8 Underrated Animated Characters

With everyone talking about the premiere of Incredibles 2, I can’t help but wonder if it’ll beat the iconic original film. Edna Mode’s quirky yet relatable character? The memorable yet slightly overused line: “Where’s my super suit?!” Samuel L. Jackson in cartoon form? Need I say more?

Yet despite the hype of the upcoming sequel, the original Incredibles has been slept on. For 14 years. With this in mind, here are some more ~fabulous~ animated characters who have also failed to gain the recognition they deserve:

1. Kronk (Emperor’s New Groove)

Who doesn’t appreciate this friendly giant, who not only PULLS THE LEVER, but also can cook some delicious spinach puffs and fondue. Though he is a loyal evil assistant, let’s not forget the little devil and angel that appear on Kronk’s shoulders every time he faces a moral dilemma. Or his ability to communicate with animals (specifically squirrels).

Fun Fact: There’s apparently a show dedicated to Kronk called “Kronk’s New Groove”. Although I’ve never watched it, I’m glad the TV community is paying respect to the real star.

2. Shego (Kim Possible)

If you didn’t have a childhood crush on this super villain, you’re lying. Hot-tempered, sarcastic, and slightly offensive, she’s not much different than the typical SFS student who is accused of having a ‘light’ core curriculum. In addition, Shego is voiced by Nicole Sullivan, who not only was in Meet the Robinsons, but also came in second place on the show Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.

3. Gill (Finding Nemo)

Leader of the Tank Gang, Gill seems intimidating at first, but you soon come to love his integrity and the sacrifices he makes for Nemo. Also Gill means “mucus” in Polish. #TheMoreYouKnow #BilingualReaccsOnly

4. David (Lilo & Stitch)

As Nani once wrote in her diary, David not only has fancy hair, but also has a nice butt. He supports Nani despite being friendzoned multiple times AND is an amazing surfer– what more could you possibly want in a modern Disney prince?

5. Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)

Black hair and blue eyes. Need I say more?

6. DW (Arthur)

By far, the most SAVAGE character in animated history, and she doesn’t even know how to read yet. Probably one of the most annoying sisters I’ve ever witnessed, I can’t help but laugh at all the Arthur memes that have starred her in the past year. Did you know the voice of D.W. is actually a boy? Actually, boys plural (6 male actors alternated voicing Arthur’s little sister).

7. Mushu (Mulan)

Who can forget his intro where he just magically arises from the ground in a cloud of red glittery smoke? Personally, I don’t think Mulan would be the icon she is without Mushu’s help; after all, he made her breakfast before her training session and was the best personal cheerleader of all time. Also, he’s a little lizard with fire powers. That’s pretty cool.

8. Chip Skylark (Fairly OddParents)

How can someone who sings about dental hygiene be so universally loved? 10-year-old me and current 19-year old me lives for his single gold piercing and ~swaggy~ dance moves. Let’s not forget that Chip Skylark is also secretly poor and a super humble guy. Not exactly your typical MSBro.

Alas, these are only a few of the animated characters who have long deserved the clout that has mistakenly been given to overrated characters like the Minions from Despicable Me (why are there THREE movies about them?) or the snowman from Frozen.

The members of 4E highly suggest you watch Incredibles 2, that is, if you want to stay ~cinematically cultured~.

Sources: giphy.com, youtube.com

Monday Music Update!

Here are some tracks you should hit up during the week! Keep holding on: The weekend will be here before you know it. You got this.

  1. Jori Vague (ft. Ave Often)  – Focus
  2. Dua Lipa – New Rules (Alison Wonderland Remix)
  3. MO – Nights with You (Nonsens Remix)
  4. Musæus – Redbone + Tupac Mashup
  5. Digital Farm Animals – True (Jay Pryor Remix)
  6. PLS&TY – Run Wild
  7. Kill Them With Colour – Always Somethin
  8. GUAP BEATS – Bad And Boujee X Super Freak Full Mashup
  9. Drake – Sweeter Man
  10. Party Next Door – Break from Toronto (Old, but still #vibes)

Happy Monday from 4E!!

