Concert for Valor Playlist

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The Concert for Valor is this Tuesday at 7 p.m. and it’s FREE. The National Mall will undoubtedly be packed with thousands of fans screaming for such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, Jessie J, Rihanna, Zac Brown Band and The Black Keys.

I could make a top 10 playlist for each of these phenomenal bands and singers, but here are a few songs to get you started as you prepare for the music event of the semester:

Price Tag – Jessie J 
This song was featured on Pitch Perfect, so it’s an automatic classic.

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band
This 2005 song is a huge throwback that evokes memories of campfires, sleepovers, field trips, cool beer, good friends and an antiquated machine called a “radio.” It also features a shout out to veterans.

Little Black Submarines – The Black Keys 
This song is perfect for everything: pump up playlist, car ride, wake up, sing-along. It is the most versatile and most auditor-aly pleasing song on earth.

The Monster – Eminem and Rihanna
This powerhouse duo absolutely slayed on the Monster Tour, so it would be a sin for them not to perform together on Tuesday night.

Enter Sandman – Metallica 
This song kind of creeps me out but will be unreal if they perform it Tuesday night.

Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen
This might be the one sure-thing song that might actually be about Veterans. The lyrics are pretty sad but luckily the chorus is a blast to sing along with.

Love the Way You Lie – Eminem and Rihanna 
They’re both going to be there so why not? Rihanna’s duet with Eminem will be almost as good as the one with Shy Ronnie on “SNL.”

Spotlight – Jennifer Hudson 
She’s such a babe and this song is great.

Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood 
This was everyone’s favorite break up song when we were eight, and now that many of us have experienced real break-ups the lyrics are even more fun to belt out in public.

Best of You – Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl)
For those of you who are not familiar with rock culture, Dave Grohl was the drummer of Nirvana before he became the lead singer for the Foo Fighters. So this song is a definite jam.

Because Tuesday is a holiday many people will not have work or school, so the National Mall will probably be packed by the 7 p.m. start time. We recommend arriving early. Learn more about the concert here. Happy Veterans Day and enjoy the music!

How to Concert Successfully: A Guide to Concert Etiquette

How to Concert

We here at 4E are constantly trying out fun activities that take us off campus and a good concert is no exception. For those of you who frequent concerts or music festival venues, you can probably relate to me on this one. For those of you who do not, please listen up because there are some rules to follow when going to see your fave band live.

Drink responsibly: Do not be that person that drinks way too much and is spastically trying to navigate the floor. You will spill your $7 beer on someone (Seven dollars wasted!) and they will most likely get very angry. If you are 21 and over and do decide to drink, please pace yourself. You do not want to be that person that distracts everyone from the beautiful people up on stage.

Don’t be this guy. You will not look this adorable.

This is not a photo shoot: If you didn’t post about it on all social media sites, did it really happen? The answer is yes. It’s okay to take a few quality pics or to add a video for your Snapchat story to alert your friends that you got this close to whoever, but do not have your phone out the entire time. I want to be able to see the stage, not my favorite guitarist on your tiny IPhone screen.

Limit the PDA: Do not be that couple that is having an intense dance floor make-out sesh instead of listening to the music. You came to hear the genius lyricism of an artist, not to publicly suck each other’s faces off.

Mastering the art of crowd surfing: Usually only done at large music festivals, crowd surfing is a move where timing is everything. So let’s imagine this situation: The show is packed and you are covered in everyone else’s sweat, but you don’t care. The guy in front of you gets lifted up by his friends and is floating throughout the crowd, like royalty. He looks like he is having the best time of his life and he probably is, so you decide that you’re next. Be cautious because you don’t want to be that person who falls flat on their a**. The key is to make sure there are some strong-looking guys around you and that the crowd is energetic. You really don’t want to mess this one up.

Don’t wander: Have you ever been to a concert and been shoved by that huge guy pushing his way to the front, then 15 minutes later being pushed by him again because he’s just not feeling the set? Well, maybe you haven’t, but being shoved around in an already over-capacitated space is no bueno. Don’t be that person who constantly walks around in order to get the best spot. Please, just relax, chill and enjoy the show.

Well there you have it, your guide on the do’s and don’ts of concert-going. To you concert professionals reading this, I’m sure you feel my pain and to you amateurs, take note and enjoy!

