DC Comes Out on Top: Best-Educated City

D.C. was recently voted Best-Educated City in the nation! (as if we were surprised) Combine that with Georgetown’s number 1 win for best college town and number 3rd finish for best college sex life, good ole District of Columbia is surely making us proud.

The study was conducted by William Yu, an economist at UCLA, and was based on a bunch of educational statistics that are pretty boring but added up to D.C.’s landslide victory of 140.5 points. The points were gathered by a fancy schmancy “city human capital index”, which measured the average amount of schooling students acquire in that particular city.

With all the data and newfound glory that comes along with the title, numerous people are starting to side with notion that D.C. is one of the best places to live… and, let’s be real, who can blame that logic? As a student living in D.C., it only seems natural that the city has captured all of these coveted titles. Way to go, DC! Now, not only are we sexually active and a beautiful place to live, we’re also super smart!

Oh and in case you were interested…Boston finished second while San Francisco rounded out the top 3. (Take that, Harvard)

Photo: https://www.nahu.org/meetings/capitol/2011/07WashingtonDC.jpg