Georgetown Univeristy: Where We’re Really Good At Speeling

Take a look at this sign:


Does it look normal to you? Yes? Look closer:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.15.26 PM

Still don’t see it? Here, I’ll spell it out for you:

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 10.17.39 PM

Now, here at Georgetown Univeristy, we pride oursevles at our renowend intellegnece. We are one of the top univeristies in the counrty and this one litle speeling mishap should not besmicrh our good name. I am sure that the univeristy will rectfiy this eror very soon once it is brouhgt to their atentoin.

The fact that nobdoy notcied this befroe futrher supprots the theory of Typoglycemia: as long as the frist and lsat letrtes of a word stay in their corrcet place, the lettres in bewteen can be in any order and pepole can still read them just fine.

This is why the world needs copy editors. Hopefluly, when we get back in Augsut, this sign will be fixed. Only time will tell.

Surviving Senior Week (If You Aren’t Actually a Senior)


So, you’re still here.

Finals are over. Most of your friends have moved out. Your room is a shadow of its former self, your Pulp Fiction/Animal House/Bob Marley posters and big-screen TV packed away in a Corp Storage box somewhere.

It’s Senior Week, the aptly named period at the end of the year when the soon-to-graduate class gets campus mostly to itself, with no classes to worry about and a plethora of university-sponsored activities to enjoy.

But whether you’re trying to make some extra cash at an on-campus job or helping a club finish its end-of-year projects, you’re just one of many underclassmen sticking around for the week. With classes done and club commitments pretty relaxed in most cases, chances are you’ve got a ton of free time and next to no idea what to do with it.

Don’t be too jealous of the seniors: Just because you don’t get a keg party at Leo’s or a black-tie ball at Union Station doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome week. Follow a few simple rules and you’ll find yourself wondering why everyone doesn’t stay late:

If you’re here for a club or work, chances are you know a few co-workers still on campus. Find one that has a townhouse, or at least a big apartment.

This serves two purposes:

1. With Leo’s closed until summer school starts, this week provides a prime opportunity to work on your culinary skills. Cooking is much more fun with a bunch of friends in a house than it is in your common room.
2. It’s not fun (or legal) to fit 25 people and a keg in a Southwest Quad dorm room.

Even if you aren’t into big parties, it’s important to have a home base for people to convene at nights, whether it’s for a potluck dinner or a movie showing (The Georgetown Retaliation, anyone?) University townhouses are best, but a Henle or Village B will work in a pinch.

Seriously, do it. No matter how many times you tell your friends that you’re better at packing when you’re drunk anyway, frantically attempting to shove all your belongings into a suitcase at 4 a.m. the morning of your flight is really, really not fun. Try to pack some of your belongings every day, so by the end of the week all that’s left is this week’s laundry.

When you inevitably figure out that you can’t fit all your clothes and other accumulated crap into two suitcases and a backpack, be sure to donate your unwanted possessions to a move-out drive rather than the dumpster.

This is where we’d normally tell you to go see a Washington Nationals game. Unfortunately, D.C.’s boys of summer are on a West Coast road swing until NEXT WEDNESDAY. While Nats games are a blast, we don’t recommend flying to San Diego this week to see one.

Seriously, though, there’s nothing like a baseball game on a warm summer night. A river taxi runs from the Georgetown Waterfront to Nationals Park most nights, so it’s easy to avoid the overstuffed Green Line. If you stay late in future years, be sure to catch at least one game.

“Get out of the Georgetown bubble!” is one of the most repeated and least followed pieces of advice most Hoyas will encounter during the school year. It’s understandable, really — we all know D.C. has a lot to offer beyond the front gates, but we’re too tied up with homework, extracurricular commitments and friends to take advantage of it during the year.

Well, you’re in luck. Use your time this week in between work and partying (trust us, there’s time) to get out in the city.

-If by some absurd confluence of events you haven’t already walked to the monuments with your friends, do that. Seriously, they’re awesome.
-Rent a paddleboat or canoe and go out on the Potomac. We do not endorse the legally questionable practice known as “cabrewing” — in which participants bring beer to drink on the river — but its existence should be noted.
-Take the Blue Line to Alexandria’s Old Town district, where you can hang out with some beer and wings while watching Revolutionary War re-enactors march up and down the street, or check out the awe-inspiring George Washington Masonic National Memorial.
-Go visit a Smithsonian (they’re free) or the Newseum (not free, but 100 percent worth the price of admission).

If you’re not feeling especially adventurous, use your newfound free time to go out for a nice dinner with friends right here in Georgetown. Taj of India, Bangkok Joe’s and Thunder Burger are just a few of the spots you may have missed if you didn’t make it past Wisconsin Ave. this year.

*ducks to avoid barrage of textbook projectiles* KIDDING! I WAS KIDDING!

All jokes aside, enjoy your Senior Week, Hoyas!

Photo: Alexander Brown/The Hoya

Hoyas Say Thanks on Mother’s Day

Flowers4 copy

Treat your mother like it’s Mother’s Day every day.

