DCTC: Basketball Season

DCTC Verizon CenterDust off your “We Are Georgetown” shirts, my fellow Hoyas: it’s BASKETBALL SEASON! For those of you all who are not super D.C. savvy, getting to Verizon Center can be a little nerve-wracking. But don’t worry, you can always count on the D.C. Travel Companion (DCTC) to help you out!

Basketball season creates a sort of “mob mentality” (full of all types of Hoyas) when it comes to getting to the game. Going to Verizon Center is always exciting, but it isn’t always easy. You don’t want to be that one lonely Hoya who gets lost on the Metro as you head to a basketball game. People might laugh, and one of them will likely be me. So, to spare you any embarrassing moments, here is what you need to know to get to the game in one piece:

Option 1: Metro

Step 1 — Getting to the Metro

In order to get to the metro, you can take either the Rosslyn G.U.T.S. bus or the Dupont G.U.T.S. bus to get to the Rosslyn or Dupont stops, respectively. The shuttle service is free, which is always a plus for college students. (Estimated travel time: 10 minutes.)

Step 2 — Taking the Metro:

If you are departing from the Rosslyn Metro station, take either the Blue line (toward Largo Town Center) or the Orange line (toward New Carrolton) to Metro Center. (Estimated travel time: 7 minutes.)

From Metro Center, you can either take the Red line to Gallery Place (estimated travel time: 5-10 minutes) or just walk the short distance straight to the Verizon Center. From personal experience, it is often much quicker to walk — Verizon Center is only four short blocks from the Metro Center stop (see below)!

If you are departing from the Dupont Metro station, take the Red line (toward Glenmont) to Metro Center (estimated travel time: 4 minutes) or Gallery Place (estimated travel time: 6 minutes). Once again, you can either walk from Metro Center or take the train directly to Gallery Place.

Each of these trips costs $2.70 using fare cards and $1.70 using SmarTrip cards.

Step 3 — Walking to the Verizon Center from Metro Center or Gallery Place:

From the Metro Center station, walk east down G Street until you see the beacon of hope that is Verizon Center. It is about a five-minute walk.

From the Gallery Place station, go up the 7th and F Street escalators and you’ll be at Verizon Center. It’s as easy as that.

Total travel time: 30-40 minutes.

Option 2: Taxi

If you choose to take a taxi to Verizon Center, it usually takes around 20 minutes if you leave from the front gates and should cost around $15-20 each way.

Option 3: New Georgetown Shuttle 

Starting this season, Georgetown is offering a shuttle service (departing from McDonough parking lot) to Verizon Center. This shuttle will only be available for transportation to games (not from them) and will leave 1.5 hours before the start of the game. The shuttle will be available for games against High Point University (Dec. 5), Colgate University (Dec. 7) and the Big East conference home games against Seton Hall, Marquette, Villanova, Butler and Xavier. All student season ticket holders are eligible, and those who will be able to use this service will be notified 3-5 days before the game. There are more specific eligibility requirements and information on how to receive your bus passes here.

Option 4: Metro Buses

The Georgetown-Union Station circulator route is also another transportation option for Georgetown students. You can pick up this bus at N and Wisconsin Avenue (near The Daily Grill) for just $1. The travel time for this trip is about 40 minutes, and the bus drops you off at Massachusetts and 7th Street. From there, it is a four-minute walk down 7th Street to Verizon Center.


Remember, Hoya basketball games can get packed, so be sure to budget a little extra time to arrive early and get great seats. Generally, it’s a good idea to leave approximately an hour before game time. Now get up, get down to the Phone Booth and cheer on your fellow Hoyas! You know what they say: “New Big East, Same Old Beast!”

DCTC: Capitol Hill

DCTC Capitol HillWelcome back to the Hilltop, Hoyas! (Is it too late to say that now that it’s fall? Sorry, I’m not sorry.) We 4E-ers know that you have missed the D.C. Travel Companion more than an oreo Wisey’s cookie after a full day of classes. For those of you who are new to Georgetown or to 4E (which is a travesty), DCTC helps Georgetown students navigate and investigate DC affordably. Today we will be exploring Capitol Hill and all it has to offer (other than the Government, of course)!

