Breaking News: Democratic VP Short List Revealed

Thanks to the 4E’s incredible investigative journalism, we have some breaking news. Our field correspondents have successfully infiltrated the Democratic presidential candidates’ campaigns and found each candidate’s short list for vice president. The 4E is proud to be the on the forefront of honest reporting and journalistic integrity, so, of course, these have been fact-checked and vetted for authenticity.

Bernie Sanders:

Hillary Rodham Clinton:

This pick is honestly a great strategic pivot. Not only does it cover the older, more moderate voters Bernie is lacking, but it also brings in the political establishment. Everyone knows Sanders has been criticized by his fanatic online following, who are known to dig their bloodsucking teeth into anyone and everyone who crosses their paths, but Sanders’ embracing his nemesis will teach his followers to take the high road. The bold political move of choosing HRC as his running mate will quell fears of sexism within the Sanders camp and bring in the establishment wing of the party he so despises.

Elon Musk:

An eccentric, polarizing figure that doesn’t seem to fit any mold? Make it a double! Plus, this smart political move for Sanders will show how adept he is at making friends with the enemy. Tacking on a billionaire to his ticket will throw everyone in a tailspin and showcase Sanders’ broad appeal. Plus, free electric cars for everyone? Who doesn’t want that?

Joe Biden:

Billie Eilish:

Ah, the youth is wasted on the young. Billie’s and Joe’s averaged age would still be over 10 years older than Pete Buttigieg. Billie is everything Joe isn’t: young, hip (meaning she has two fully functioning hips) and ~relatable~. Zoomers might finally go to a Biden rally if its opening act was Billie Eilish, a surefire way to get that elusive youth vote. Biden’s steady-handedness and return to normalcy will be a perfect counterbalance to Billie’s brash, unapologetic youth, showing just how much this country needs to get back on track. 

Mike Pence:

A unity ticket! Honestly, this is another daring political stunt that leans into Joe’s incredible narrative of electability. Who is more electable than the person that was most recently elected? Plus, imagine Trump’s face when he finds out his VP is cheating on him. Priceless. This will all but ensure a Democratic victory, but at what cost? It could also be a great rebranding for Mike; it’d be an enemies-to-political allies slow burn story for the ages. 

Elizabeth Warren:

Amy Klobuchar:

Elizabeth has seized the narrative and is floating Amy as a potential VP thanks to The New York Times’ odd move to support two candidates. Who doesn’t trust the media giant that is The New York Times? Amy would be a great addition to the Warren team, as she is a seasoned veteran who has proven her winning capabilities. In typical Warren fashion, she has a plan for that.

Bernie Sanders:

There is definitely a broad appeal for two grandparents promising you free stuff. Many people can relate to it, and it could unify the burgeoning progressive movement that has recently shown cracks in its foundation. She’s younger, hipper and more savvy than her male progressive counterpart, which could be alluring for those pesky swing voters. Plus, he’d be a perfect foil for critics of Lizzie — she could just point to Bernie and say, “at least I’m not as radical as him!”

Pete Buttigieg:

His mother:

Did he get his permission slip signed to go to the debates? He seems like the type to bring a sack lunch to his field trips; apple slices are a must. She can drive him to the debate, as long as someone else can drive him back. Plus, she’d be younger than both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, so we know she’d last at least four years in case Pete gets any younger and becomes ineligible to run for president.

Ned McDodd, Mayor of Whoville

A double mayoral ticket for president? Un-president-ed! Pete makes the smarter political move to choose the animated mayor of Whoville instead of the live-action version, because that man is downright terrifying. I love “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” but the Whos in the film still give me nightmares — so, I’m saying a personal thank you to Pete for choosing the superior mayor.

2 Chicks, 1 Georgetown: An Interview with the Sandwiches Behind It All

12654225_1397592526934586_2076489336744658532_nWith the GUSA elections heating up, both on and off the griddle, two sandwiches seem to have taken the campus by storm as they continue to rally a surprising amount of support amongst students.  Considered the Holy Grail by all who have had the pleasure of gracing Wisemiller’s fine establishment, it’s clear that this fan favorite ticket has the potential to spice things up this election season.  As many students are left salivating at the thought of two sandwiches overseeing student affairs, they are also left wondering just how the sandwich plans to change campus life for the better.  Fortunately, the sandwiches behind the campaign agreed to grant 4E an ~exclusive~ interview for an inside look at their vision for a tastier Georgetown.

