Motivation Monday: Live from the Walsh Bathroom

walsh bathroom

Spring is in the air in the District. Are the clouds of flower petals on Healy Lawn or the cloudless blue skies distracting you from your last few weeks of studies? Is the stress of hearing your friends talk about their summer plans getting you down? Don’t worry! Your fellow Hoyas have your back. Here are some motivating tips from real-life (presumably) Georgetown students, left in a place where few would think to look: the Walsh bathrooms.


First, some words of wisdom for the Class of 2019 and the freshman inside us all.


Next up, a little optimism to get the party going.


We all need self-love at this time of the year. Who makes your day special?IMG_9098But hey, don’t get cocky now. The school year isn’t over yet, and humility is a Hoya’s best habit.


Let that spirit inside you soar, girl. Uncage your inner sensitivity. Spring is the time of hope!


While we’re at it, check out this fly poetry. See, inspiration comes in places you’d never expect!


And nope, you’ve lost me. Seems like this belongs on a more dignified place than above a toilet paper dispenser, no?


Oh, Jane Hoya, the ever witty joker she is. I laugh at your chutzpah.


And finally, when all else fails, we’re all in this together. Someone out there is having a day far worse than yours. Remember your Convocation oath to remain a man or woman for others, and give that stranger a friendly smile or a wave as they stroll across the lawn. For all you know, they wrote the passage below.

We apologize for the expletives!

Photos: Alessandra Puccio; Gifs:

Stalling in the Stall

There are many mediums of expression: writing, singing, dancing, blogging, painting, the list goes on and on. But we at 4E would like to expose the world to the most cutting edge and hip new medium for getting ones thoughts or comedic impulses out there. Say hello to the bathroom wall. For the past month or so, I’ve had the entire Hoya staff on lookout for the best bathroom stall scribbles they could find. Here are some of the best!

Thankfully, there are people who use bathroom stall to share some advice:


Or use it to correct other’s advice:

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Except in here, you're alone in here.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Except in here, you’re alone in here.

While others use the bathroom wall to express serious environmental concerns as seen below in this beautiful drawing. (Question…why is the tree wearing a shirt?)



Or maybe they use existing graffiti to make IR puns to display their intellectuality as well as their creativity:


Speaking of puns, take a look at these awesome grout jokes. Famous literature and America’s favorite past time meet the classiness of the grout above the White Gravenor urinals.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/grout/”/]

But while the people above use the stall for humor, the people below use it for their pensive and poetic thoughts. I would imagine that the desired effect would be to make the reader feel introspective, but all it makes me think about is how long the person must have spent writing this…don’t you have other things to do?

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/stall poem/”/]

And then there are those who combine comedy with poetry:

A haiku: Oh Lau, I loathe now pooping in Lau it smells oh so gross