What To Do With Your Chicken Fingers

Chicken Finger Thursday

The weekly holiday that is Chicken Finger Thursday makes the Georgetown dining experience infinitely more bearable for one, glorious day a week. However, no matter how delicious the food is, eating something that often can get old. So here are a few of 4E’s best ideas for keeping CFT fresh week every week:

Experiment with the sauces

Sure, this isn’t the most ingenious idea, but just try mixing it up every once in a while. Upstairs, they usually have chicken fingers drenched in buffalo, barbecue and/or honey mustard sauces. Plus, you can choose from the many dipping sauces downstairs (including my go-to, ranch dressing).  Changing up your sauces can be critical for enjoying a good CFT.

The Hot Chick

Sure, maybe you can’t quite get Wisey’s quality out of Leo’s food. But you can get pretty close. The ingredients: A roll, some chicken fingers, cheese, tomatoes, ranch/mayo and Old Bay seasoning. Throw all these together, slide it on the panini press and voila! You have your own take on a Wisey’s classic.

General Tso’s

While the Wok Station has changed to start off this year, they have always honored the request to put chicken fingers in your bowl. If you cut them up yourself, and give them to the chef, they will more than likely stir-fry them up with your veggies. Finish it off with General Tso’s sauce to complete the experience.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Like the Hot Chick, chicken fingers generally taste better with a little kick.  So first, either get the chicken fingers dipped in buffalo sauce, or douse them in the hot sauce yourself downstairs.  Then, grab a tortilla downstairs, and fill it with all of the fixings you want. I usually keep it simple, adding lettuce, cheese (sometimes) and either ranch or blue cheese dressing.  You can either eat it cold, or throw it on the panini press to toast the whole thing.

Chicken and Waffles

This is a personal favorite of mine.  If you have the time (and the means), head downstairs to the waffle maker, and get your waffle cooking.  While that’s going, go grab your basket of chicken fingers (fries aren’t necessary, but you can grab them if you want).  Once the waffle is complete, put them together, cover them in syrup and enjoy.

Sure, Leo’s isn’t perfect.  And sure, even though they are great, even the chicken fingers can get a little boring.  Hopefully, this list will help you enjoy Thursdays even more, and stop you from getting chicken-finger-fatigue.

Photo: seriouseats.com

When NOT to Call GERMS

Do Not Call Germs

Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS) is an invaluable asset to the Georgetown community. Whether you break a leg during a club sports game or go a little crazy on a Friday night, GERMS is there to escort you to the Georgetown University Hospital free of charge. On many occasions, calling GERMS is the right move. But members of the 4E staff, through our never-ending acts of debauchery, have compiled a list of five times when you need to put that phone away and keep on trucking.

1. Do not call when you get a splinter!

Fun Fact: GERMS DOESN’T HAVE TWEEZERS! Now, you may be thinking, “How do the 4E bloggers know that?” Well, that’s beside the point. You’re going to have to trust us. When you’re walking barefoot on Georgetown Day and you get that pesky splinter, refrain from dialing GERMS. In this case, they just can’t help you.

2. Do not call to deliver your post-CFT food baby!


We know. Chicken Finger Thursday can sometimes get the best of you. Even though you feel (and possibly look) like you’re pregnant, there’s nothing GERMS can do about it. GERMS is not equipped to deal with your food pregnancy, so resist the temptation to call them for a food baby delivery.

3. Do not call after you trip in Yates!

Yates can be intimidating. When you’re walking around, it’s easy to get distracted by the hardcore athletes sprinting on the treadmill or the girl doing yoga up against the wall. It’s common at these times to lose track of where you are and take a tumble. Although your wrist might be sore and your ankle may be twisted, please don’t call GERMS. It’s embarrassing enough that all of Yates is staring at you. Just get out as soon as possible and hobble on over to student health to repair your ankle — and hopefully your dignity as well.

4. Do not call after you spend a night in Lau!


Studying can be exhausting. So can staring at the confines of a Lau cubicle for hours on end. As you stumble out onto Healy Lawn just as the sun starts to rise, refrain from calling GERMS to whisk you away. You’ll be fine. Walk on over to Wisey’s to score an early morning breakfast sandwich to get you reoriented. That should do the trick.

5. Do not call for help with your Healy Lawn sunburn!

Now that the weather finally is getting nice, more and more students flock to Healy Lawn to get their study on. With the smell of GUGS burgers in the air and the peaceful sound of Frisbees whizzing by your head, it’s very easy to doze off for an hour or two. When you wake up, don’t be surprised that you’re a bright shade of red. GERMS can’t help you at that point, but hopefully that one kid on your floor who packed for the apocalypse has enough aloe lotion to get your through the week!

This is the definitive list of when NOT to call GERMS. In all seriousness, GERMS is awesome and so important to the safety of all students on campus. Keep on keepin’ on, you GERMS students and EMTs out there. In case of actual medical emergencies, GERMS can be reached at (202) 687-4357.

Photos: mashable.com, Matt Sullivan/The Hoya, cmich.edu