School administrators’ reactions every time they realize they can’t eat the student body president at GUSA meetings

Why did you choose to put Hot Chick up for President and Chicken Madness for VP this year?
As we have previously stated, it’s 2016. It’s about time the Chick came first. With all due respect to Madness’s reliability as a sandwich, we believe Hot Chick, with her bold paprika-based flavor, is more than capable of leading GUSA.

Does Hot Chick’s hotness impact her ability to govern at all?
Absolutely not, in fact her zest and full-bodied flavor are assets that we intend to leverage to bring flavor back to the Hilltop. Her attractiveness does not and should not have any impact on her ability to govern. She’s an accomplished, flavorful and beloved sandwich. That is what matters in this race. Not her looks (which are to die for).

On a similar note: why does Hot Chick have to be “hot?” Can’t we just call her “beautiful” to fight sexism on campus?
Chicks are hot in all sorts of ways. Hot Chick owns her hotness and recognizes that. Our vision for Georgetown is one where everyone can embrace and own their hotness.

How can you expect to be taken seriously when you’re constantly flip flopping on the grill?
We’re not flip-flopping per se, we’re just getting used to the heat the top job brings. Let’s just say, we’re used to getting grilled. And on that note, our only hope is that the GUSA election committee doesn’t discriminate against well-seasoned chicken when they want to deny us entry into the debate. We do, after all, have more people attending our election-event than another well-known ticket.

Can you talk a bit about the general lack of diversity on your ticket as you’re both pieces of white meat?
If I could make an observation, our ticket contains (in no particular order) poultry meat, onions, bacon, peppers, tomatoes, peppercorn dressing, bread and numerous other ingredients. Far from just being “white meat.” And, as we are all well aware, the color of one’s meat does not determine one’s ability to lead.

If your goal is to make Georgetown more inclusive, how will you accommodate the vegetarians?
We totally embrace the idea that you can make any number of substitutions to your order. Anything on our menu is up for changes — tell us exactly how you want it, and we will deliver (and by deliver, we mean pick up for carry out).

We noticed that The Georgetown Academy recently endorsed your campaign on their blog, how do you feel about this?
While we do go by the adage, “all press is good press”, we want to emphasize that our platform is built on one of inclusion and diversity. No one at this school should feel discriminated against or harassed because they chose not to get onions on their sandwich, or wanted a gluten-free option. Those are not the ideals that this school was founded upon. Although we appreciate their support, our vision for Georgetown is very much different from the one that they espouse.

Finally, for our readers who want to support your ticket, will you be accepting Flex dollars as campaign contributions?
We pride ourselves on being the only campaign that is self-funded. However for every $7.95 that you donate we will be giving out free sandwiches of your choice as a token of our gratitude for your support.

Feel like you’ve been swayed by the chicks’ deliciousness?  Don’t forget to vote in the GUSA election next Thursday!


5 Types of People Running for GUSA Senate


It’s October, and you know what that means. It’s that time of year when the real issues begin to be discussed, when world-class leaders petition for our support. Campaign season is upon us, and the New South/VCW District is feeling the heat. 4E has exhaustively analyzed the various campaigns, and has broken down the candidate’s qualifications and positions on the issues in order to help you make your decision today.

  1. The Future President


Platform: This person doesn’t care about Georgetown, the issues or you. This is merely another stepping stone in their path to the Oval Office that began in 5th grade. If elected, their first act of business will be to organize a committee to discuss how best to make “Freshman Dorm Representative” sound good on a resume.

Last seen: In a suit, giving weirdly firm handshakes to other freshmen.


  • Their parents
  • Future Secretaries of State
  • Members of the 2024-2028 cabinet


  • Future Vice Presidents
  • Anyone within 15 years of their age
  • Their parents, when they don’t win
  1. The One who Actually Cares

white anglo saxon

Platform: Social justice, all bathrooms become gender-neutral.

Last seen: Painstakingly drawing out handmade signs when everyone else just prints them out.