Music/GIF Source: soundcloud.com, spotify.com, giphy.com

Diary of a SWUG: The 10 Commandments of Tombs

Banner - Tombs CommandmentsEleven days ago marked the 99th day before graduation (cue tears). Now, we are down to 88. How scary is that? 88 more days until I am officially irrelevant (Read: irrelevant here, I will always be relevant). To keep you in the loop (and keep myself in check) I will be doing a series of posts focusing on these last 99 days. Join me on an adventure of Tombs, thesis writing and goodbyes. Is it too late now to say sorry?

For those of you who don’t know, for the last 99 days of school, Tombs hosts an event called “99 Days.” Basically, for 99 straight days, (some) Georgetown seniors will visit and buy something at Tombs. Those who succeed get all the glory and an empty bank account.

For my first installment, I will be presenting the ~10 Commandments of Tombs~. While these are not written down anywhere, they are certainly true and worth committing to memory:

^Basically, I am channeling this. Take notes, my friends.

Commandment #1: Thou shall not yell at the bartender (especially if its Jon). The bartender (barkeeps? therapists?) are your friends, so treat them with kindness and maybe you will get some special treatment. Also, they are people. Calm your chill, get off your high horse and join the rest of us. It is a bar, it is going to be crowded.

Commandement #2: Thou shall request songs. Not all the DJs know what your #currentjam is, so you probably should let them know. And, don’t take no for an answer. If you want to hear “My Shot” from Hamilton the Musical, you should be able to hear it (Note: everyone should also hear it).

Commandment #3: Thou shall not steal coats. Come on people, this isn’t Brown House. Aren’t we adults (or at least quasi-adults) now? It is cold out and there is no way that I am ubering back to my house after droppin’ so much money at Tombs.

Commandment #4: Thou shall not arrive too early on a weekend. Okay, this is more of a personal rule. The earlier you get there, the longer you are going to have to wait until you can dance. Personally, I love to dance and I believe having to wait is a crime. As much as I love all my friends, there comes a point when sitting in a booth can get a little tiring.

Commandment #5: Thou shall take advantage of all the drink deals. Being 21+ is expensive, as we have all realized. Tombs has so many drink deals, so why not save money where you can? Plus, if you are doing 99 days, you can still check in if you split pitchers and wine, FYI.

Commandment #6: Thou shall make friends with all of the adults who visit Tombs to relive their glory days. Whether your parents are in town or a wedding just let out, these adults want nothing more than for you to have a good time. Never turn down the opportunity to get some free drinks, or fries. Both are important.

Commandment #7: Thou shall not judge people on the dance floor. I’ve been advocating for a no-judgement zone on the Tombs dance floor for a while now. Whatever happens, happens. We only have a few more months to make fools of ourselves at this place. Does anyone care that much?

Commandment #8: Thou shall actually go to Tombs during the day. It can be easy to forget that Tombs is a restaurant with pretty awesome food. Instead of picking up ‘za at Pizzeria Paradiso, grab a Hoya Salad at Tombs. Or, just go for brunch. Because what is better than brunch?

Commandment #9: Thou shall be aware of what time it is. The worst thing about a night at Tombs is when you forget what time it is and end up the only one of your friends on the dance floor. Things can get hazy down at Tombs, so make sure you actually know when your friends are leaving so you aren’t stuck walking home at closing time.

Commandment #10: Thou shall have fun, no matter what. So you got into a fight with your friend. So some girl spilled her drink on you. It is my personal belief that these are some of the moments we are going to miss the most. Don’t let the little things keep you from enjoying the memories.

Stay tuned for my #knowledge in the coming weeks. That is, once I figure out my life a little more.

Photos/Gifs: tumblr.com, youtube.com, collegeranker.com

Rangila Preview 2015


For the past two decades, the South Asian Society has hosted Rangila, a massively popular event showcasing a variety of South Asian dances, performed and choreographed exclusively by students.

This year, Georgetown’s 21st Rangila show will take place on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22 in Gaston Hall. Tickets are now sold out for both shows!

The event’s main mission, in addition to allowing students to dance their hearts out, is fundraising for the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation, which provides medical care to people injured in the India-Pakistan conflict.

4E’s staff interviewed choreographers from this year’s Rangila dances to get their thoughts about Rangila “Are You Game?”. Read them below!