Getting to the Metro:

The easiest way to get to Capitol Hill is to take the Metro from Rosslyn. If it isn’t Sunday, you can take the GUTS bus directly to the station (it’s free). If you are not on campus, or if it is Sunday, you can take the Circulator Bus to Rosslyn. The bus stops at 33rd and M Street and costs one dollar with exact change (or you can use a SmarTrip card). Another great option, if it is a nice day, is to walk across the Key Bridge to Rosslyn. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the front gates – fresh air, anyone?

Once at the Rosslyn Metro station

Cost $3.00 with a paper fare card and $2.00 with a SmarTrip card. Make sure to check the times and beware of rush hour traffic/ prices.

Route 1 To get to Capitol Hill take the Blue line towards Largo Town Center and get off at the Capitol South stop (estimated travel time is 18 minutes).

Route 2 You can also take the Orange line from Rosslyn to get to Capitol Hill. Make sure to take the train that is heading towards New Carrollton and, once again, get off at the Capitol South stop (estimated travel time is 16 minutes).

Now that you are at Capitol South, it is time to explore! Here are some of the sites that we love and you will too:

We, the Pizza – 305 Pennsylvania Ave. SE – Other than having an awesome name, this place also has some of the best pizza in the area. Be sure to try one of its homemade sodas and enjoy your food at its upstairs seating area! It is open Monday — Saturday, 11 a.m. — 11 p.m. but readers beware: they’re closed on Sundays.

Good Stuff Eatery – 303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE – If you aren’t in the mood for pizza, how about a burger? This is the original location and it is located right next to We, the Pizza. Be sure to try the Black & White Milkshake – it is delicious!

Eastern Market – 225 7th Street SE – Eastern Market is one of the most popular flea markets in D.C. It is open every Sunday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. This market has tons of stores and kiosks with various goods, and it is also surrounded by restaurants that serve fantastic brunches (Monmartre at 327 7th Street SE is a personal favorite). Make sure to either get to the area early or make reservations, because the restaurants can get quite busy when the weather is nice!

Library of Congress – 101 Independence Ave. SE – Sometimes Lau just doesn’t cut it, and we here at 4E understand that. The Library of Congress is a great option for an alternative study location! Library cards are free, but you need to register in person at the Reader Registration Station (Room LM 140 in the Madison Building). When you are there, the staff will verify your information, take your ID photo, ask you for a signature and then you will be ready to go. You can also preregister online (you still have to verify your information in person).

Enjoy Capitol Hill, Hoyas, and make sure to do some people watching!

DCTC: Dulles International Airport


Earlier today, we showed you how to get to Union Station and Reagan National Airport in preparation for spring break at the end of this week!

By popular demand, here is a guide to getting to Dulles International Airport as well!

Route 1 Take/book a SuperShuttle! SuperShuttle is a shared van-ride system that can take you from the front gates right to Dulles. You need to make an online reservation to get one!

Cost: The fare is around $29 to Georgetown main campus for the first passenger in your group and $8 for each additional passenger (up to 5 passengers), excluding tip (check their website for price updates).

Route 2 MetroBus 5A is an express bus going from Rosslyn Metro Station to Dulles. You can take the GUTS bus from the McDonough parking lot to the Rosslyn Metro and take the 5A to the airport.

Cost:  The GUTS bus is free, the fare for this MetroBus is $3.

Route 3 A good ol’ taxicab. And to quote the helpful advice of Matt Caulfield from his article directing you to Reagan, “Hint: Sometimes even if you have a small or manageable bag, the drivers will insist on picking it up for you to put it in their trunk. BEWARE that some services add a bag-handling fee to your fare.”

Cost: It’s about a $60 cab ride (sadly) so grab one or two friends to make it more manageable! 

DCTC: Reagan Airport and Union Station

union station reagan national dctc

Going home for spring break? Not sure how exactly you can get home for spring break? Well, may your fears be quelled, for we at 4E are here to help. Welcome to the DC Travel Companion. Read up on how you can get to Reagan National or Union Station.

