4E’s Official 2017 Finals SZN Coffee Drinking Game

The rules are simple. Every time you tick off a bingo box, take a shot of espresso. When you have four in a row (diagonals count), you win! We promise you will be adequately stressed out hyped and caffeinated to tackle your finals season studying! Happy studying, and remember that no matter how well you do, 4E loves you (unless you’re a real jerk)! Photos/Gifs: myfreebingocards.com, giphy.com, travelbetweenthepages.com

Caffeine Cravings: Philz to the Rescue

Philz Coffee

Do you love coffee and people watching? Are you sick of your typical spots? Do you wanna jump on the newest caffeine trend? Well, look no further 4E has just the place for you!

The coffee shop, Philz, is finally opening two stores right here in DC! You can find them at:

The Yards: 1331 4th Street SE #101

Adams Morgan: 1827 Adams Mill Road NW

Philz is an extremely popular chain, with a ton of stores out in Los Angeles and San Fran. Their cup of joe is amazing and we are so excited to welcome them to the coffee scene!

In addition to their tons of coffee options, the DC stores will also sell food, pastries, and juices from local stores like Rise Bakery, BakeHouse, Bluebird Bakery, Capital Kombucha and Misfit Juicery. And, for those of you who love to study in DC like me, they will be offering free, unrestricted WiFi. Cue the Instagrams!

The stores will be officially opening its Adams Morgan store on Mar. 27th and its hours will be from 5:30am to 10pm. The Yards store will open in May. Get ready for a caffeine overload!

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Get Your Coffee While It’s Hot

Corp Coffee

ATTENTION ALL HOYAS! As you may have gleaned from this article, starting Wednesday, Jan. 28 until Feb. 1, the Corp is closing their coffee shops. That’s right, MUG is outie Friday through Saturday, Uncommon Grounds is uncommonly closed on Wednesday and Thursday and Midnight Mug is closed Friday and Saturday. In this time, the locations will be switching coffee brands (from Mayorga to Compass Coffee) and will also be updating equipment.

We at 4E can think of several issues related to this mass closing. The primary question being, Where are students going to get their coffee? Sure, there’s Starbucks in Leavey Center, Epi and Saxby’s, to name a few places. But does Saxby’s sell those cute little empanadas from Midnight? Can Epi satisfy my craving for a Pygmalion? Why doesn’t Starbucks have a location smack dab in the ICC?

As much as people love to make fun of the Corp, it’s undeniable that the organization has a huge impact on student life and student caffeine content. So stop whatever you’re doing (even if it’s the snow dance) and get your coffee while you can. It might be February before you get a sip of that sweet, sweet Red Eye.

Photo: thehoya.com

The Finals Coffee Drinking Game

coffee_olympics2At this point in the week, Lau-goers have become downright restless. With the Christmas lights at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to push through those last few papers and memorize those last few chapters you forgot to take notes on. If there’s any time in the finals process that caffeine equates to the nectar of the gods, it’s now. We at the 4E have decided to spice up your caffeine intake with this coffee drinking game. Enjoy, and good luck on those last few exams!

Take a swig of that coffee…

1. Every time you finish a page of an essay or a chapter for your final tomorrow.

2. If you see someone sleeping in the comfy chairs on Lau 2.

3. If you hear a pre-med kid say he’s going to drop pre-med.

4. Every time someone recites their finals schedule to you.

5. Every time you’re asked, “When do you leave?”

Take a shot (of espresso)…

1. If your casual night studying in Lau just turned into an all-nighter.

2. Every time you see laughter turn to tears. (Bonus: Finish your drink if those tears become real.)

Finish your drink if…

1. You see someone with three or more empty coffee cups, an entire meal or a pillow-blanket combination in their cubical. These are all signs that this person has decided to forgo their dorm for the week and move into Lau, and they deserve your caffeinated support.

2. You’re already home. Ugh.

Drink ’til you drop that last paper on your professor’s desk! Good luck, Hoyas!!

The Evolution of Your Coffee Addiction

Coffee addiction

Here we are in the last week of finals, and whether you’re camped out on Lau 2 with our awesome study playlist or hiding in a breakout room in Hariri, you’ve likely got a cup of coffee with you. You may think to yourself, at what point did I become so dependent on caffeine? Well, 4E is here to take you down memory lane. Here it is, the evolution of your coffee addiction.

Phase One: Rejection Remember those days when you didn’t like the taste of coffee? You had probably tried a few sips of your parent’s morning cup of joe and immediately cringed at the not-yet-acquired taste. You were likely in middle school or high school and didn’t quite yet have the need for the caffeine. You “loved the smell but hated the taste”. How soon that will change…

Phase Two: Compromise This phase involved you trying out drinks such as the “Skinny Vanilla Latte” or “Caramel Double Chocolate Foamy Candy Delight with a little coffee in it”. This was kind of a compromise for you to get a little caffeine while avoiding the coffee taste. Plus you were in high school so it made you feel cool to get these complicated sounding drinks at Starbucks after class.

Phase Three: Testing the Waters After being a few months deep into the compromise phase, you start feeling a slight need for that buzz that has kept you going through the day. You slowly shift into coffee as opposed to lattes, adding a couple of sugars and a good amount of cream. The taste doesn’t seem to bother you anymore and you even invest in a travel mug so that you can get a refill discount.

Phase Four: Wading Into the Deep End You have now come to associate mornings with that warm cup of coffee between your hands, and you feel naked if you’re walking to class without a full mug. You now use minimal amounts of cream and sugar and drink more than two cups a day. The taste has grown on you and you have come to enjoy it.

Phase FiveNeed You need coffee. You just do. Don’t deny it. You get headaches when you go too long without it and you can’t seem to focus correctly in your morning class without a medium coffee in you. And hey, that’s okay, you’re not the only one. You’ve graduated from coffee to Red Eyes (coffee with a shot of espresso) and your tolerance for caffeine has increased.

Phase Six: Addiction Welcome to the dark (roast) side.

Photo: Alexander Brown/The Hoya