  • Ability to appear in any room whenever the word “privilege” is used
  • Being raised in an upper-middle class white family
  • Multiple ethnic friends


  • Hasn’t actually taken an African-American studies class
  1. The Cool Dude

zefron neighbours

Platform: Booze. Lots of it


  • Charisma
  • Actually very strong. Rumored to bench anywhere between 330 and 550 depending on how much you say you can bench
  • Good Jawline
  • Excellent Hair
  • Still has suit from that basketball dinner


  • Refers to New South as “Zoo South”
  • Campaign posters are just dick drawings which, while funny, wont get him the same kind of broad support he enjoys on NS2 where, according to our sources, he’s “a legend”

Last seen:

  • Coming out of that girl you like’s room at 2 a.m.


  • Basically everyone, because who doesn’t like school-sponsored keggers.


  • The Living Well LLC
  • Lame RA’s
  • Other NARPs
  1. The Panderer

all ur dreams

Platform: Free food all the time everywhere. Not only off-campus meal plans, out-of-state meal plans. Everything is free. Electric bill? Free. Will fix everything freshmen complain about during NSO. Like that time you ran for middle school council but got beaten by the kid who promised kool-aid water fountains.

Last seen: Staggering under the pile of 15 pizzas he promised for his campaign event


  • Freshmen who haven’t yet had the hope beaten out of them


  • Anyone with actual experience dealing with any kind of administration

Campaign Slogan: With great power comes no accountability

ann perkins shrug

  1. The Serial Advertiser

don draper wink

Platform: Who knows. All we know is that he needs to stop.

Campaign strategy: Post at least 3 times a day on the GAAP Facebook group, each time prefacing his pitch with an apologetic “I know you guys are tired of these, but . . .”

Last seen: Furiously trying to think of rhymes for his first name


  • His multiple Facebook friends that promise he’s “a really chill dude with lots of great ideas”


  • Pretty much everyone, but ends up winning from third choice votes, purely through name recognition

So, whatever your choice, remember that participating in democracy is one of the most important things we can do for our country. Now go out there and make your voice heard!



The D.C. Election Voting Guide

Tomorrow is the big day: Election Day. We’ve already discussed how important tomorrow’s D.C. Mayoral primary is for Hoyas, and we can’t stress enough how important it is for District residents to get out and cast their vote. About 99.9% of eligible Georgetown students are located in Precinct 6 and can only vote at The Duke Ellington School of the Arts (see below). Polling stations will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.

The Duke Ellington School of the Arts3500 R Street NW – Precinct 6 – Head out the Reservoir Road entrance and turn right. When you see the giant green chair on the left hand side, you’ve made it. Time to cast that ballot!


Note: For voters living east of Wisconsin Ave. in East Georgetown, the closest polling place is Christ Episcopal Church of Georgetown–Church Hall–3150 O Street NW
Leave through the Front Gates and follow O Street until you hit Wisconsin Ave. Make a slight left and then make your first right. Follow O Street for almost 1 more block until you reach a red church on the right.

Photos: NBC Washington, Google Maps

An Open Letter to GUSA Campaigns

An open letter to gusa campaignsDear GUSA campaigns,

I understand that all you want to do is impact change on the Georgetown community in your own respective ways, and I wholeheartedly support and appreciate your dedication to being men and women for others. However, as a potential voter, I feel as if a lot of my needs aren’t being met. I thought this open letter would be a good forum for us to hash a few things out. Hopefully we’ll see eye-to-eye by the end of it. As in, Wednesday night.

The Top 5 Reasons I’m Just Not That Into You

1. “Vote for (Insert Here)” While this sentence makes me aware that you want my vote, my third grade grammar workbook informs me that this is an imperative sentence. My problem with this is that I have a lot of excess teenage angst in my system and I don’t like being told what to do. Maybe you could rephrase it. For example, “Vote for (Insert Here), if you’re into that.” Alternatively, “Vote for (Insert Here). Don’t vote for (Insert Here). Do what you want. This is America.”