To Reagan National Airport [DCA] 

Fun fact — It’s technically located in Arlington, VA. Just a few of the airlines servicing DCA include AirTran, American Airlines, Delta, jetBlue, Southwest, US Air and United Airlines.

Route 1 Take the GUTS Bus (here’s the schedule) to Rosslyn, and take the Metro Blue Line straight to Reagan.

Cost: $2.30 (Peak), $1.85 (Off-Peak)  [Check here for metro peak/off-peak hours].

Route 2 Go with the old fashioned cab. This can be more convenient if you’re one of those people that packs a month’s worth of clothes for a week and you don’t want to deal with moving so much baggage around on the bus and metro. Hint: Sometimes even if you have a small or manageable bag, the drivers will insist on picking it up for you to put it in their trunk. BEWARE that some services add a bag-handling fee to your fare.

Cost: According to TaxiFareFinder, it would cost ~$20.70 (or $23.83 with 15% tip) from the front gates.

**Remember to check baggage limits with your airlines, and also to review TSA travel guidelines and prohibited items. Also be sure to remember that you can’t carry on ice picks. I’ve had at least 3 confiscated…


To Union Station

First of all, it’s a pretty cool building if you haven’t seen it. You might consider taking one of these routes even if you aren’t heading home this weekend. This hub for travelers boasts an extensive array of dining options (sounds like something Leo’s would say…) featuring anywhere from Italian to French to Ben & Jerry’s cuisine.

Route 1 Take the GUTS Bus to Dupont (here’s the schedule) and then take the Metro Red Line straight to Union Station.

Cost: $2.10 (Peak), $1.70 (Off-Peak) [Check here for peak/off-peak hours].

Route 2 Take the DC circulator to Union! It runs 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, with a stop located conveniently at the intersection of M and Wisconsin.

Cost: $1.00 (Note: must have exact change or SmarTrip card). Here’s a link for more information on the route.

Route 3 Yet again, you could go with the classic cab option!

Cost: ~$18.94 (or $21.78 with %15 tip) from the front gates.


So that’s it Hoyas! Ace those remaining midterms, crank out those few last papers and look forward to a smooth trip home. We got yo’ back.

DCTC is a weekly post that is designed to help Georgetown students break the bubble by highlighting a different form of public transportation.

DCTC: The Orange Line


Hello Hoyas, welcome back to the DC Travel Companion, where we try to help you find affordable ways to escape the Georgetown Bubble and explore the city.  This week we will be going through the variety of places that you can reach on the Orange Line of the Metro, and all of the wonderful activities that are very easily within reach.

The easiest way for Georgetown students to access the Orange Line is from the metro stop in Rosslyn.  The GUTS Bus or DC Circulator are two easy ways to get to Rosslyn from campus, although it is not an unreasonable walk or cab ride (just try and avoid being on the Key Bridge during rush hour).  You can transfer to the Orange Line at Metro Center if your journey begins in Dupont, but prices and travel times will be better from Rosslyn.

Although there are around 30 stops on the Orange Line, I’ll focus in on four to help guide your travel and give you good ideas for fun exploration (of course, if you are interested in other options on the Orange Line, this map has all of the possible stops).

Foggy Bottom: While most Georgetown students know about this one, it can be a very useful stop that is extremely close to Rosslyn.  The metro stop for George Washington University, Foggy Bottom is within walking distance, but during cold winter days/late at night, the Metro may be a better form of transportation.  Interested in visiting friends at GW and going out for the night? This could be the easiest way to do it. 

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory Stop (est. travel time- 3 minutes); $1.70 with SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card (check WMATA or terminals in the station for peak vs. off-peak times and prices).

Smithsonian: As the name suggests, this stop brings you right up to some of the most famous museums in the country.  This stop is within walking distance of DC’s greatest tourist attractions, including the National Mall, numerous federal buildings (e.g. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving, US Department of Energy), and of course the Smithsonian Museums.  The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is also nearby, along with the National Museum of Natural History and the National Museum of American History, just to name a few.  Plus, during the spring, you can visit the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 10 minutes); $1.70 with SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card.

