Word Wednesday: Cuffing

Oh baby, it’s cold outside and that means one thing: it’s “cuffing” season. What is cuffing you may ask? Well, this Word Wednesday 4E is about to educate you on this oh-so important word. You can thank us in advance.

According to notably credible source Urban Dictionary, “cuffing” or better yet, “cuffing season” is that time during the cold months when singles everywhere wish to hop on the relationship train desiring to be “cuffed” or cuddled in a ball of warm love. Urban Dictionary states, “the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”

So, if you’re single and ready to mingle or just want an extra body to keep you warm on those cold winter nights, then “cuffing” is a word you should familiarize yourself with! But, how do you find your cuffing partner? Oh don’t worry, 4E has a few ways you can find a winter bae.

  1. Get on a dating app
    This is a fool proof, option plenty way to meet someone ! You can hop on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Happn, Grindr and many more. Just start swiping and you’ll find a cuddle buddy in no time.
  2. Get on Spoonr
    If you’re looking to skip the awkward small talk and happy hour dates, then get straight on Spoonr.  I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed, but apparently Spoonr is the #1 cuddling app. I guess there really is an app for everything.
  3. Get the newest edition of the girlfriend/boyfriend body pillow
    If you’re looking to just skip the whole human interaction thing altogether but still want to feel cuddled by an inanimate object (#creepy), then look no further than the “boyfriend/girlfriend cuddling pillow.”  You’ll feel loved and get to skip all conversation and effort at the same time.
    We hope that you keep warm over these next few months and find your perfect cuffing partner. Honestly, skip the dating apps and pillows…dogs are the best for cuddles!

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Friday Fixat10ns: Songs of the Snuggle

Friday Fixat10ns Snuggle

[8tracks width=”300″ height=”250″ playops=”” url=”https://8tracks.com/mixes/4918001″]

Have you ever wanted to cuddle with someone, but just couldn’t think of the right songs to cuddle to? No? Well, with the groundbreaking new Cuddlr app, this could suddenly become a very real problem. Don’t worry, though, the 4E team has developed a playlist to set the mood, but not set the mood too much (if you know what I mean).

Jackson Browne
This is tune is soft and has some killer saxophone. The sweet sound of Jackson Browne’s voice will put you at ease. Plus, it asks the all important question: “Won’t you stay, just a little bit longer?”


Even if you aren’t from Boston, you can appreciate the delicate intro, as Augustana’s piano player tickles the ivories and you and your snuggle buddy get comfortable.

“Back at One”
Brian McKnight

Try to listen to this song and not get goosebumps, I dare you. (But don’t watch the music video, it’s kind of weird.)

“Wherever You Will Go”
The Calling

To be honest, a lot of the lyrics are kind of abstract. However, the message is great, and it’s a pretty tender song to play with your cuddler.

“Lips of an Angel”

These last two are your great rock-romance hybrids. The chorus picks up with a little bit of heavier, grittier rock, but they aren’t fooling anyone. They are just hopeless romantics, wishing they had someone to snuggle with.

David Gray

While this song obviously works better if you are snuggling with someone named Kathleen, it’s not necessary. David Gray’s voice is just comforting and relaxing no matter your name.

“Tiny Dancer”
Elton John

“Hold me closer, tiny dancer.” Simple, straightforward and backed up by a phenomenal piano part. What else do you need?

Enrique Iglesias
Creepy whispering intro aside, this song just screams “I want to cuddle with you”.

Hunter Hayes

Talk about a heart-melter. Hunter Hayes knows just what to tell a girl to make her feel wanted. Or at least he wrote a song about it.

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

No snuggle session would be complete without Steven Tyler winning his way into your heart. This song is powerful. He says he doesn’t want to miss a thing, and I believe him.

With a playlist like this, you should never be afraid to hop on the snuggle bus.

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A Crash Course in Cuddlr-ing

cuddlrguideIn 2012 the world witnessed the launch of Tinder, a groundbreaking new “dating app” that allowed users to connect with each other with a single swipe.  Coeds across college campuses found themselves captivated as they wasted hours upon hours of their lives scrolling through photos and making the quick decision between left and right swiping.  However, fingers soon began to tire and cramp from tedious Tinder-ing, emotions ran high from the rejection of not matching with a solid right-swipe and confusion arose as awkward messages were exchanged.  Such sentiments made it clear that a new innovation in dating apps was necessary.

The breakthrough presented itself in September of this year with the emergence of Cuddlr, an app which allows users to connect with one another in the hopes of finding a platonic cuddle buddy.  The app functions similarly to Tinder as it accesses your Facebook and allows you to scroll through potential matches while providing you with the option of sending other users “cuddle requests”.  If your potential match accepts your request, you are given the option to exchange messages and also view a map with the GPS location of one another.  We here at 4E took it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top 5 cuddle requests you should actually accept (because let’s face it, you won’t want to give your exact location to just anyone):

5. Bradley Cooper: This one made the list for pretty obvious reasons.  Bradley is a former Hoya, big time celeb and all in all pretty easy on the eyes.  He may live outside of the Cuddlr app vicinity for Georgetown, but hey a girl can always dream.

4. Jack the Bulldog: He’s cute, furry and pretty easy going.  Give this potential match a treat and he’ll cuddle right up to you…just make sure you watch out for his drool!

3. Your Roommate:  If you and your roommate are pretty inseparable then matching on Cuddlr is really just the next step in your relationship.  It’s convenient because you’re likely already in the same room, so travel arrangements won’t really be an issue as it could be with other potential matches.  Pull up your favorite show on Netflix and let the binge watching ensue (bonus points if it’s a shared account)!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte:  It’s finally fall on the Hilltop, and what’s more in season than a steaming PSL to go along with your pumpkin scone and pumpkin scented candle collection?  Answer: Nothing.  Be honest, does anything really sound better than cuddling up with your favorite seasonal drink after a long day of classes?  That’s what I thought… #Basic

1. The Boyfriend Pillow:  This one speaks for itself.  It’s easily portable, incredibly comfortable, and it won’t complain when you insist on watching Rom-Com marathons…I mean could things get any better than this?!

Cuddle on, 4E readers!

Images and Gifs From: blog.travelbox.com, tumblr.com, and svetlanasevich.com