The Cure* for the Common Cold

 I have this theory that once you get sick in college, you never fully regain your health. You kind of just fluctuate between very sick, kind of sick and barely sick.

Well, it’s November now! That means midterms, colder weather, and the resurgence of that “very sick” stage. And, of course, your sickness will always come at the least convenient time. So whether you have a friend coming to visit or you just want to be 100% for whatever Halloweekend Part II festivities await you, here are some steps to help you get back to that “barely sick” level that we all lovingly endure.

*Okay, so maybe not the ‘cure’, but a great way to fight it off in a week.

To Fight the Cold in General:

1. Take your medicine regularly Follow the dosage instructions on your preferred medicine and take it promptly and regularly. Also do not stop taking it right when you feel better. Continue to take it a day or two after your symptoms go away to ensure your lasting ‘health’!

2. Do you have spring allergies? If you do, they may be the cause of, or may be increasing, your cold symptoms. Fall allergies are a thing too, so be sure to treat your allergies on top of treating your cold with these tips, regardless of the fact that it’s only November and not April!

3. Vitamin C Whether it be in the form of a vitamin supplement, Emergen-C, or some freshly squeezed OJ, get a healthy dose of Vitamin C a day (see the sore throat section for exceptions).

4. Catch some extra Z’s I know you have a midterm tomorrow, but I guarantee that going to bed at 2AM after cramming in Lau will NOT help. Getting 2-3 more hours of sleep will guarantee you a few more REM cycles, which will make you well rested and healthier so that you can actually focus during the test.

5. Hydrate! Water is your best friend. Try to finish off at least two nalgenes a day, your body will thank you for the extra fluids.

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