2. Door-to-Door Knocking I only open my door for two reasons: class and the promise of food. Your campaign is offering me neither of those things. Let me paint a picture for you. I’m in my room, vulnerable and nine times out of 10 watching cat videos on YouTube. Then, along you come and disturb the peace. I’ll open the door and listen to your spiel because I’m awkward and overly polite, but I won’t like it.

3. Paper products After you’ve interrupted my shut-in lifestyle with your presence, then you want to push all these fliers and pamphlets all up on me. Come on now. It’s 2014. Go green. Go social media. We’re millennials. If it’s not a gif, a blog post or a blog post with gifs in it, I’m not interested. Social media is your friend. I can throw your paper products in the recycling bin as soon as you leave. You know what I won’t throw away? My laptop.

4. Candy Let’s talk about your sales pitch. If I’m going to stand in my doorway and listen to you drone on about yourself without even asking about how my day went, I would like incentives. Incentives of the food variety. Candy. I’m not talking about lollipops either. Lollipops are weak. I’m talking about premium chocolates. Specifically, Godiva. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Alexis, we have a budget. Be reasonable.” NO EXCUSES. If you adopt the social media marketing strategy I mentioned earlier or even take it a step further and pull a Beyoncé: The Visual Album and tell no one you’re running, imagine all the money you’d have to allocate to chocolate.

5. Beyoncé Do not promise something that you can not deliver. I understand that you’re trying to keep your campaign fun by capitalizing on the fact the Beyoncé is American royalty, but no. Stop teasing me: A vote for you is not a vote for Beyoncé. Beyoncé regularly visits that great big White House down the road. She is serious. There is no making light about affiliations with Queen. If someone ever spotted her at Saxby’s, I’d without a doubt skip classes in hopes of casually running into her and becoming Blue Ivy’s nanny. You’re playing with my dreams, people. Not cool.

Thank you for reading this and I hope we can resolve these issues before election day. After all, I vote Wednesday.


Gifs:,; Photo:,

This GUSA Race Is Madness!

The past few weeks have been a storm of information about the upcoming GUSA elections. We have watched the campaign videos, played the drinking games and dissected each campaign’s graphic design skills. But in the midst of it all, there has been growing support for a candidate unlike the rest: Chicken Madness.

Chicken Madness and his once arch-rival Hot Chick have decided to run together for GUSA president and vice president. The campaign started a few weeks back when a mysterious man by the name of Jack Wisemiller sent many Georgetown students a Facebook friend request. In the time it took for every freshman to ask his roommate, “Did we meet a Jack Wisemiller at NSO?”, the Facebook account had already gathered hundreds of friends and followers.

The reason for Jack Wisemiller’s Facebook? To spread the word about writing in Chicken Madness and Hot Chick on GUSA election day! I was a little shocked when I heard the news. I thought to myself, How could two undeniably delicious sandwiches run our student government? But after some serious contemplation and soul searching, I have discovered some qualities about this dynamic duo that every potential GUSA president and vice president should aspire to.

5 Great Qualities of Chicken Madness and Hot Chick 

1. They can motivate the student body 

Whether you are running on the track at Yates or studying in Lau on a Saturday afternoon, nothing keeps you going like the idea of a Chicken Madness. If it weren’t for this Wisey’s classic, no one would get anything done. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Alright, 20 more minutes of reading and then I’m hitting up Wisey’s!” Keep it up, Chicken Madness.

2. They are (uniquely) committed to diversity

In any political race, candidates pay close attention to the role of diversity among the people they wish to represent. The Chicken Madness and Hot Chick pair are truly diverse. Chicken Madness, a savory grilled chicken delicacy, is there when you need comfort food. Hot Chick, on the other hand, is a spicy chicken tender sub that never disappoints. Those are some diverse flavors if I say so myself.

3. They have a sick campaign slogan

Chicken Madness and Hot Chick

“Two sandwiches… One Georgetown.” That slogan is tough to beat.

4. They unite the students at Georgetown

Whether you live on or off campus, Chicken Madness and Hot Chick bring people together. As you stroll into Wisey’s ready to pick up your delicious Chicken Madness or Hot Chick, you can run into just about anyone. From that study buddy you crammed for finals with last semester to that freshman roommate you lost touch with over the years, you can always bond over your love for a good ‘ole Wisey’s sandwich.