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Our group’s style of dance focuses on contemporary music, both Indian and non-Indian, and tries to blend athleticism, precision and energy into a cohesive piece that is both entertaining and exciting.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
I would say that our spirit animal is the fox because we strive to be intricate and precise on one hand while also being powerful and commanding the stage. Also, foxes are my favorite animal.


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Our costumes are probably one of coolest parts of our dance. There are four sets (2 for the girls, 2 for the guys) and they each look very different. Our dance will be an exciting mix of colors, representing the fusion that we are of Indian and American styles and cultures


4.  What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We are raising money for the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation in two ways; first, we are all reaching out to friends and family and encouraging them to donate money to the organization’s worthy cause and, second, we are also buying each other flowers during the week leading up to the performance to not only bring a smile to our dancers’ faces, but also to raise money.


-Vikram Shah (SFS ’16)

Old School

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
The style adheres mainly to what you would see in a Bollywood movie’s dance sequences, sprinkled with a special air of nostalgia, because these are older songs. It’s music that we grew up listening to, so it’s nice to relive those years when we were able to pick our noses without reprimand. The whole environment created by these factors helps us enjoy the dance.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
The woolly mammoth.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Tera Rang Balle Balle (everyone is in that section, so we enjoy a sense of solidarity with our troops).
4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Guys: red vest, black t-shirts and black pants. Girls: skirts, blouses and scarves.


-Parth Shah (COL ’16)

Salsa Masala

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Rythmic, yet passionate. The Latin fire and Bollywood romance drive us.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Let’s just say velcro is involved.


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
To this point, more Salsa dancers have bought flowers (the proceeds of which go to PSF) than every other dance combined.


-Joe Puthumana (COL ’16)


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Folk is a really unique dance because it’s so open-ended. Our routine is inspired by traditional dances from regions around the South Asian continent and we choose songs that reflected “folksy” sounds from both South Asia and the U.S. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Folk for us as choreographers is that we get to pull on so many different styles of dance to really create this eclectic routine that mixes all our favorite parts of different dance forms together.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Hmm, a spirit animal that captures how diverse both our dance and our dancers are is kinda hard! We’d have to go with a chameleon though, since we get to change our style as much as a chameleon can change its color.


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
The girls are wearing lehengas, which are long skirts and short blouses. They will also have a scarf that goes across the front and over their heads. The boys are wearing very loose-fitting pants, short tunics and scarves around their necks.


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We are all participating in the Rangila-wide fundraisers of flower sales, tshirts, tickets and asking family and friends to donate to Pritam Spiritual Foundation. I know we are all incredibly dedicated to Rangila as dancers and choreographers, but what makes this event so special for us is that we know that in the long-run, our hard work doesn’t just pay off on Gaston’s stage; it pays off when innocent people who are caught in the Kashmir & Jammu conflict get a second chance.


-Piyusha Mittal (SFS ’18), Monika Bapna (COL ’17) and Mackenzie Trumbull (COL ’16)

Desi Beat

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Desi Beat is a hip-hop Bollywood fusion dance that combines popular hip-hop moves with Bollywood-inspired Indian moves. It’s got a little bit of everything, from slow sexy songs to fast-paced Bollywood.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Our group’s spirit animal is a tiger, because we’re fierce and flawless.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Our favorite song to dance to… that’s a hard one. My personal favorites are Imaginary by Imran Khan and our finale!


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We’ve been sending flowers to one another and participating in the #ShakeYourSAS challenge. Nesh, Lucy and I also got cupcakes smashed into our faces by our dancers to help raise some more money.


-Sama Rao (COL ’18)

Senior Independent

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?

Senior Indep is a very unique dance as it’s a collaboration among Seniors who have either choreographed a Rangila section in the past or been a member of the South Asian Society board. The goal of the section is to incorporate all the different styles of dances that are displayed in the other sections of the show. This includes Hip Hop, Garba, Raas, Classical and, of course, Bhangra.

Since this dance is made up of choreographers who have substantial dancing and teaching experience, we are really able to incorporate some pretty unique and high level moves. Furthermore, it acts as a great way to bond with our fellow Seniors for what is our last time performing in Rangila!


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
An owl since our practices start extremely late.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
We will be featuring Hotline Bling in our dance sung by the infamous Canadian Superstar, Aubrey Graham.


