How To Look Your Best At Dip Ball

Dip ballTickets for Georgetown’s Diplomatic Ball are on sale this week. Although it may be a time to ~hang out~ with some diplomats, we all know the best part of the night is dressing up. So if you’re unsure of what to wear and how to look fab in that #insta we all know will be posted, 4E has a few ideas for you!

Low budget options:

The classic Trash Bag Dress. This outfit is just a step out of your dorm room. Find the nearest trash can in your hall and get ready for lots of jealous stares!

A Duct Tape Dress is a timeless look that involves only a few rolls of duct tape. The more patterned the tape, the more people will notice you, so be sure to begin working on your dress today.


Nothing says diplomatic like wearing your convocation robe! All those diplomats will know how serious you are about your studies and stealing their jobs working with them in the future.

Celebrity Inspired Outfits:

Celebrities always have the right idea when it comes to fashion, so if you’re looking to wear something that says “I’m cultured!” these next outfits are for you!

The Hunger Games fire hunger games the girl on fire katnis everdeen

Set the dance floor on fire with Katniss’s Girl on Fire Look!

To make the entrance of a lifetime, try Lady Gaga’s 2011 Grammy Egg Look.


If you want an outfit that screams State Department, but has a nice pop of color, try one of Hillary Clinton’s pant suits! This outfit guarantees a conversation starter with your favorite diplomat.

To add a little ~magic~ to your outfit and the night, try Ron Weasley’s Yule Ball Look. Just make sure to stay far away from all the Slytherins at the ball.

Group Outfits:

Grab a date and go for the wow factor with Justin and Britney’s infamous denim look!

This last look is for the whole squad. If you want to meet some diplomats, but don’t want them to meet you, grab some blue paint and a couple of friends. To take the look a step further and to be extra memorable, bring some blue paint with you and throw it all around the dance floor!



Arrested Development is Back (Back Again)


Remember almost two years ago when the world lost its cool freaking out about Arrested Development coming out with a fourth season? Of course you do, I still have panic attacks from the excitement.


Well hold on to your juice boxes because season 5 of everyone’s favorite family, the Bluth’s, is coming back to you! While the exact release date of this new season has not be set, it is never too early to get so incredibly excited!!

Don’t believe me? Check out this interview with TV producer Brian Grazer on the BS Report. The 24:28 minute mark to be exact.

The “solid as a rock” show will be returning with 17 episodes filled with chicken dances, Blue Men Groupies and dangerous cousins.


In celebration of this joyous occasion 4E has compiled our favorite gifs by character from this iconic show. Because what better way to celebrate than rewatching every single episode ever made.

1. Michael


2. George Michael


3. Tobias


4. Lindsaytumblr_mnua4437PM1r3yexao1_500

5. Maeby


6. Lucille


7. George Sr.


8. Buster


9. GOBMichael-and-GOB-gif-arrested-development-23828065-500-224

10. Annyong

But his real name is hello
But his real name is hello

11. Ann


Thanks A.V. Club for keeping us informed about the greatest thing since sliced bread.