Since Last We Met …

4EguesswhatWe’re baaaaack. You’ve missed us. We’ve missed you. At long last, the 4E drought is over. Seeing as it’s been so long since last we met, let’s make up for lost time. Here are five of the stories we missed while we were gone.

1. There was unrest in the kingdom.

Two weeks ago, leaked elevator footage of American royalty, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and the royal-by-association Solange proved that celebrities are just like us. Some of us are lovers, some are fighters and some do absolutely nothing at all. In this case, I’m referring to Jay-Z, Solange and Beyoncé, respectively. Below, the brawl is re-enacted in gif form.

2. We work out.

Washington D.C. was just ranked as the fittest city in the country. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s definitely because Georgetown keeps its Sweetgreen and Lululemon game strong.

3. Barack Obama went for a casual walk in D.C., and people freaked out.

This video below pretty much says it all:

4. We can finally enjoy the view.

The Washington Monument is finally reopened. Your Instagram followers will be overjoyed. Watch the action unfold:

5. Finally, rapper 50 Cent “successfully” threw the first pitch at a New York Mets game.


Don’t worry — now that we’re back, we’ll be here all summer to keep you up to date on everything happening in Georgetown, D.C. and pop culture. Stay tuned!

#TBT: Hoyas Basketball Edition

basketbal asia

In honor of Throwback Thursday, and (more importantly) the 2013 men’s basketball season opener tonight in South Korea, we here at 4E thought it was a good time to look back at the infamous, last time the Hoyas went to Asia.

The events are explained in more detail in the Hoya story that covered the incident of the time. Basically, the Hoyas were taking a good-will, exhibition trip to China, playing friendly basketball match-ups against various Chinese teams across the country.  However, one game, against the Bayi Rockets, turned out to not be so friendly, as tensions escalated into physical violence.  This stole the spotlight of the trip, overshadowed the positives, and brought up questions of international tensions leaking into athletics.

While the Hoyas make another international basketball experience tomorrow night in the Armed Forces Classic (8 ET, ESPN), I’m confident for a variety of reasons that it will be a much more civil experience.

1) They’re all amateurs

While Georgetown faced off against a professional team from China, they play the #18 Oregon Ducks tomorrow.  I think there’s a little less pressure on college kids playing each other, than professionals being embarrassed losing to a group of college students.

2) They’ll all be wearing cool uniforms 

Nike produced some sweet uniforms for this one, so not only will both teams look good, but they won’t be jealous of one another.

3) The uniforms endorse “respect”

Staying on the uniforms, I feel like it would be pretty contradictory to get into a brawl when Georgetown’s jerseys literally say “RESPECT” on the back.

4) This game actually counts

They Hoyas are looking for a strong start by beating a ranked opponent, and Oregon doesn’t want to get booted from the Top 25 this early, so neither of them have time for on-court shenanigans.

5) John B. Carroll

With the new mascot on campus, the Hoyas are looking to set a positive example for the little guy.  How could you disappoint this face?