-Aakash Bhatia (MSB ’16)


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
We’re dancing in the classical South Indian style called Bharatanatyam. It’s a really beautiful art form that allows you to tell cultural stories through dancing.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Mundian To Bach Ke – Punjabi MC.


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Traditional Bharatanatyam outfits with bells on our feet.


-Saumya Bollam (COL ’16)

Senior Bhangra

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Bhangra, a high-energy dance form that hails from the northern state of Punjab in India, can best be described as “an explosion of happiness.” The moves are simultaneously structured, powerful, full of confidence, graceful and smooth. When all of us dance Bhangra together, we are united in this charismatic way that causes our heart rate to increase and our hearts themselves to swell with joy. It is a special experience to perform this type of dance with over a hundred of your fellow Hoyas on the prestigous Gaston Hall stage and we are excited to showcase the beauty and strength of Bhangra to our family and friends.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
A baby golden retriever — fun and full of energy!


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
We will be wearing traditional Punjabi costumes – they’re all really colorful and each person wears a shirt, vest and either pants or a chaadar.


-Madhav Paul (COL ’16), Pallavi Tatapudy (NHS ’16), Sharanya Venkataraman (SFS ’16) and Jaysel Shah (SFS ’16)


1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Garba is traditionally danced during the festival of Navarati and originates from the state of Gujarat. It’s an all girls dance during Rangila that is fast-paced, sassy and distinguishable by its concentric circles. We love dancing together more than anything! We all met during Garba last year and had such a great time that we decided to become choreographers too. The friendships are definitely the best part of Rangila.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Single ladies!


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Incredible lengths that are intricately embroidered and very colorful. They’re definitely going to pop on Gaston stage!


-Sitaara Ali (COL ’17)

Classical Fusion

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Classical Fusion this year is a combination of Bharatanatyam, a traditional dance from South India and inspiration from modern dance and Bollywood. We’ve showcased the grace and the beauty of Bharatanatyam fused with powerful, bold and sassy moves. Our dance is a lot of fun, because it’s really high energy but still involves elegant movements.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
An octopus! CF involves a lot of complex arm movements.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
We think all the songs on our mix are fantastic, but we especially love Bad Blood! We love to get down with our girl Taylor.


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
Our dancers will be wearing traditional Bharatanatyam costumes and some variations on traditional dance costumes. Our dancers are also going to have really awesome ghungroos or ankle bells to show off their amazing footwork!


-Roopa Mulpuri (SFS ’18)

Arab Fusion

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Arab Fusion combines Middle Eastern dance styles including traditional Arab dabke, Turkish folk and belly dancing with Bollywood steps and American lyrical and hip hop moves. Think Princess Jasmine meets Deepika Padukone meets Beyonce.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Our spirit animal is most definitely a White Tiger.


3. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
We will be wearing bright and colorful harem pants and blouses with coin skirts and matching scarfs!


4. What kind of fundraiser is your group doing to benefit the Pritnam Spiritual Foundation?
We are participating in the #shakethatSAS initiative and have challenged President John DeGoia and our very own Jack the Bulldog to either shake their SAS or buy flowers for all 36 of us. All proceeds from flower sales go to the Pritam Spiritual Foundation so we really want to see President DeGoia shake his SAS but would love flowers anyways!


-Shreya Barthwal (COL ’17)


1. Can you explain Raas’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Raas is a traditional folk dance style that originates from Gujarat, India performed with daandiya, or sticks. It is often done during festivals, and in large groups. We enjoy the high-energy, inclusive aspect of Raas. The dance is usually performed in concentric circles, with many partners so there’s plenty of opportunity to get to know everyone in the room through this form of dance.


2.What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Raas is a group dance, and is performed by rotating to the music in circles. Raas’s sprit animal would be a manatee (slow, steady and social).


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
We have so many!! But our favorite group activity is to….. SHUT UP AND DANCE!!!!


4. What costumes will Raas be wearing for the performance?
Girls will wear traditional lenghas, which consist of a skirt, a blouse and a scarf embroidered with mirrors and jewelry. Boys will wear kurtas, or embroidered tunics.


