The 10 Reasons Why Everyone Must Attend Kickback


Those of you who were around last fall should remember that The Corp started an awesome music and art festival, combining Georgetown-based acts and professional headliners. I wasn’t there personally, but I heard it was awesome.

Well, The Corp is bring back this event again THIS SATURDAY Sept. 12. From 12 p.m. until the last act blows you away, all Hoyas can enjoy some awesome music, some insanly creative art and a bunch of fun activities. This year, The Corp has partnered with a few other Georgetown groups to make this event more collaborative and more intrinsic to the Georgetown experience.

After meeting with the people in charge of this awesome event, 4E has determined the top 10 reasons why this is the can’t miss event of the semester:

1. The Food. The Corp has not spared any expenses when it comes to the most important thing in all our lives, food. they are going to have a ton of local food trucks and eateries there to fill your mid-Kickback hunger. It is rumored that among these trucks will be Rito Loco, Swizzlr and Captain Cookie.

giphy2. Zipcar Membership. As part of this year’s Kickback, The Corp is working with Zipcar to provide discounted Zipcar memberships for those Hoyas who attend the festival and feel the need for a membership. But, in reality, who doesn’t need a car? Hello… trips to Costco?!

3. Flash Tats & Water Balloons. To make this event even more exciting, WGTB Georgetown radio will be providing both flash tattoos. I repeat: FLASH TATS. The Corp is providing water balloons, so basically anything could happen. Also, there will be water guns, hola hoops and other random things all provided by Zipcar. I have no idea what we are going to do with all this, but I do know that it will be fantastic.

4. Down Dog Yoga. At around noonish, Down Dog Yoga will be providing a free class on the lawn for anyone in attendance. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with some meditation and tree pose?!

5. Instagram Opportunities. The backdrop of Copley makes the perfect frame for your #nofilter Instagram. If that wasn’t enough, The Hoya (hay) is having some of our professional photographers take photos of people on the front lawn. And everyone knows that professional photos > iPhone photos.


6. Bringing Tie-Dye Back. Along with the flash tats, WGTB Georgetown radio is also hosting a tie-dye booth at the event! Ugh, how retro and awesome is that?!

7. Sunbathing. What better way to bask and enjoy Copley lawn than accompanied by music?

8. Artsy Art. Georgetown students are super talented. Why not see your friends’ art displayed across the lawn? You can tell them how great they are or maybe even discover your new favorite artist. So many possibilities.

9. The Music (duh). What other chance do you have to watch and jam out to student and professional performances? The answer: you don’t. This is your only chance.

10. FOMO. All your friends are going, so why wouldn’t you? You don’t wanna be that one person who missed out on Kickback, as if!

Kickback tickets are on sale now here and are only $10. 4E can’t wait to see you there.

Photos/Gifs: The Corp;; 

Hot Spots to Cool Off: Down Dog Yoga

It’s 104 degrees outside. Sweat starts to drip down your forehead like 2 seconds after you walk outside. And so, D.C. (and indeed the entire mid-Atlantic) are looking for some relief from the heat. And so all of the usual hot spots to cool off (your fro-yo shops and fancy milkshake restaurants) are probably all going to be packed. So why not cool off with some hot yoga?

Yeah, I know, it may seem counterintuitive to go to hot yoga on a day when you could do hot yoga outside (and you’d probably sweat more there). It’s not. Hot yoga is a great way to cool off on a hot day like today. Why?? Sweat. Sure, it might be unbearable to walk from the heat into… well, more heat. At first. But then, you change your perspective (as only yoga makes you do). Trust us, the best way to cool off on this hottest of summer days is to sweat it all out, get some energy flowing and do some ujjayi breathing.

Down Dog Yoga is the Georgetown yoga hotspot. It’s typical Georgetown, also. Hot girls in yoga pants with iPhones and bros looking to workout their core (along with some way-to-healthy D.C. businesspeople) converge on the small studio at Potomac and the Canal to practice yoga and sweat.

If you’ve never done yoga before, today’s your day. Every Friday, the Georgetown yoga studio has a free community class at 4 p.m. If not, classes are $12 for a drop-in (or you can start your free week of yoga for unlimited yoga for the next week). After your class, run over to the plethora of fro-yo shops or run down to the waterfront to douse yourself in that fountain. Note: Stay hydrated. You lose a lot of water in the heat and humidity. And even more in yoga.

And stay tuned for more hot spots this weekend: There is supposed to be record breaking heat until at least Sunday.

Down Dog Yoga
1046 Potomac St. NW
Washington, DC
10 minute walk from campus