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You know you’re a true Hoya when your entire News Feed and Twitter Feed are full of posts about Bradley Cooper. Well here’s one more social media site talking about our famous alumnus. Where in Georgetown is Bradley Cooper?

Car Barn The GM of The Hoya (the venerable Mary Nancy Walter) says he’s currently in the Car Barn! FLOCK THERE HOYAS, RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Red Square A false report from Facebook’s “Georgetown Insults” stated that the Silver Linings Playbook star was seen picking his nose in Red Square. This has been debunked, but if it had been true, I would have sprinted out of my Econ lecture in the ICC Auditorium (where I am currently writing this post, missing many iClicker questions) and handed him a tissue.

Leo’s The very funny @PizzaAtLeos says that he is currently enjoying, wait for it….Pizza at Leo’s. If he was, this would be the perfect opportunity to say “I want to go to Leo’s so badly!” (which has never been said before in the history of TIME)

Saxby’s Many claimed to have seen him at Saxby’s as well, though I doubt that he is still there. I’m sure some crazed fan is digging through the trash right now looking for his used latte cup.

Wisconsin Ave. Cooper was also reported to be shopping on Wisconsin, probably attracting hoards of fans as he went. Feel free to run down there and look for the mobs!

My Room Unlikely… or is it? One can only dream. But I sure hope he’s not there, it’s kind of a disaster zone. I think my roommate is somewhere in there drowning in the pile of unfolded laundry I left on my bed.

Good luck finding him Hoyas!

Photo: InsideMovies

All The World Is A Stage

Recently, a reputed dramatic website ranked universities around the country (outside of NY) that have stellar theater departments. It comes as no surprise that we are on the list. Seriously though, Georgetown has produced some great artists; both on stage and on the silver screen. Helllllloooo, Bradley Cooper.

I could gush all day about the theater community here at Georgetown as I am proud to be a member of it, and because of that, I encourage every Hoya to get in touch with their artsy side (like this lady) and indulge in some upcoming performances.  There is a phenomenal amount of talent on campus, and it would be a shame to miss out on the transformative power of live theater.

The wonderful thing about Georgetown Theater is the unique approach and perspective the Theater major takes. It allows students to “broaden their knowledge of the theater, social justice, cultural criticism, and civic engagement by stressing the creation of new work, dramaturgy, and the history of performing arts.”

It’s so typical of us Georgetowners to take a “cura personalis” approach to theater. Our department and all of the dramatic organizations on campus are concerned with the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional facets of theater. It is well worth your while to see a few productions this year or maybe even participate in a few! You certainly will not regret it.

Bradley Cooper wants you to explore Georgetown Theater…would you say no to him?


That’s what I thought.



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