-Alexa DeAngelis (COL ’16), Neharika Khandavalli (COL ’16) and Nivedita Jejurikar (SFS ’18)

Bulldog Bhangra

1. Can you explain your group’s style of dance and what you enjoy most about it?
Bhangra is a high energy and fast paced dance from the northern region of Punjab in India. It is so much fun because all the moves are high power and require so much energy to dance to them. It is difficult to learn at first because the moves can be hard, but once you learn, you can Bhangra anywhere to any song. It’s one of those styles of dance that you can apply to any high energy song, and you get a work out dancing as well. Bhangra is always a crowd pleaser because it is a form of dance that everyone enjoys to watch because it looks so amazing and unique on stage.


2. What’s your group’s spirit animal?
Our groups spirit animal would have to be a monkey. Monkeys are full of energy, jump around, and are just crazy. Bulldog this year is such a fun-loving group and we have had such a great time this semester with each other just dancing and having fun. Also, who doesn’t love monkeys in India, we are just a lovable group.


3. What’s your favorite song to dance to?
Our favorite song to dance to would be Headband. It’s been amazing to dance Bhangra to such a popular party song, and it shows that Bhangra can get down as well. Our favorite part is applying Bhangra moves to non-Punjabi songs and surprising our audience.


4. What costumes will your group be wearing for the performance?
We will be wearing traditional Bhangra costumes for Rangila. The boys wear a Chaddar, a type of cloth that you wrap around your legs, and a Kurta for a top which is a long shirt. The girls wear Salwars as pants, and they are flowy and loose and the shirts for girls are callled Kameez that are long as well and are knee length. The girls also wear scarves called chunnis, which is traditional to every Punjabi outfit.


-Harneet Kaur (SFS ’17)


Thanks to everyone who helped out with the preview. Special thanks to Aakash Bhatia, President of the Georgetown South Asian Society, for helping us with this post.


Photos/Gifs: facebook.com


Contributing Bloggers: Courtney Klein (SFS ’16), Catherine McNally (NHS ’17), Karl Pielmeier (SFS ’16), Keaton O’Neil (COL ’16), Griffin Greco (COL ’16), Sydney Bolling (COL ’16), Mike Radice (SFS ’18), Marina Smith (COL ’18)

Friday Fixat10ns: Songs to Fuel Your Run


As we near the end of March the weather is improving, the birds are chirping and the incessant crowd of DC runners are continuing to take on the sidewalks. If you are not already, 4E encourages you to get out and join the fun!

We understand, however, if the prospect of putting on athletic clothes and actually partaking in physical activity has you feeling like this:


It can be daunting, but no matter what long winded string of excuses you can make for yourself, WE BELIEVE IN YOU! And we have put together a playlist as a form of encouragement. In no time at all you’ll be like this:


  1. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson. The ultimate pump up song to start of the run. If your pacing isn’t good, the beat in this song will surely help you get through the pain.
  2. I’m Still Standing- Elton John. Second song is where you really wanna give up, hey you’ve already ran a little why do more. This song will remind you that you are up and doing this. So, why stop?
  3. Lose Yourself- Eminem. Literally lose yourself as you listen to this song. Pretend you are on a beach, sleeping, just not running/dying like you probably are in reality.
  4. Dog Days are Over- Florence + the Machine. Almost half way there, you are past the hard part. Enjoy the serenity of this song and the serenity of this less painful part of this thing we call exercise.
  5. Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo. What makes a run better than picturing Jimmy Fallon doing his cover of this song? The original is amazing too, enjoy the hilarious lyrics and the obsessive beat.
  6. All I Do is Win- DJ Khaled. You are killin’ it. Really, all you do is win. You are making this run yours, there is no stopping. In the words of the poetic DJ Khaled all you do is win “no matter what”. Keep it up.
  7. Team- Lorde. We are all your team (aka your cheer squad) here. You have so much support behind you, keep on keeping up.
  8. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj. Nothing like a little Nicki to get you excited and in the mood to finish this run. You better do the rap or you are not a real person.
  9. I Love it- Icona Pop. You love this run, you love this exercise, you love that this thing is almost over! Celebrate with this iconic song and make sure to scream out the chorus while doing so.
  10. How Far We’ve Come- Matchbox Twenty. YOU DID IT. You have made it to the end of your run, congrats! Look at what you have done and all the songs that have helped you get there. Killin’ it.

