The Updated Guide to an Embassy Row Halloween

Embassy Row Halloween

For those of you living under a rock, Halloween is upon us — this Friday, to be exact. As we reported two years ago, a bunch of the embassies on Massachusetts Avenue and 20th Street (aka Embassy Row) will be opening their doors for trick-or-treaters!

So which embassies will be accessible to costumed college students? And perhaps just as importantly, what kind of candy will they be giving out? From personal experience, we can attest that the goods are what you’d expect from any American candy-giving house during Halloween. But what if the embassies gave out traditional treats from their home countries? Here’s what we could expect from the embassies open for trick-or-treating this year:

Bulgaria: Amphora (or fancy jar)-shaped pralines with nuts and sugary syrup

Dominican Republic: Peanut or sesame crackle or dolce de mani o ajonjoli for all the Spanish speakers out there

Greece: Finikia, a type of cookie topped with walnuts and cinnamon

South Korea: Hangwa is the term for any kind of candy, although a more specific kind would be yakgwa, a flower-shaped biscuit made with honey

Marshall Islands: Coconut candy

Niger: Mango or plantains, which would be a fantastic palate cleanser

Papua New Guinea: The home of sugar cane, a typical dessert could be dia (starch and bananas cooked with coconut cream)

Slovenia: Krofne, or airy donuts that can be filled with jam or Nutella (drool)

United Kingdom: Literally Honeyduke’s Cadbury’s anythingfrom regular milk chocolate bars to these

Uzbekistan: Khalva, little squares of syrupy walnut dessert

This annual event is hosted by the SFS Academic Council, and they’ll be giving out maps of Embassy Row beforehand so that you don’t go barging into any random embassy (sorry, the Philippines circa 2012!). Embassy Row is accessible via either the Dupont Circle GUTS bus or the Metro bus lines G2, D6 or D2. This year, trick-or-treating will be taking place from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. on Friday (Oct. 30). We recommend that you don’t delay, because the embassies might — gasp — run out of candy. And you don’t want that.

Check out the Facebook event and RSVP!


An Open Letter to GUSA Campaigns

An open letter to gusa campaignsDear GUSA campaigns,

I understand that all you want to do is impact change on the Georgetown community in your own respective ways, and I wholeheartedly support and appreciate your dedication to being men and women for others. However, as a potential voter, I feel as if a lot of my needs aren’t being met. I thought this open letter would be a good forum for us to hash a few things out. Hopefully we’ll see eye-to-eye by the end of it. As in, Wednesday night.

The Top 5 Reasons I’m Just Not That Into You

1. “Vote for (Insert Here)” While this sentence makes me aware that you want my vote, my third grade grammar workbook informs me that this is an imperative sentence. My problem with this is that I have a lot of excess teenage angst in my system and I don’t like being told what to do. Maybe you could rephrase it. For example, “Vote for (Insert Here), if you’re into that.” Alternatively, “Vote for (Insert Here). Don’t vote for (Insert Here). Do what you want. This is America.”

2. Door-to-Door Knocking I only open my door for two reasons: class and the promise of food. Your campaign is offering me neither of those things. Let me paint a picture for you. I’m in my room, vulnerable and nine times out of 10 watching cat videos on YouTube. Then, along you come and disturb the peace. I’ll open the door and listen to your spiel because I’m awkward and overly polite, but I won’t like it.

3. Paper products After you’ve interrupted my shut-in lifestyle with your presence, then you want to push all these fliers and pamphlets all up on me. Come on now. It’s 2014. Go green. Go social media. We’re millennials. If it’s not a gif, a blog post or a blog post with gifs in it, I’m not interested. Social media is your friend. I can throw your paper products in the recycling bin as soon as you leave. You know what I won’t throw away? My laptop.

4. Candy Let’s talk about your sales pitch. If I’m going to stand in my doorway and listen to you drone on about yourself without even asking about how my day went, I would like incentives. Incentives of the food variety. Candy. I’m not talking about lollipops either. Lollipops are weak. I’m talking about premium chocolates. Specifically, Godiva. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Alexis, we have a budget. Be reasonable.” NO EXCUSES. If you adopt the social media marketing strategy I mentioned earlier or even take it a step further and pull a Beyoncé: The Visual Album and tell no one you’re running, imagine all the money you’d have to allocate to chocolate.

5. Beyoncé Do not promise something that you can not deliver. I understand that you’re trying to keep your campaign fun by capitalizing on the fact the Beyoncé is American royalty, but no. Stop teasing me: A vote for you is not a vote for Beyoncé. Beyoncé regularly visits that great big White House down the road. She is serious. There is no making light about affiliations with Queen. If someone ever spotted her at Saxby’s, I’d without a doubt skip classes in hopes of casually running into her and becoming Blue Ivy’s nanny. You’re playing with my dreams, people. Not cool.

Thank you for reading this and I hope we can resolve these issues before election day. After all, I vote Wednesday.


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Only a Chocolate Fountain Could Make Us Say…

photo 1“WE WANT LEO’S!”

Leo’s is a Valentine’s Day Wonderland! With heart-shaped balloons and a guy dressed up as a heart handing out carnations, Leo’s is feeling the love!

Head there and enjoy love songs blasting from a stereo while you stick your head under calmly dip fruit into the chocolate fountain. They’re also featuring some liquid-nitrogen-frozen hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberry syrup on top and, of course, the chocolate fountain. The station also features strawberries, pineapples, vanilla marshmallows, coffee marshmallows and an assortment of candy! It will only be around for a limited time so get there NOW!

Photo: Matt Caulfield/The Hoya

D.C. Chocolate Week Is Coming

by Michelle Cassidy


It seems like every week so far has gotten some sort of food theme. Between last week’s D.C. Meat Week and the ongoing Meat-Free Week, local restaurants appear to be catering to opposite tastes. But coming up next week, just in time for Valentine’s Day, is something nearly everyone can agree on – D.C. Chocolate Week.

Sponsored by Sales Vote (a D.C.-based daily deals service, not unlike Livingsocial and Groupon), Week For Chocolate will feature the sweetest offerings from Georgetown shops like Serendipity 3, Godiva, Haagen Dazs and even Old Glory.

To join in the fun, you can buy either a gold or silver ‘badge’ that will allow you and a friend (or a date!) to take part in the special deals. A silver badge goes for $50 and gets you five deals. Gold badges cost $70 and get you five deals, plus two access passes to the Week For Chocolate launch party at L2 Lounge (3315 Cady’s Alley NW). It seems a little pricy, but they’re promising lots of prizes and the chance to “rub elbows with the biggest people in the District.” Seems about right, as they’ll have just spent a week eating all the chocolate they can handle.

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