5. They can’t knock on your doors

Enough said.


Behind the Designs of the GUSA 2014 Election

We have been inundated with GUSA information since Feb. 13, but the campaign has been most visible on our Facebook newsfeeds and the walls of nearly every public space on campus.

It’s easy to forget that the graphics and logos of these campaigns are, at the end of the day, what people will think of when they hear the name of a candidate. An eye-catching profile picture might even entice you to click on their website link and read their platform.

In recent years, the demand for high-quality graphics has risen, so we took the time to sit down with the designer of each campaign and talk to them about the process and the product. We then showed the various campaign images to graphic design professor L. Collier Hyams, who has never taught any of the candidates and has been entirely removed from the campaign, for an objective expert opinion.

The following interviews with the graphic designers have been condensed. The critiques by Professor Hyams are published in their entirety.

Lexi Dever (COL ’16) – Thomas and Jimmy

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.20.21 PM

First, I had to kind of figure out what a solid campaign logo would be because I normally don’t work on campaign logos. I decided I wanted to go with, first and foremost, a unique color because I figured everyone would be doing blue and gray. In the end, no one did blue and gray but I chose shades of green, blue and purple because green represents a new beginning, blue represents the university and its history and purple represents equality.

The whole process took about a week. Once I kind of figured out what I wanted to do with my design, I spent more time working on it and spent a few hours a day if not more just working and cranking it out.

Once I finished the logo design I gave them some advice on how to use it and made them instructions in a branding packet. The whole campaign, from the beginning, was meant to be very versatile. I want it to be used in as many ways as possible.

All the custom typeface and color application of the 1968 Mexico Olympics was well thought out and is very trippy and very ’60s and it really inspired me.

Also, the success of the Obama campaign and how visually powered that was is still fresh in our minds. No campaign before Obama had a logo. It was always just text or a style, but not a logo. There has been a shift towards that element since the success of the Obama campaign. I obviously didn’t want to mimic it, but just the application of it and the ability to have a brand become influential in the campaign itself.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/t and j/”/]


Well, this has a gothic feel to it, it’s got a little contemporary stuff going on but it’s gothic. I think that’s going to definitely bring in a certain sort of interest or personality. I see it as a C and I don’t know what the C is for. I also see it as sciences. As far as a campaign, so far, it’s the most developed but I don’t know if it’s saying what they’re trying to say. Color theory is fine, looks good that way. It’s done well.

JJ Jimenez (COL ’15) – Zach and Dan

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.26.04 PM

Going into the designs, we wanted to go with something kitsch and something very simple. Zach and Dan were very adamant about name recognition because at the end of the day, the logo or icon isn’t running for GUSA. They are.

The one thing that’s really important for me is to make sure the designs are replicable and consistent through everything. So you have the puzzle nubs, you have the dotted line, you have the text, you have all that. That’s the one piece that is so important to me when I’m designing things for whomever. Whenever we change the medium for anything it has to be recognizable.

This year, I’m actually on the team. (JJ has worked on two other campaigns in his time here at Georgetown). So when we’re on the team I’m like, “Hey, let’s do this, let’s push this, let’s do that,” so I’m a much more active part of this team.

What I’m making is by no means art. The stuff I make is, in my mind, far more utilitarian, in the sense that it’s trying to communicate something, it’s getting a message across.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/z and d/”/]


It’s a pretty standard thing to have half navy blue, half green. But there’s some thought into this [cover photo], but do I think it looks like a campaign ad? No, I think it looks like gummy bears or clothing or something. (See third photo in above slideshow)

But it’s curious with the whole puzzle idea, so I think that would grab somebody’s attention. There are some weird things like things aren’t centered exactly right but that’s the only thing that would point to it being amateur as opposed to professional. This looks very slick.

So there’s not a single campaign design, there are a bunch of different designs. Well, the puzzle is the hook but the only thing that really holds it together is the names Zach and Dan. You’ve got the dotted line as sort of a theme but this could be a Gap commercial or a fraternity party, I’m not sure what it is. Out of all of these, I can’t actually tell what the people are supporting or doing so I don’t see any position. It’s fun, it’s trendy, but I don’t know what it is. It’s like a popularity contest. But it’s intelligent.