There you have it, 10 songs that range the spectrums of genres and decades ready to accompany you on your workout. Get out there and show us what you got!!



This post was co-written with Courtney Klein.

Photos/Gifs: giphy.com; tumblr.com;  runnersworld.com

No Yates, No Problem!

avoidyatesThe leaves are beginning to change color, Halloween is quickly approaching, and the aroma of Pumpkin Spice Lattes fills the air around you, signifying one thing: it’s finally fall!  However, with all of the good comes the bad. Midterms are hitting us like a brick wall, summer tans are definitely fading and your motivation to make the trek to Yates is dwindling fast.  (Seriously though, at this point in the year I consider the stairs to Yates enough of a workout for an entire week…anyone else?). While 4E can’t really do very much to help with midterm struggles and paleness, we do have a few suggestions that should help our fellow Hoyas combat their workout woes.

First off, what many Hoyas fail to realize is that the treacherous journey to Yates really isn’t necessary. I mean who really says you have to go to Yates to exercise?  There are plenty of ways to incorporate a great, sweat-inducing workout into your daily schedule without even considering going to Yates.

Squats in Lab If you happen to be a science student then this workout is perfect for you!  You know how you waste hours of time standing on your feet while waiting for some chemicals you mixed together to react? Yeah?!  Well why not take advantage of that time and use it to work out?  Do a few sets of squats and you’ll definitely be feeling the burn the next day.  Everyone, including your TA, will be in such awe of your ingenuity that they’ll be begging you to let them participate next time.

Calories Burned: 111

Lunges Between Classes Lunges are a fantastic way to target your leg muscles, but why limit yourself to doing them at Yates?  Make use of your spare time between classes by lunging your way through campus!  Don’t worry about looking silly, seriously, no one will judge you for improving your fitness.  Plus, I’m sure a lot of people will move out of your way so you have ample space to work your legs which will help you get to class even faster!

Calories Burned: 98

Impromptu Dance Party:

Bored of studying?  Take a quick study break with this fun-filled workout!  Don’t be shy about busting out your best jazz hands or wop; the more intense, the better the workout.  While you can dance your heart out in the comfort of your room, we highly encouraged you to dance in public places like Lau 2.  Just think of all the people you could inspire with your incredible moves, trust me you’d be making the world a better place!

Calories Burned: 119

Grapevine Through Leo’s:

Have you ever noticed that the music in Leo’s is actually pretty great pump up music?  Well, it is and you should totally use it as motivation for this workout.  Casually grapevine your way from station to station as you begin the hunt for edible food.  Make sure you listen for the beat in the Leo’s playlist so your timing isn’t off, because that would be suuuuuper embarrassing.  By the time you actually find your food you’ll have worked up such an appetite from all the grapevine-ing that you’ll definitely be headed back for seconds!

Calories Burned: 82

Prancercise Through Campus: 

Looking for a great way to get in some cardio, but really hate running?  Then Prancercising is just for you!  According to Prancercise creator, Joanna Rohrback, all you need to do to is grab some ankle weights, play some of your favorite tunes, “stop talkin and do some walkin”.  Basically opting to Prancercise means you get to gallop around campus like a horse, totally functional and totally fun!

Calories Burned: 95

So there you have it, Hoyas!  With these great new exercises you may never have to make your way to Yates ever again.  Just complete the above exercises daily and you’ll be in the best shape of your life.  Total calories burned? 555. Satisfaction from avoiding Yates?  Priceless.

Photos: blogspot.com, somegif.com; Video from: youtube.com

Calling All Mascot Hopefuls

New Mascot

We at 4E like to keep up with the Georgetown-themed social media pages. Georgetown University rocks an official Facebook page, Twitter profile and it racks up the likes on perfectly filtered Instagrams. Georgetown Hoyas, the athletic program’s social media moniker, does the same. You couldn’t believe the excitement the 4E bloggers exhibited while reading this tweet just a few days ago:

NEW JACK THE BULLDOG MASCOTS! Obviously, people are going to jump at the chance to represent the coolest college canine around. However will the athletic program choose? Well, we have a few ideas on how to get a Jack the Bulldog worthy enough to represent the Hoya community.

