The Five Stages of Being Home


As we finish the first week of summer and settle back into our hometown routines, the reality sets in: we are not in Georgetown anymore! The metro, M street stores and Lau breakdowns have now been replaced with highways, malls and TV marathons. As this transition happens, we go through a variety of stages: from total excitement to suburbia induced madness.

1. “The Beginning” Ah, the first week back. The relaxation is setting in and you are being greeted by a bunch of familiar faces: the kitchen (fully stocked!), the local coffee shop and your bed. Nothing can get you down, you are on top of the world. Why did you leave in the first place, home is the!


2. “The Errands” As the days increase, you start to set into your normal routine. You get back into your normal routine: the gym, dry cleaner and gas station workers all welcome you back. Things are easy, the living is good and the stress is minimal. Ah, relaxation.

3. “The Boredom” Somehow you are reminded of your Georgetown life. Whether this is by Facebook or Snapchat, you suddenly realize that you miss your old life so so much. Where is Healy? Why didn’t I get to see Obama? Do Sweetgreen and Goodstuff deliver to Long Island?!


4. “The Distraction” Naturally, to deal with this sadness, you try to distract yourself. You spend hours upon hours playing with your dog, snapchat all your friends who are still on campus and look through all your Hilltop photos. But, no matter how hard you try, you still cannot forget about Georgetown.

5. “The Acceptance” After a little bit, you accept that you are home, not on the Hilltop, and that it is okay. No, your home is not Georgetown, but it is special no matter what. Anyway, if you are lucky you’ll get to go back to the Hilltop in a few short weeks for some summertime living. For those of you who aren’t heading back, do not worry. 4E will be here to bring you your daily dose of campus while you are away. And, soon enough, you will be back were you belong (AKA with us).


Hope your transition back to home life is easy!


BuzzFeed Quizzes: The Obsession Is Real

So Many QuizzesImagine you are sitting in your last class of the day. Staring at your laptop screen, you’ve already memorized the new season’s collection of whichever website you are currently browsing. Additionally, despite constantly refreshing Facebook every five minutes, you still haven’t seen anything new come up. Things are looking bleak. Suddenly, something pops up: a link posted on someone’s wall. It’s a BuzzFeed quiz! A quiz that could not be more pertinent to the exciting roller coaster that is your life. A quiz that will only further unlock the complex inner workings of your mind, body and soul: The “What Sandwich Are You?” Quiz. Answer: Soggy Veggie Wrap.

To be honest, I would have preferred getting a grilled cheese over a soggy veggie wrap. Why couldn’t it have been just a plain veggie wrap? Regardless, I know once I start with one of these BuzzFeed quizzes, I cannot stop. My first click on another quiz soon turns into wondering, “Where did the last few hours go?” Perhaps this is more of a personal addiction, but I like to believe I’m not alone in this.

Now, I don’t want to imply that most of the learning I’ve done recently has been through BuzzFeed, but I’m not going to deny it either. All I will say is I now know that the country I should live in is Spain, the arbitrary thing I would be is the New York Times leisure section and I most identify with Leslie Knope out of all of the “Parks and Recreation” characters. I mean, Hoyas, at the end of the day, if you don’t know which classic diva you are, I’d argue maybe you do not know enough. Madonna, by the way, for those still interested in my results.

Without a doubt, BuzzFeed quizzes should have some sort of “warning: highly addictive” sign attached to them. 4E is not advocating another distraction from the piles and piles of work you guys have during midterm season – you already have 4E for that. But who wouldn’t want to know that her future career could be vice president in the midst of studying for a “Comparative Political Systems” midterm?


So, we at 4E have compiled our own selection of BuzzFeed quizzes, because if you can’t learn everything for your midterm, you might as well learn what your true hidden talent is:


Summer InternTips: Avoiding Distractions

Now is the time in your summer where you are getting tired of the daily grind. You’re tired of waking up early, tired of daily tasks at work and tired of your officemates’ weird mannerisms. When you are tired, you’re more likely to start up bad habits at work — nodding off in the middle of the day, not listening to instructions, and (worst of all) random distractions.

Distractions at work start off harmless. You discover an interesting website or a fun way to pass the time on office computers. At first, distractions are often office related — reading about your industry but not actually doing your assignment, chatting with coworkers, et cetera — but it often grows to more distractions, like Facebook, Buzzfeed or Twitter. That’s when you get in trouble.

If you find yourself constantly at the mercy of random distractions, and you discover you’re spending most of your time at work looking for ways to avoid work than actually doing it, you should probably follow these tips:

1. Look for an assignment change. Sometimes, a dumb project is the reason for your boredom at work. See if you can find a project that interests you more. After you do that for a while, switch back to the project that made you bored. Maybe you’ll be rejuvenated.

2. Take a five-minute break every hour. This is the best advice I have. Ideally, this time should be spent away from your desk, maybe on a trip to the water cooler or a walk around the office. Refill your waterbottle. Go to the bathroom. Chat with a friend down the hall. Some time away from the desk is sometimes all you need to get back on track.

3. Be cognizant of your posture. Slouching, reaching, craning your neck can make you tired and harm productivity.

4. Have a healthy snack. Avoid the break room doughnuts and instead bring along an apple, some carrots, or some crackers with goat cheese. Unhealthy, sugary or greasy snacks usually don’t help your brain, especially if you’re already tired. Along those same lines, coffee won’t necessarily help your productivity or make you more alert, so try to drink juice or water instead.

5. Have fun with work. If you see work as a chore, you won’t do it. If you like doing it, you will do it. A simple attitude change might be all you need to fix your productivity.

6. Set little goals for yourself. It can sometimes help to set a goal to achieve for, especially if you are only working on a long-term project. Plus, it looks good to bosses.

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