Innocent Ndubuisi-Obi (SFS ’16) & Martin De Leon (SFS ’16) – Trevor and Omika


Innocent: I’m not really involved in GUSA. The design I did wasn’t like, “Oh, I’m so gung-ho for GUSA so let me design something for these guys to win.” Someone just approached me and they wanted a design done and I love doing designs so I was like, “Alright, I’ll help you guys out. I’ll make the base, hopefully you can stay within the same brand, but you have your creative liberty to do what they want.”

I really like helping people create their own brand. So when they approached me about doing it, the first thing I asked was, “What is the feel of your group? What do you guys want the feel to be? What is your approach going forward?” And they said they really liked the Jack and Maggie campaign from last year and so I sort of had the framework because I’m really good friends with JJ, so I knew his design process.

So, we just went with very plain, something nice for the eyes. The color scheme was their idea. They wanted teal and gray so I found the right mix of teal and gray.

The great thing about the design is that you can do a lot with it. It’s in an elementary phase where if another designer came on board and wanted to add something to it or change it a little bit, you can do a lot with it, it’s very flexible. So that was the whole goal.

Colors are an important thing too, you pick colors that are different, it can’t be blue and gray. They have to be warm colors and they have to make sense. Teal is a weird color, not a lot of people use teal, but the teal and gray works, it’s really nice and it’s really soft. I was thinking about profile pictures and about what you would want to see popping up.

Martin: They brought me on board for mostly communications and social media work. I serve also to help with their image in general. I did their photo shoot, I’ve been doing their variations of posters. I wasn’t in the platform-building process, I came a little bit later than that. As soon as I actually knew what they were doing, I became very impassioned about it and have become 24/7 about it. It’s been crazy but it’s been so much fun.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/t and o/”/]


Similar take [as Thomas and Jimmy]. … It looks like the same designer. … Is it the same designer? Now, the color, what is the color about? What is teal related to? Here’s one thing that’s curious. If you look at the last presidential campaign, there are particular blues and particular reds that are used. And then, the Obama campaign is the wrong blue. So the original question was, “Why is that that color? That’s a mistake.” But then you realize, “Well, no, it’s a manipulation, it’s an advertising tool.” This is different for a reason, what is that reason. So maybe I’m just too interested in deconstructing it, but the teal means something and I’m not sure what it means. Is it just because it goes well with the gray? This one has a hardcore political current regime thing going on. They could have played with line weight, but it’s so Obama that it’s not even funny.

Brittany Berlin (COL ’16) & Scott Syroka (COL ’16) – Ben and Sam


Brittany: I really don’t have much to say about it. One of my friends asked me to draw a bulldog and a sledge hammer, I didn’t really know what I was doing it for until after the fact. I really had little to no involvement; I’ve only met Sam once and it was after the campaign was up and running.

Scott: Ben and I knew each other through G.I.V.E.S. and I had designed Puppy Playtime posters for G.I.V.E.S. so that’s why they approached me to do theirs.

They gave me a lot of a freedom. They just emailed saying, “We need sixth sheets,” or “we need fliers for people’s doors,” so they would tell me what they wanted on it, like their Twitter or link on Facebook, and I had the leeway to draft something up.

They let me know whenever they need something or when they need something edited. I know the platform, I’m there for the meetings, but my focus is the design aspect. I’m not grinding out policy details by any means.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/b and s/”/]


I walk through all the construction sites so to me this immediately has something to do with a campaign that is either for or against or somehow making construction work on campus better.

You can tell what these guys stand for, though. This one is relying on the cuteness factor of the bulldog. I’ve got some issues with the general design of the bulldog, it could be better. It’s not quite cutesy enough, it’s almost cutesy enough to be cutesy and it’s not quite detailed enough to be believable. It’s kind of in between. Like the hat’s in the wrong position and the handle of the hammer should extend out. If it’s going to be cartoony, it should really be cartoony.

General comments from Professor Hyams:

I think I’m out of touch with the generation and in terms of what is important. When I was in school I would be looking for something that affects my particular position or need as a student, but I’m not sure if that’s what’s necessary these days.

