4E’s Spring 2018 Blog Babies

Just as Kylie Jenner kept baby Stormi a secret until she was born and ready to be famous, we here at 4E are proud to announce that, earlier this month, we welcomed six new bloggers into our family. Be on the lookout for some stellar content from them in the future!

Top 3 Signs That You’re Officially A Broke College Student

1. Your card gets declined on a pack of gum at Vittles. I’ve had to pay in dimes and nickels before.

2. You can’t donate that extra $1 at CVS checkout. It’s hard to donate to the poor when you ARE the poor.

3. Signing up to be a student guard. $12.50 for sitting at a desk seems like the ultimate solution for broke students.

Top 5 Social W’s at Georgetown

1. A university-recognized frat party

2. A Henle that is below 97 degrees

3. A Vil B where no one gets kicked out

Top 5 Awkward Interactions I’ve Had This School Year

1. I’m in an interview in front of three intimidating upperclassmen. I wrote in my application that my dream job would be a stand-up comedian, so they ask me to tell a joke. I’m nervous, and so I say the first thing that comes into my mind: a Jewish joke. The problem — I didn’t tell them that I’m Jewish. They laugh awkwardly at this joke. Unsurprisingly, I was rejected.

2. I get into the New South elevator and see a kid from my Spanish class. We have never talked before today. The elevator is crowded, and  we end up standing right next to each other, shoulder to shoulder. We say “hey,” and then it’s just silent. The elevator is going up so slowly,  and it becomes so silent and awkward that I start to laugh uncontrollably.

3. *Waiter gives me my food*

Waiter: “Enjoy!”

Me: “You too!”

Top 3 Disney Channel Original Movies since 2000

1. Cheetah Girls

2.  High School Musical

3. Jump In! 

Top 3 Georgetown Rats

1. The Wisey’s Rat: The OG. The rat who started it all. To quote an old adage, “You see a rat, I see a man working hard to support his family.” Long live.

2. The Leo’s rat: It’s truly disturbing that a rat lived amongst my 5Spice sesame chicken and Sazon guacamole. Still, the temptation is understandable. I really can’t blame this one on the rat so much as on whatever evil force made Leo’s.

3. The rat I accidentally kicked on Healy Lawn: I’d feel bad for kicking you so hard, but scurrying over my foot was never going to be the best first impression. I watched in horror as you soared through the air from the sheer force of my kick, unaware that although you were my first Georgetown rat, you wouldn’t be my last.

Top 3 Tried and True Ways to Procrastinate

1. BuzzFeed comes to mind for most people when they hear the word procrastination. It truly has something for everyone.

2. The Facebook Deep Dive is a personal favorite of mine: Just start scrolling through your Facebook timeline and see where it takes you. Maybe you start with a few cooking videos and after forty minutes find yourself casually stalking the profile of a girl you went to middle school with — obviously not in a creepy way, just to see how she’s doing.

3. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic form of procrastination: the nap. It solves everything. Paper due in a few hours? Nap. Feel generally stressed? Nap. Avoiding any and all responsibilities? Nap.

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5 Ways to Recover from an Awkward Hook-up

5 ways to recover from an awkward hookup

It’s Sunday morning, and you’re still recovering. You start to remember the chaos that went down the night before, and your roommate notices that you’re just lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, and recalling everything. Thinking back, not good. Not good at all.

Yes. That’s correct. You did hookup with that random guy/girl you met at Vil A and no, you can’t remember the second-half of his/her name. All you know is that the night just went something like this:

The worst is yet to come. You’re on your way back from class, and you realize your paths cross. You’re now forced to see them every Wednesday. You pass them, wondering if you should say “Hi” or run the other away. You end up saying something like this:


Don’t worry!!! 4E has created a guide to recovering from an awkward hookup (sort-of).

  1. You could do the original form of dealing with a previous hookup: Ignore each other. Spot him or her from a mile away and instantly start staring at your phone like every single person in the world suddenly hit you up. Or keep your head high and start walking like a boss.
  2. Or… you could pretend to be the best of friends. My favorite: Pretend it never happened. Say “Hi” so casually that they think you mistook them for someone else. There’s nothing as confusing as a nonchalant head-nod and a quick “Sup.” Be cool.
  3. You’re bound to see your hookup at Leo’s at one point or another. You want the Wok, but they are in line. There’s pasta. But like I’ve said, you really want Wok. Hey, here’s a thought! Why not grab a meal together? You could have some cringeworthy small-talk!4. This one’s a bold one. Friend them on Facebook. Yeah, I said it. Go through the trouble of looking up every “John” who attends Georgetown and has at least 2 mutual friends with you and friend them. If they accept it, then the awkwardness is a little lessened. You’re Facebook friends now. That means something. Just kidding, but maybe if you get to know each other, the awkwardness will become something better for the future. ;) If they don’t accept, time to cancel that request… and also never leave your dorm for the next three weeks.5. Last but not least, just be yourself. Smile, say “Hey”. Whether you plan to talk again or never at all, acknowledge each other when you see each other. It’s the decent thing to do.

Orrr you could just drunk text them the next weekend and do it all over again.

