through the Facebook page. OK, so maybe I made the last one up, but it still is pretty ridiculous. Nowhere is the entrepreneurial spirit more alive at Georgetown than in upperclassmen GAAP Facebook Groups.



4E’s 12 Over 12: The Game-changers of Tomorrow

12 Over 12This week, The Hoya reported that five members of the Georgetown University and Georgetown Law community were featured in this year’s Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list. The list recognizes talented future leaders in 15 different fields, and notably, all those selected still haven’t hit the big 3-0.

But frankly, Forbes has nothing on these Hoyas.

Meet 4E’s “12 Over 12,” a group of über-talented, especially innovative game-changers – all over 12 years old. Let’s meet the future, shall we?

4E’s 12 Over 12

Fashion’s Future Anna Wintour

photo 1

Ellen Rote (COL ’17)

“My favorite pants are comfy and they have a hole in them.”


The Next Picasso


Nikki Waddley (COL ’17)

“I prefer crayons over markers.”


Famous Food Critic


Meg Wallace (COL ’17)

“Today at Leo’s I ate canned peaches with a fly in them. And I drank Raspberry Diet Sprite. I’m big into artificially flavored sodas.”


Future Talent Spotter/Music Manager

photo 5

James Constant (COL ’16)

“I like The Mountain Goats.”


Future Fortune 500 CEO


Tyler Byrd (COL ’17)

“I had a silver piggy bank once.”


Algorithm Developer

photo 2-2

Maddie Hopp (NHS ’16)

“Two plus two equals four.”


The Next Steve Jobs

photo 1-2

Carleigh Douglas (MSB ’16)

“I’m the most technologically inept person. I mean, I like Twitter.”


PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist

photo 4

Teddy Schaffer (COL ’16)

“I’m going to the gym today.”


Future President of the United States

photo 2Megan McGlinchey (COL ’16)

“I don’t belong to a political party.”


Next Great American Novelist

photo 3-2

Kathleen Soriano-Taylor (COL ’14)

“The last text message I wrote said, ‘Cool, see ya’.”


Animal Rights Activist

photo 3

Maggie Blackwood (MSB ’16)

“I have a dog, a wheaten terrier. I take her on walks.”


The Next Oprah Winfrey


Jared Kimler (COL ’16)

“Yeah, I’ve watched Oprah before.”


Photos: Emma Holland and Karl Pielmeier for The Hoya; photos courtesy of Tyler Byrd, Meg Wallace and Nikki Waddley