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It’s 9:30 Time


Sexy. Racy. Somewhat indecent. No, I’m not talking about Kim Kardashian’s new selfies, but about Cherub’s set at 9:30 Club last week. Cherub, consisting of Jordan Kelly and Jason Huber from Nashville, formed in 2010 and has since produced four awesome albums, the latest of which is Year of the Caprese. They are most known for their bouncy single, “Doses and Mimosas”, which topped Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart this February. In case you can’t tell, this song doesn’t exactly boast the deepest of lyrics, but like all their music it’s catchy and fun to dance to. In my opinion, the lesser-known songs, like “Love You Right” and “Lynndenberries”, are the true crème de la crème of their repertoire.

After seeing the electro-funk duo in New York City a couple of years ago, I became a huge fan of their groovy, rather bad-mouthed music and prayed to the sweet Lord that I would be able to see them again live. Luckily, they decided to stop by D.C. on their Champagne Showers tour at the best concert venue in town, 9:30 Club, on the eastern end of U St. corridor.

Always on latino time, I arrived pretty late and only caught the last few songs of the opening act, Ghost Beach. This New York-based twosome sounds like the love child of 1980s pop music and smooth electronica, and the only thing more awesome than their jams was one of the dude’s majestic afro.

The concert was incredibly packed and sold-out since September, with thirsty students scrambling for their beers before Cherub arrived on stage. The last time I saw them, two girls threw their lacy A-cup bras at Jason’s face, so I was excited to see what was in store for them that night. After an eternal 10-minute wait, Jordan and a barefoot Jason came out, dressed with floral bandanas, buttoned-up collars and a whole lot of denim. They started off with less popular songs, like “Jazzercise ‘95” and “Don’t Forget Me” and slowly built up to the hits like “Heartbreaker”, “Monogamy” and “XOXO”. The duo is amazing live not only because they dance like a slightly anesthetized Mick Jagger, but because they add a lot more jazzy, sexy notes to existing songs. Cherub killed it again, playing a funky cover of Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” and ending, as always, with an extended version of “Doses and Mimosas”.

Although there was no bra-chucking, their new set and sweaty moves definitely made up for it. Cherub’s concert was a great way to unwind after a busy week, so if midterms and White House break-ins have you feeling stressed, know that 9:30 is always a good time.

Upcoming Concerts:
– Sound Remedy – Oct. 10th ($18)
– Citizen Cope – Oct. 12th ($46)
– Julian Casablancas – Oct. 17th ($35)
– Cold War Kids – Oct. 24th ($28)
– RAC – Oct. 26th ($28)
– Smallpools & Magic Man – Oct. 31st ($46)

9:30 Club 815 V St NW, Washington, DC 20001
(202) 265-0930

Fall Concerts in DC

DC FALL CONCERTS 2013As we leave Columbus Day Weekend in our rearview mirror and snap back into the reality that midterms occur more often than just “mid-term”, the stretch between now and Thanksgiving can seem a little daunting.  Luckily, D.C. provides great opportunities for a weeknight escape or a weekend endeavor that won’t jeopardize your next-day productivity. Here are a couple of the concerts and shows that caught my eye that are coming up in the very near future:

Aaron Carter- Sunday, October 20th, 7:30 PM; Fillmore Silver SpringAC-Wallpaper-aaron-carter-19945930-1600-1218

Do you like Candy? Yes, you read this correctly: the Aaron Carter is not only still touring, but is coming to Silver Spring in a week.  While I would assume his voice is a little deeper since the last time we heard from him, I’m sure it will still be a great show. If not, it’s just time for us washed up ’90s kids to relive our glory days.

Cold War Kids- Friday October 25th, 8:00 PM; 9:30 Club

After selling out the 24th (show starts at 7:00), the 9:30 Club brought back the Cold War Kids for a second night on Friday.  If indie-rock is your thing, then this is a can’t-miss concert.  The only question is, if Cold War Kids keeps getting more popular, can it still be considered indie?

Chance the Rapper- Sunday, October 27th, 7:00 PM; Fillmore Silver Spring

A lesser known, yet still extremely talented rapper, Chance will provide you with some rhymes that rival anything you’ll read in your English textbooks on a Sunday night.

Drake- Thursday, October 31st, 7:00 PM; Verizon Center

Tired of trick-or-treating? Go spend your last night of October with Drizzy Drake himself, and hear all of your favorite party songs live.

Barenaked Ladies- Monday, November 4th, 7:00 PM; Lincoln Theatre

Yet another late-nineties sensation returns to D.C. to break us away from our stressful school schedules, and bring us back to much, much simpler times.

These are just a few of the dozens of shows that you can find in D.C. during the fall.  Be sure to check out the venues schedules (all linked above but this is a video a of cat just because) so you don’t miss your favorite band!

Free Tickets to Taylor Swift!


I’m not kidding.