1. Cheddar Cheese and Carrot Eating Contest

Anybody who knows anything knows that Jack the Bulldog LOVES cheddar cheese and carrots. For a new Jack the Bulldog mascot, they should definitely be able to eat their fair share of this underrated delicacy. We will accept all forms of the food. (Bonus points if cooked in an Epi quesadilla.)

2. Georgetown History Trivia 

20110406 ADV_0056

Jack the Bulldog is a smart animal. Many a time he can be seen lounging on Healy Lawn amongst the frantically studying Hoyas. Any mascot should be able to have half of this dog’s intelligence. We think a Jeopardy!-style game show would separate the true Jacks from the phonies. 99% of the questions should be about Patrick Ewing’s cameo in Space Jam.

3. Race Around the John Carroll Statue

Jack likes to hang out around Healy Circle. He struts his stuff around our founder John Carroll for hours on end. All prospective Jack mascots should race around Healy Circle to see who can separate themselves from the pack. To make it more of a challenge, the mascots need to navigate the crowd of freshman girls waiting for a Valencia-filtered Instagram on John Carroll’s lap.

4. Trash Carrying Contest


As pictured above, Jack knows how to take out the trash. To test general strength and determination, I propose a hardcore weightlifting competition. Participants should lift trash bags full of half-eaten Verizon Center chicken tenders and the tears of our opposition after a Hoya victory.

5. General Cuteness


I don’t think any explanation is needed.

6. Dance Dance Revolution Throwdown

We propose bringing this nerd-learns-to-dance-in-arcade game back, just as Justin brought sexy back. DDR would test the prospective mascots’ stamina and flair for the art of dance. We want to see you get down with your bad selves in the student section during basketball games.

As this post should show you, if you want to be the next Jack the Bulldog rallying the student body, you better be on your A game. Not just any person can strut their stuff in a bulldog costume. So break out your running shoes and your obscure Georgetown facts. Good luck to all hopefuls!

Photos: georgetown.edu, brookhollowbulldogs.com, zimbio.com

The HFSC Is Here and It’s Beauteous

hfsc hyfr
Damn, guys, damn. Prospective student tours are about to change drastically. The Healey Family Student Center is officially the most beautiful building on campus. And yes, I’m aware of the gravity of that statement.

I didn’t make it to the opening event, even though there was free food. Shocking, I know. I also didn’t make it to the inaugural glow in the dark party on Saturday night, but I heard it was popping. More popping then Club Lau, which was definitely popping.

Almost every person who walks inside the HFSC lets out an audible gasp and an “OMG”. Walking through the doors is like walking into a “Star Wars” movie. Or any movie in space, or the future.

Past the doors, you’re ushered through a huge circular sculpture/sitting area and all of a sudden there’s FIRE! FIRE ALL AROUND! The HFSC’s fire is the most classy fire I have ever seen. It’s so sleek.

Then you’re faced with the mystic beauty that is the Potomac and Rosslyn.

To the right there’s seating and to the left there’s seating. And everything is so clean!

Then, there are those weird vending machines upstairs, near the beautifully lit dance studios with ample supplies of Ocean Mist Bath Bars, and black pantyhose — you know, the essentials.

There are THE most beautiful group study rooms with huge numbers on the doors, so meeting people is super easy.

There are music practice rooms and ivy-covered indoor walls galore, but let’s be honest, the most important room in the house is the bathroom.

The HFSC’s bathrooms smell like vacation bathrooms do. They’re white and airy and the perfect place to find peace when procrastinating in the most desperate way possible. The mirror was absolutely made with mirror selfies in mind. It’s ginormous and so glam. Try to take an unflattering pic in that bathroom. I dare you.

There’s also an outdoor deck, which is still being finished, but it looks beauteous so far. You could bring a date there and it wouldn’t even be that weird. Romantic.

The pub, which is to be called Bulldog Tavern, and Hilltoss aren’t done yet, but they will definitely be super chic too.

All in all, the HSFC is the place to be and if you haven’t gotten over there to explore yet, you must. God Bless the Healey Family and their devotion to creating centers for students.

All we need is a better nickname for the place. Sources says “the Heal” is being circulated around campus and we approve. Let us know if you have any other ideas.

Photo: Josh Gordon/The Hoya

Best Bets: Let’s Dance!