L’Enfant Plaza: Named after the designer of the District, L’Enfant Plaza is a busy metro stop in a great location.  First, you can transfer to the Blue, Green, or Yellow Lines at the station, which is important if your destination doesn’t happen to be on the Orange Line.  This stop is also within walking distance of the Mall, and attractions including the National Air and Space Museum and the headquarters of the United States Postal Service.

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 12 minutes); $1.80 with SmarTrip; $2.80 with a paper fare card.

Capitol South: Feeling academic? Take the Orange Line to Capitol South and visit the Library of Congress.  Take a tour, study during finals week, or get a library card just because you feel like it.  If you are willing to make the journey, the visit itself is an experience that comes highly recommended, and you could definitely get some great studying done.  And once your done, you can reward yourself with dinner at one of the great restaurants nearby!

Route: Orange Line from Rosslyn towards Stadium Armory (est. travel time- 16 minutes); $2.00 with SmarTrip, $3.00 with a paper fare card.  

Happy traveling Hoyas! See you back here next week with more travel tips.

DCTC is a weekly post designed to help Georgetown students break the bubble by highlighting a different form of public transportation.


DCTC: Hitting Up Adams Morgan

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 3.28.12 PM

If you’ve been following our DCTC posts over the last couple of weeks (which is a given) then you’ve already mastered the art of getting to Dupont Circle using the G2 MetroBus (Hint: click here if you want a refresher).

Well, now it’s time to break off from Dupont and head to a new world filled with wonder: Adams Morgan.

The easiest way to do this is to take the 42 MetroBus (Mount Pleasant Line) that leaves from NW Connecticut Ave & Q Street NW, which is right by the G2 stop or by the Dupont Circle Metro stop. The bus takes less than six minutes to get you to your destination. Check out this schedule to see what times will work for you.

Cost: $1.60 with a SmarTrip card, $1.80 without. Be sure to have exact change!

Or, if you’re up for it, the walk from the metro is about 15 minutes and nearly a straight shot to AdMo. You just follow 19th Street until it merges into Florida Ave., and walk up 18th street until you hit Adams Morgan!

Now that you’ve arrived, let the fun begin!

Amsterdam Falafel Shop: 2425 18th St. NW If you’re not looking to spend too much on a meal, which as college students is pretty much how we feel most of the time, Amsterdam Falafel Shop is a great option. Their awesome vegetarian menu compensates for the small size of the place.

Mama Ayesha’s: 1967 Calvert St. NW Check this place out if you’re in the mood for some Middle Eastern food. Customer favorites include the pomegranate martinis and lamb shank. Eat up!

Casa Oaxaca: 2106 18th St. NW If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food, try Casa Oaxaca. Their pozole soup, made with chunky vegetables, hominy corn, lettuce and mushrooms, is sure to satisfy.

Pleasant Pops: 1781 Florida Ave. NW Wi-Fi, Popsicles, lattes and a cute space, what else could we ask for? Come here to get a sugar high to keep you whirling through that midterm workload.

Las Canteras: 2307 18th St. NW My personal favorite is Las Canteras, but maybe that’s just because I have a soft spot for Peruvian food. Try their ceviche!

DCTC: Shipping Out to U Street

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 11.21.50 AM

Welcome back to the D.C. Travel Companion, where we try to help you find the cheapest way to expand your horizons, get out of the “Georgetown Bubble” and explore D.C.! Coming up this Monday we have a great guide to the sights, activities and food available in the U Street neighborhood, so what better way to kick things off than showing you how to get there!

U Street can be a far walk, so the G2 bus (highlighted here last week) or Metro are two easy and affordable ways to get close to there; in this edition of DCTC, I’ll focus on the Metro route.

If you aren’t on campus, or are going out on the weekends, the G2 MetroBus (to Dupont directly from the front gates) or the Circulator are great options to get you close to U Street. The Circulator runs every 10 minutes and has stops on M St./34th St. and M St./Potomac St to Dupont for only $1 (use SmarTrip or exact change). You can find a full list of stops here.

If you are traveling on any day besides Sunday, the Rosslyn Metro Station or the DuPont Circle Metro Station can get you directly to U Street using the GUTS bus. The GUTS Bus is an easy and free option to get to these Metro stations during the week.