Starting tomorrow, May 9, 2013, Diet Coke will begin it’s “Silver Ticket” scavenger hunt, giving 8 Washington D.C. area residents a chance to win free tickets to Taylor Swift’s sold-out RED Tour concert on May 11 at the Verizon Center.

Want to get free seats at T-Swift’s Verizon Center Show? Here’s how it can happen:

Diet Coke will be releasing a series of “Swift-inspired” scavenger hunt clues on its Twitter, @DietCoke, beginning at 8am tomorrow morning! The @DietCoke clues will ultimately lead Swift fans to a secret “Silver Ticket” location in the D.C. area. The first eight fans (who are 18 and older) to reach the secret “Silver Ticket” location will receive two passes to Taylor’s May 11 Concert at the Verizon Center.

D.C. is one of several cities that Diet Coke has chosen to launch their “Silver Ticket” sweepstakes in partnership with Taylor Swift. Swift was recently chosen as a centerpiece in Diet Coke’s Stay Extraordinary campaign, on which she will serve as a brand ambassador for numerous initiatives and ad campaigns.

So what are you waiting for, Hoyas? Forget finals, put down your cup of coffee and forget your struggles! Who wouldn’t want free tickets, especially for something like this:


Concerts and Events Galore!

Cherry tree concerts

Fellow Hoyas, if you’re feeling like me and you need a break after two whole weeks of school (what a trek!), don’t fret! Easter Break is right around the corner! Whether you’re staying on campus, enjoying home cooked meals back at your parents’ , or visiting some exotic get away place, don’t forget to take the time to relax and mentally prepare for the last stretch till’ finals! In the mean time, here are some concerts you might want to check out if you’re avoiding midterms and exploring DC:

National Cherry Blossom Festival 2013 @ National Building Museum– Saturday, March 23rd

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a DC tradition, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

101 Years of Broadway @ The Music Center at Strathmore- Sunday, March 24th  @ 7pm

This features a compilation of the best moment of Broadway in the last century. So, whether you’re a fan of Broadway or not, you’ll definitely want to reserve your seat.

Maroon 5 with Neon Trees and Owl City @ Verizon Center- Wednesday April 3rd @ 7pm

Guys, I don’t even need to explain why you need to get your tickets for this. Just do yourselves a favor and buy a ticket.

Alicia Keys @ Verizon Center- Sunday, April 14th @ 7pm

I think I might explode from happiness. Get your tickets before I buy all of them. This girl is on fire.

Have a great Easter Break next week and don’t forget to check out these concerts!

DCAF: Better Than Espresso

My professional obligations as a very serious journalist require me to be unbiased in my reporting of the news, regardless of what other school groups I may be a part of. That being said, a ticket to DCAF 2012 is quite possibly the best $8 you will ever spend in the history of your whole life and attending DCAF is probably more important than anything else you could be doing on November 3rd or November 10th from 7:30pm-10pm…but that’s just my impartial opinion.

For those of you who don’t know, DCAF (pronounced like the useless kind of coffee) is the DC A Capella Festival, which is put on every year by the Georgetown Phantoms and The Gracenotes. Each group hosts one weekend of DCAF, inviting various campus a capella groups as well as some guest groups to perform.

If you liked ‘Pitch Perfect’, if you used to regularly watch ‘The Sing Off’ before its untimely demise, or if you just like good music and want to support your fellow Hoyas, I suggest you attend!

The first DCAF performance will be on November 3rd, this Saturday, hosted by the Georgetown Phantoms. The Phantoms will be hosting the Gracenotes, The Chimes and Superfood as well as bringing in the NYU N’Harmonics and the Yale Whiffenpoofs. The second DCAF performance will be held on November 10th, next Saturday, hosted by The Gracenotes. The Gracenotes will host The Phantoms, The Saxatones and The Capitol G’s with The GW Vibes and UConn Conn Men coming as guest performers.

Tickets do traditionally sell out quite quickly because space in Gaston Hall is limited so if I were you I wouldn’t wait too long before buying your ticket! I WILL SEE YOU THERE.

Tickets will be on sale at:

Davis Center Box Office, Monday-Friday from 11am-3pm
Red Square, Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm
Online here
At the door (but I wouldn’t take your chances! DCAF sells out fast)


I Want to Go to There (in a Zipcar)

The arrival of a small fleet of Zipcars to campus will make it easier for students (well, students over 21) to explore more of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. While we talk about breaking the Georgetown Bubble a lot, getting around via public transportation isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and it can only take you so far.

While Zipcars can be useful for picking up groceries and running other errands, they can also carry you to great hiking, music, shopping and more. So grab a friend, buckle up, and see what the greater DMV area has to offer!