The weekend’s coming up, and you know what that means? No, not studying for more midterms, but a break from the ones you just completed. Take a couple of study breaks for your own health and for the sake of having fun. Even on a hectic weekend, I try to keep myself occupied with activities other than draining my life away in an isolated room stuck in the books not knowing whether it is day or night. Here are some suggestions for an enjoyable and eventful weekend:

Friday: Guess what’s coming to Georgetown? As part of its breakfast tour, the Nutella truck is arriving! And who doesn’t enjoy the goodness of a wholesome unique spread of hazelnut and cocoa on practically anything? It is kosher, gluten-free, and AMAZING! The truck will be here this Friday, October 19 from 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the front gates. Did I forget to mention that it’s in the morning? But hey, free Nutella!

Saturday: Since I’m still a kid and so are you, why not take a stroll down memory lane and attend the Virginia’s premier amusement park formerly known as “King’s Dominion”. Make your way to Red Square and purchase tickets for only $15! This includes entrance and the two hour transportation to and from Georgetown. Buses will leave Georgetown at 5 p.m. There will be plenty of thrill rides and live entertainment. Zombies and other twistedness that will make sure to haunt your minds forever!

Sunday: On this day, the typical student does homework or last minute studying. Yes, I am talking to all you procrastinators! So if you decide not to leave your dorm, I suggest that you take at least 2-3 long study breaks. This does not mean you have permission to go on your Netflix account or look through random people’s photos on facebook. Get some fresh air and go for a walk along the Potomac or Roosevelt Island. And if you really can’t get out of your room, dance! Blast a favorite song and get yourself moving. Trust me, no one will know! Plus, it’s fun, too.

Guide Grooves: Matchbox Twenty and Grizzly Bear

Guide Grooves from September 14 from thehoya on 8tracks Radio.

This week, The Guide took a look at a standout classic and a recent standout. Turns out, however, the standout classic — Matchbox Twenty — was underwhelming, while the recent standout — Grizzly Bear — maintained all that had made them a hit in the first place. This week was also an outstanding week for new releases. So instead of picking one great new release, I chose three to serenade your Tuesday evening.

Sleeping Ute — Grizzly Bear Though we highlighted a one of the tracks on this album last week that had been released as a single in August, we had no way of knowing how awesome this album would be yet. Turns out, Grizzly Bear didn’t disappoint following the success of their last album.

Speaking In Rounds — Grizzly Bear This song is a great testament Grizzly Bear’s willingness to experiment with new rhythms and sounds. Surprise! It works beautifully.

Our Song — Matchbox Twenty Unlike our wonderful Guide editor, I have never been a Matchbox fan. This song is both mind-numbingly repetitive and totally gets stuck in your head. A Matchbox song stuck in my head makes me mildly unhappy.

She’s So Mean — Matchbox Twenty Okay, this song is catchy and not horrible. But The Guide also called this the only non-bland song on the album, so the standards for this song weren’t necessarily all that high to begin with.

Default — Atoms for Peace This song is great. It’s got an all-star cast of artists behind it and it features some awesome beats. It’s pretty entrancing and is now the headline of my “Studying at 3 a.m.” playlist.

Every Chance We Get We Run — David Guetta (feat. Tegan & Sara and Alesso) I see what David Guetta is getting at here, with the success of his “Titanium” and Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” — both featuring strong female indie vocalist Sia — over the summer. I’ve loved everything that Tegan & Sara have dropped since high school, but I have to agree with The Guide that the vocals don’t necessarily jibe with the song. Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if you find yourself DFMOing to this song at Thirds or Mason soon.

I Will Wait — Mumford & Sons Oh, Mumford, you’ve done it again. You’re beautiful raspy folky songs are making me have an emotional experience.

The Way It Was — The Killers The Killers released a new album today! If everything is like this track, it won’t disappoint.

Time of My Life — MS MR I instantly fell in love with this duo when they came to D.C. in August. They’re shrouded in mystery and we only know the first name of the lead singer — Lizzie — but her vocals are exhilarating to listen to. She somehow manages to combine the power singing of Adele, the smoothness of Florence Welch and the airiness of Ellie Goulding. It’s one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. The male half of the duo is in charge of of MS MR’s incredible beats. This track has been on repeat since it was released as part of an EP on Friday.