Georgetown Cabaret This Friday


So you may have heard around campus that this Friday, Feb. 20, is Georgetown Cabaret. Before you get confused, let me just say I am not talking about Cabaret the musical. So if in your head you’re picturing fishnet stockings, sparkly flapper dresses and top hats, think again.

Essentially, not this:


Although I really hope some of the performers show up in that outfit.

Alright, so what is Cabaret then? Well it started out as a variety talent show in the 1970s. Hosted in, of all places, Darnall Hall! Don’t worry it’s not still there, although it would be fun to watch everyone cram into a freshman dorm room.

Ok, back to the point. Cabaret is now a “rock extravaganza” according to the General Manager Dan McCusker (COL ’16) and it is hosted at the Black Cat nightclub over by U St.



This year the show features ten vocalists, including members of three different a cappella groups. You’ll also hear music from two guitarists, three saxophonists, two drummers, a bassist and a keyboardist! Essentially a lot of awesome music in one night, what’s not to love!

Even better, proceeds from the show go to charity! More specifically this year, to the Center for Social Justice.

Gwen Lockman (COL ’16), assistant manager of Cabaret, says it is “incredibly rewarding to learn from the other musicians, especially at Georgetown where we can forget about working on things that bring us joy outside of working on our careers”. So there you have it. Put the laptop down, stop writing that cover letter, don’t research that internship and get yourself over to Black Cat this Friday! Tickets are on sale in Vittles now. For more info check out their Facebook page here.