Columbus Day Weekend: What Did You Do?

Columbus Day Weekend

Sure, debates still rage about whether or not Columbus Day should still be a federal holiday but wherever you stand on the issue, Columbus Day weekend always provides Hoyas with a well deserved and much needed break.  The only question is, what did you do with your break? Here at 4E, we (along with special guest, Christopher Columbus himself) helped to put together a list of the “perfect fall weekend”. Check it out to compare Chris’ break to yours!

1. Cuddle with a good book

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.37.46 PM
Who doesn’t like enjoying a reading in nature?

2. “Partake in festivities”

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 6.41.44 PM
Some fun for our 21-plus crowd.

3. Go pumpkin picking

With just a few weeks left before Halloween, you have to be sure to get the perfect pumpkin!
With just a few weeks left before Halloween, you have to be sure to get the perfect pumpkin!

4. Enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Nothing says Fall like a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Be sure to Instagram!
Nothing says Fall like a PSL. Be sure to Instagram your experience!

5. Hit the books

Sadly, every long weekend comes to an end, and we must use some of the time to catch up on our studies
Sadly, every long weekend comes to an end, and we must use some of the time to catch up on our studies

Hoyas, we hope you enjoyed your long weekend as much as Chris did. If not, be sure to try and include some of these exciting activities as part of your next fall getaway!

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Long Weekend Ho! How to Make the Best of a Long Weekend

How To Make The Best Of A Long WeekendLooking forward to a long weekend is similar to counting down the days before Christmas or Hanukkah, or maybe a slightly less significant holiday like St. Patrick’s Day. (Deputy Editor’s note: I highly contest that St. Patrick’s Day is a “less significant holiday,” and I would even move to have it placed with the aforementioned days in terms of degree of importance.) All students have the long weekend circled on their calendar and we all know that that extra day means everything during midterm season.

success-baby-long-weekend-aww-yeaaWith many years of school under our belts, we students like to think we know how to approach the long weekend: another night to go out, another morning to sleep in and maybe (only for the truly ambitious or the truly swamped in work) some extra study time. But the three day weekend can zoom by as fast as Netflix marathons on a lazy afternoon, so it can be useful to come in with a strategy or a set of goals. With Columbus Day weekend upon us, here are some tips on how to make the best of the next three days:

1. Take the opportunity to explore D.C. For new and veteran students alike, the long weekend is a great chance to get out of your rooms and off campus. Walk to a new restaurant so you can work off the meal afterward or visit a museum. Don’t let the shutdown get you down; the Smithsonian is still pretty cool looking in from the outside, and the Newseum is still open.

2. Don’t listen to Nas; sleep is not the cousin of death, at least for overworked students The long weekend is exciting, but don’t be afraid to sacrifice time hanging out with your buddies to remedy the all-nighters you pulled this week for those three midterms and two papers. You’ll have sweet dreams of A’s and A+’s with frosting on top.

3. The long weekend is as much of your friend as it is an enemy Friday will trick you into thinking you’ve got an eternity to do what you want with your free time. Saturday will say, “Hey, homework is for Sundays, but don’t forget football,” and Monday morning will quickly turn into the annoying “I told you so” when you haven’t studied, done your laundry or cleaned your room.

4. Do. Your. Laundry. We know you’re wearing the same socks that you wore yesterday because midterms have kept you from getting your laundry done. This long weekend is a great chance to expand your wardrobe back to its proper size.

5. Finally, in the spirit of the holiday, make your Columbus Day and long weekend worthwhile Find the balance between studying and going out, between eating and exercise and between college football and the NFL. Toast friends, family and fall, and raise your glasses to the long weekend.

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Best Bets: Perks of a Long Weekend

It’s been a rough week. Some of you are probably still hung over from Homecoming while others are sleep deprived after a week filled with exams.  So this is truly the perfect time for a three-day weekend. Even though we know that most of you will be trying to catch up on all that lost sleep, try to take advantage of some exciting events in the Capital this weekend. Friday: “Perks of Being a Wallflower,” featuring Logan Lerman and Emma Watson, comes out today, and it may be worth it to cough up the $12 to see this movie in theatres. With a large popcorn and a box of Milk Duds, I can’t think of a better way to spend my Friday afternoon. We’ll see if the movie actually lives up to the hype and anticipation. Saturday: The Georgetown Program Board has put together a great event to take a limited number of students to the Virginia State Fair this Saturday night. It costs only $10 for admission to the fair, a wristband for unlimited rides, and roundtrip transportation. Students will leave campus at 4p.m. and return by 11p.m. There are only four spots left so make sure to go to the GPB office (Leavey 426) to sign up! Sunday: It’s already October and that means that the countdown till Halloween has begun. If you’re like me, you’ve already had your costume chosen for months. However, if you need a little inspiration, make the day trip to Six Flags in Maryland to enjoy the spooky attractions and shows of Fright Fest. Tickets start at just $34.99. Monday: Christopher Columbus got us out of a day of school so we may as well honor all that he accomplished. Show your appreciation and attend the annual ceremony at the Columbus Memorial Statue located at Union Station. During the ceremony, wreaths are laid at the base of his statue by the Embassies of Italy and Spain as well as by the general public. The ceremony begins at 11 a.m. Photo: Smithsonian Magazine