For this year’s Mother’s Day, The Hoya went around campus and listened to some of you give thanks to some of the greatest women around.

Make sure to tweet the video and use the hashtag, #HoyasSayThanks. You can even use it to tweet your own thank you message!

Produced by: Steven Piccione & Alexander Brown
Directed & Edited by: Steven Piccione
Filmed by: Alexander Brown
Photography by: Rebecca Goldberg
Music by: Sophonic (License Purchased)

Surprised Patrick: Georgetown Edition

surprised patrick visits

Surprised Patrick is, obviously, surprised at a lot of things. When he was brought to the Georgetown campus, chaos ensued. We were able to take a few pictures of him but then we lost track of him and can’t figure out where he went!

It’s up to you to tell us where on campus he is. Make your own Surprised Patrick photo and send it to us at [email protected] It might just make it up on 4E.

Surprised Patrick was surprised by the missing clock hands.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.25.33 PM

And by how scandalous some of the Georgetown Confessions are
Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.22.22 PM

And by his experience in John Carroll’s lapScreen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.19.25 PM

And he was obviously surprised by Jack’s last boxScreen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.18.26 PM And by the Casual headband and “put me in coach” sign on the day of the FGCU game that shall remain unmentioned.Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.16.27 PM

And he was definitely surprised by the lack of GUTS busses on weekendsScreen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.13.46 PM

He also couldn’t contain his surprise at the number of people actually eating at Leo’s.
Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.11.50 PM And he was pretty surprised by the people studying at Lau so early on a Sunday.Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 11.07.52 PM


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 1.38.46 PM

What else is he surprised by?


1. Save this picture to your computer.

2. Save the background picture of your choice to your computer as well.

3. Go to Paint (is that still a thing?) or (Pixlr Editor Advanced) and open both photos

4. Select around Surprised Patrick, copy, and paste onto your background image

5. Adjust as necessary

6. SAVE AND send them into us at [email protected]!

“Far Away” Hits Close to Home

Before I begin urging you to go see the Department of Performing Art’s production of Caryl Churchill’s Far Away, I must first beg of you not to read a synopsis, plot summary, or any sort or review about the show prior to seeing it. Do not ask for a preface from a friend who has seen it, and do not try to figure out anything about this show beyond the show dates and times (which I provide for you here, so don’t you dare go and open another tab). I, instead, ask you to go into the show completely blind and then stay for the post-show discussion and participate. There are no wrong answers, and it’s eye-opening.

Now that my little disclaimer is out of the way… I went into ‘Far Away’ knowing close to nothing about the production, except that it is 50 minutes long, and that it is put on by the three-person cast of Alexandra Waldon, Addision Williams, and Olivia Duff. So, as far as an audience member goes, I was a blank slate. This turned out to work to my advantage: I watched the ambiguous plot unfurl before my eyes as I gathered clues from the intimate and genuine conversations between these three characters.

You will find yourself intrigued, confused, entertained, and even deeply troubled as the story progresses and this is what I personally think made it so delightfully thought provoking. It will most certainly be a topic of discussion among you and the people you saw it with.

And here is the part where I, again, urge you to stick around the extra 20 minutes after the show for the post show-discussion. Instead of debating your take on the show with your friends who are equally as baffled as you (because you’re all going to be like this), wouldn’t you rather discuss your ideas and thoughts with the show’s director, Jason Loewith, and the three fabulous cast members?

Some of you may be upset by the lack of plot description in this ‘review’ so here you go: a screaming owl, hats, a shed, crocodiles and some more hats. And now the show times! (Note: After seeing today’s show, I volunteered to take part in it next Wednesday! So maybe I’ll even see you there)

Thursday-Saturday, October 11-13 at 8PM
Sunday, October 14th at 2PM
Wednesday-Saturday, October 17-20 at 8PM

Davis Performing Arts Center, Devine Studio

Friday/Saturday Evening: $10 student/$15 faculty, staff, alumni, senior/$18 general admission
All other performances: $8 student/$12 faculty, staff, alumni, senior/$15 general admission


The Fourth Summer Edition, 2012

Aloha! After a brief vacation, 4E has returned for the summer months. We got a little sunburned, packed up the boogie boards and finished off one last piña colada, and we’re back baby.

Summer 2012 has just begun. Whether you’re in D.C., New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Istanbul or Cairo, we’re here for you. Fine, we’re mostly here for those of you on campus, but that doesn’t mean we forgot about the rest of you.

Check in on 4E for all your summer needs, from making the most of your summer internship to beating the heat to preparing for your first year at Georgetown. We promise not to lead you astray (on purpose, at least).

We’ve got a lot in store for the next few months, and we know you do too. If there’s anything you want to see on 4E, drop us a line in the comments or at [email protected]. And hey, if you’re feeling inspired to write, let us know about that too!

Michelle Cassidy
Blog Editor

Photo: (slightly modified)