Once you’re at a station:

From The Dupont Metro Station

Cost $1.70 with a SmarTrip, $2.70 with a paper fare card (Unless during rush hour! Check times)

Metro Route Once at the Dupont Circle Metro Station, you have two options to get to U Street. You first catch the Red Line towards Glenmont, and get off at Gallery Place-Chinatown. From there, you will switch lines, and this is where you have two choices. Option 1 is to take the Yellow Line towards Fort Totten and ride it until the U Street Metro Station (est. travel time is 18 minutes). Option 2 is to take the Green Line towards Greenbelt and ride until U Street (est. travel time is 25 minutes). Either check the in-station schedule or the WMATA website to decide which route will best serve you.

From The Rosslyn Metro Station

Cost $2.25 with a SmarTrip, $3.25 with a paper fare card (Unless during rush hour! Check times)

Route 1 There are two ways to get to U Street from Rosslyn.  One route starts by taking the Blue Line towards Largo Town Center.   At L’Enfant Plaza, switch to the Green Line towards Greenbelt, and ride it until the U Street Station (est. travel time is 24 minutes).

Route 2 The second route starts off on the Blue Line towards Francona-Springfield, which you take until the Pentagon Metro Station. There, you switch over to the Yellow Line towards Fort Totten and take it to U Street (est. travel time is 28 minutes). Again, be sure to check out the Metro schedule to see which route will work best while you are traveling. 

Now that you know how to get to U Street, be sure to check back for the guide to U Street so you know what to do once you get there. Happy travelling, Hoyas, and see you back here next week!

Photo: SoulOfAmerica, Blog.NJ, Flickr

DCTC is a weekly post that is designed to help Georgetown students break the bubble by highlighting a different form of public transportation.

DCTC: The G2 MetroBus

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 7.12.17 PM

Welcome to the D.C. Travel Companion, designed to help you break the bubble in the cheapest and most convenient way possible! Here in the District, we have a large number of public transportation systems, but you may not know how to use them or where they can get you. We at 4E are here to help you with that! Every Monday, we will be highlighting a different method of transportation to help you experience new restaurants, entertainment venues and fun activities!

While we were on break, the G2 MetroBus line went live again! This convenient method of transportation comes directly to the front gates of campus and goes all the way to Howard University, stopping in Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and LeDroit Park along the way.

Cost $1.60 with SmarTrip card, $1.80 without. Be sure to have exact change!

When The G2, unlike the GUTS buses, runs seven days a week, which effectively makes it one of the most accessible forms of travel for us Georgetown students. You can find a schedule of the bus times here.

Where can the G2 get me?

Dupont Circle There are tons of great things to do in Dupont, whether it’s eating or catching Metro to go somewhere else, but you can also check out the Phillips Collection, which is America’s first museum of modern art. For ticketed exhibitions, it’s free if you’re 18 and under (like me and many other freshman) and only $10 with proof that you are a student! But for just the general museum collection (which is still pretty great), it is free with a requested donation from Tuesday to Friday! Check out more information here.

Logan Circle We’re always looking for fun places to eat when we’re getting sick of Leo’s or want to take a date to somewhere a little more interesting or removed from the Georgetown area. The G2 bus takes you to Logan Circle, where you can find the Thai Tanic Restaurant. It’s very affordable and has a wide range of Thai and other ethnic cuisines. The portions are fairly big, so it’s a great place to go with a group. As a warning to those with more sensitive palates, the food is fairly spicy, so let the waiter know if you’d like it a little more mild.

LeDroit Park In LeDroit Park, you can find another great spot for an afternoon away from campus: Bistro Bohem. This great little restaurant has some great European dishes and a cafe menu open every day. The Bistro opens every day at 5 p.m. and the cafe opens weekdays from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Howard University At the final stop on the G2 is Howard University. Whether you’re visiting a friend at school or just exploring the area, Duffy’s Irish Restaurant and Pub is a great stop for some nightlife or to watch the game on the weekend. With a full bar, a jukebox, happy hour and great dive bar food, you’ll happily ride the G2 all the way out there for some R&R.

~Happy traveling, Hoyas! See you next week with some more travelling tips!

Photo: SoulOfAmerica, Blog.NJ, Flickr