Hiking and Camping
Now that it’s finally cooling down and safe to go outside without immediately sweating through your shirt, the thought of spending long periods of time outside is less terrifying. Great Falls Park in McLean is where the Potomac leaves the Appalachians and descends a series of rapids onto the coastal plain. It’s great for a picnic or short hike to see the majestic rapids along the Potomac. If you’re in for something a little more removed, the

If camping and hiking aren’t your thing but you want to get outside, the time is ripe for apple picking. Places like Homestead Farm in Maryland and Stribling Orchard in Virginia offer pick-your-own specials on apples, pumpkins and other fall staples.

While Georgetown is home to many shops and boutiques, we lean towards the high-end – not always compatible with a college student’s budget. Luckily for us, there’s some great shopping to be found just outside the District.

A 20-minute drive from campus, Tyson’s Corner Center in Northern Virginia is one of the largest malls in America. It’s home to department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s that don’t quite fit in our cramped quarters in Georgetown. You can also find stores like L.L. Bean, Forever 21 and Old Navy in addition to restaurants and an enormous movie theater. It’s also great for people-watching (especially if you’re amused by tweens) while munching on an Auntie Anne’s pretzel.

If you’re looking for deeply discounted designer clothes though, you might want to head a little further into Virginia to check out the Leesburg Outlets. It’ll be about a 45-minute drive to reach the outlets of Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Vineyard Vines, J. Crew and more, but it’s not hard to find great deals. Bonus points if you’re a member of AAA – you can stop at the front desk and pick up a huge book of coupons to use around the outlets.

The ultimate deal though, can be found in thrift stores. While Georgetown is home to vintage stores like Annie Creamcheese and Secondhand Rose, we’re lacking in the type of thrift stores where you can stumble upon the leather jacket of your dreams wedged between wool blazers on the 50-cent rack. There are Goodwill and Salvation Army stores scattered throughout the greater D.C. area, plus independent thrift stores like American Rescue Workers Thrift and Finders Keepers.

D.C. has a diverse music scene, with clubs like 9:30, the Black Cat, the Rock n Roll Hotel and more catering to all sorts of genres. But beyond Verizon Center, there aren’t many large venues that are easily accessible within the city. But Maryland and Virginia are different stories.

Merriweather Post Pavilion has played host to the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Jones. It was originally planned as the home of the National Symphony Orchestra, but now features a mosh pit (care of Green Day) and solar panels (inspired by Jack Johnson). Located about half an hour away in Columbia, MD, hosts acts from Bon Iver to Gotye to music festivals like Virgin Mobile Freefest in the fall and Sweet Life in the spring. The lawn seats usually aren’t too expensive and offer a great view – as long as it’s not raining.

If you’re looking for something a little more classical, Wolf Trap, the National Park for the Performing Arts, is about 30 minutes in the other direction in Vienna, VA. Wolf Trap features musical theater and a lot of classic rock acts.

So those are our ideas. Where will the new Zipcars take you?

Martin Hussey and Shakti Nochur contributed to this article.
Photo: Rebecca Goldberg for The Hoya

Old Punk, New Scene – Text Message

Photo: Rita Pearson/The Hoya

by Rita Pearson

Text Message, an indie rock band made up of Georgetown students Joe Romano (COL ’12), John Romano (COL ’14) and Mike Jaroski (COL ’12) kicked off Saturday night’s show at the Rock N Roll Hotel. They opened for local bands the Electric 11’s and Blue Pintowith songs from their upcoming sophomore album, called Lake Opposite. They’re influenced primarily by alternative rock bands, such as Sonic Youth and the D.C.-based Fugazi.

“We’re trying to hit the right spots,” John Romano said. “There are a handful of music venues in D.C., like the Rock N Roll Hotel, that we try to play in. Unfortunately there aren’t many places around campus.”

“The D.C. music scene is nothing like the late 80’s or early 90’s, but I wouldn’t say it’s dead,” Joe said. “However, D.C. is transient – a lot of the bands are on tour, so people are always coming in and out.”

In the 1980’s and 90’s, D.C. was home to a thriving and influential punk scene. Venues like the 9:30 Club, Madam’s Organ, and The Bayou (a Georgetown nightclub that has since been replaced by the Loews Cinema on K Street) were central to the punk community. The U Street/Shaw neighborhood in particular played an important role in the burgeoning D.C. music scene. The Black Cat, a U Street club co-founded by Dave Grohl in 1993, has hosted bands like Arcade Fire, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Death Cab for Cutie. Text Message will be taking the stage at The Black Cat this Sunday.

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