Well, the puzzle has a good strong feeling. The Trevor and Omika design is impressive but a weird color. The bulldog has the cuteness factor.

Well, from this year I thought the C stuff is the strongest (Thomas and Jimmy). All completely different approaches but the best design group is the triangle background one (Thomas and Jimmy).

One of these Zach and Dan ones is really smart (the cover photo), but they have too many different ideas. They’re not really focused.

The Ben and Sam stuff has the cute factor and you know what they’re doing. The one sheet and the door-knocking ones are interesting because they’re so different from the rest of the campaign; it looks like two different people did them.

In terms of if you just saw them, the one that would appear to be the most serious is Thomas and Jimmy. I think the Zach and Dan one is not bad too. The teal one could be really strong but it’s teal and we don’t know what that means. My initial reaction is that I wouldn’t go for that one. Even though it’s pretty strong and they’re probably a really good team, just the presentation is wrong.

[cardoza_wp_poll id=23]

Note: The graphic designers were interviewed in the order seen above and Professor Hyams was interviewed separately after of all the designers. He was not privy to any information given by the designers at the time of his interview.

The Official GUSA Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 1.46.41 AM

If you haven’t figured it out from the number of campaign posters in your facebook newsfeed, GUSA election season is officially upon us. The vice presidential debate is tonight at 9 p.m. in White-Gravenor 201, and following the smash success of last year’s GUSA drinking game, we here at 4E have some tips for those of you who plan on being in attendance (and are over 21 of course!) this evening. For those who don’t want to make the trek to White-Gravenor, we hear GUTV will be live-streaming it.

Ideas for another rule? Suggest them in our comments section! And don’t worry, 4E will have you covered with a new set of rules for the presidential debate Monday.

Drink once if:

  • Someone mispronounces Kohnert-Yount
  • The candidates don’t know there’s a basketball game on tonight

A candidate mentions:

  • Funding
  • Vans
  • Transparency
  • Jesuit values
  • “Your Georgetown”
  • The American flag or a rubix cube
  • “GUSA outsider”
  • “GUSA insider”
  • Innovation
  • Facilities
  • Jack or JJ

Drink twice if:

  • Greg Laverriere tweets about the debate (we know he graduated, but we bet he still will)
  • Someone mentions the correct acreage at Georgetown
  • Anytime they mention adding to the GU mobile app
  • Someone talks about rats
  • Someone claims credit for getting Nextbus on GUTS buses
  • Someone mentions Jack AND JJ

Shotgun a beer if:

  • Jack or JJ make a surprise appearance

Finish your drink if:

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Sunday Night Wrapup: We Survived Hurricane Sandy!

Well folks, it’s safe to say that this week has been a doozy. We’ve seen two days off from classes, Halloween Weekend Round 2, some of the biggest names in a capella all under one roof… and most importantly, we’re still alive to talk about it. In case you were living under a rock this week, here’s everything you need to know to get you up to speed:

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast early this week, leaving 8 million without power as a result of destructive wind, torrential rain, and heavy snow. Damage was especially prevalent in New Jersey and New York, where swells reached a record 32.5 feet in New York City. Damage is estimated at $50 billion, and you can click here for more information on relief efforts and how you can help.

Halloween is finally over! [Insert sigh of relief.] After two weekends of costumes, candy, and themed parties, it’s time to finally start preparing for Thanksgiving! Aside from the ubiquitous cat and uniformed Catholic schoolgirl, here are this year’s top costumes: Heroes, Zombies, Honey Boo Boo, Big Bird, The 1%, and Mitt Romney’s Binders of Women!

DCAF, or the DC A Capella Festival for those of you who haven’t heard, came to town this weekend, bringing in some of the most amazing harmonies since Beyoncé and the gang were at it in 2000. If you couldn’t make it this week, don’t fret. DCAF will be at it again next weekend, so keep calm, get your tickets here, and prepare for your ears to find Jesus.

Last but not least, the 2012 Elections are coming down to the final stretch. You might feel like this girl, or you might be as happy as this baby, but either way, Tuesday is coming and it’s kind of a huge deal.

Hopefully you got your extra hour of sleep, Hoyas, because it’s been big week. And from the looks of it, it’s only going to get bigger!

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