And that, folks, is how you recover from an awkward hookup.

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Awkward 2

Freshman year of college is like the first episode of New Girl or the sex-ed class in 5th grade- awkward. But it’s okay because you’re a freshman and you get to embrace this identity throughout all of those moments that make you cringe, want to dive into some water, put a bag over your head, etc. When you’re a sophomore it’s still pretty awkward and you have less of an excuse to embrace it (but you of course do anyway). Have no fear though because by the time you’re a senior, well you know what they say: it’s only awkward if you make it awkward. And well, you still probably are.



4E is ripe with a haul of self-proclaimed awkward experts. Had an awkward moment? It’s most likely that we’ve been there, and back, too many times. So for those times when you’re torn between hiding under the covers or breaking free out into the world, we’re here to push you toward the latter! Let us now walk you through a few scenarios and some strategies for conquering them.

1. First, the classic name game. You’ve met 1,000 people this year and you’ve remembered about 6 of their names. When the moment arises that you forget someone’s name, you can…

  • Proceed to cough various names in hopes that one will trigger their attention.
  • Find a reason to clarify the spelling.
  • Call them pal, Jack, Caroline, or Sarah, you have a 40% chance of being correct.

giphy-12. Next, you are walking behind someone that totally looks like that person that’s in that group with you. They’ve got the same hairstyle, cool shoes, and the same build. Rather than awkwardly walking directly behind them to class you jump ahead and start talking. But then you realize it’s not the person whom you thought it was. You can…

  • Run.
  • Continue to talk to them as if they were that person and imply that it is them not you who is crazy.
  • Introduce yourself and invite them to coffee because this could be the making of a
    perfectly awkward friendship.
  • Pretend you were talking to the imaginary person behind them.

3. A friend asks you on a date. You had just settled in for the night, aka you only have a t-shirt and underwear on and you hear a knock at your door, “So, I was wondering if you would want to get dinner later this week?” You can…

  • Shut the door in their face, go to bed, and apologize in the morning you thought you were having a nightmare.
  • Say yes, but call it a “friendly dinner” and continue to emphasize how excited you are for the “friendly dinner” all week.
  • Pretend you no longer speak English, and mistakenly thought they asked if you had any extra socks. Proceed to hand them socks.


4. An actual date. Let’s say it was coffee. Here we shall focus on the goodbye. You just departed Saxbys and are heading in the opposite direction of your date. You can…

  • Keep as much distance as possible so that by the time they go in for a move you are
    halfway up O Street.
  • Go in for the handshake. Bold. Sends a message that you’re serious.
  • The usual, “Let’s do this again sometime,” followed by the expected response of a nod
    of the head and one resounding “Yeah, totally, for sure.” (*thanks but no thanks).

5. Your professor overhears saying something you would rather them have not heard.This could be anything from the Saturday night that you wish to never relive, to how you haven’t done in the reading all semester. It’s all awkward. You can…

  • Go to office hours, kneel on the floor, and plead your apology.
  • Act like you were acting out someone else’s life and proceed to talk about all of the
    studying you did this weekend.
  • Wallow in your embarrassment and never go to that class again.

6. Alas, the person you’ve been seeing asks ‘what you guys are.’ You can…

  • Just show them this, or act it out.

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Five Possible Dining Alone Scenarios at Leo’s

Eating Alone

They say that the enemy of success is comfort. Leo’s is likely to be a place you find yourself often — and if not poopoo for you, because Leo’s is HOT. The triumphant marketing team’s latest endeavor, inspired by the altruistic and chumley community that is the Hilltop, has developed table sharing signs. Not only are these well designed “Dining Solo? Join me, this is a shareable table” signs equipped to add flare to your table and meal, but they are also something bigger. They are invitation to community, to love, and to the ever-beloved networking skills  that Hoyas pride themselves on.


While the prospect of inviting or approaching a fellow stranger to share company over a meal of chicken fingers may seem daunting, 4E urges you to take the leap — for as some wise human once said, “achievement thrives on the extended peripheries of our comfort zones,” or something like that. If you take the leap this may happen…


1) HoyaLoveStories.

giphy-4Heard the stories? It could be you. Sit down stay awhile. A long while. Eventually you’ll be buried together. 

2) The Best friend.


Who knows maybe you’ll end up getting Leo’s together every night?! Be each other’s best man? Go to your kids first birthdays? Retire together? There is so much room for possibilities.

3) The Business Partner


Uhuh hunny. Handshake is the name, entrepreneurship is the game. Let Chicken Finger Thursday inspire you to develop the next Facebook, waffle press, air travel machine…

4) Discover your best friend’s old hook up


When they sat down you thought they looked familiar, but the more their little idiosyncaries begin to reveal themselves, like how he says bro after every other word, or laughs lika hyena… it finally clicks, your roommate used to go out with him. Now you sit, devour your food, and hope nobody saw you.

5) The Stalker

Hey, this could very much be the biggest liability of taking the leap. But really, how bad could having someone’s undivided attention be?… There’s always restraining orders if you start to feel unsafe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.02.19 PM

And follow @georgetowndining on Instagram cause rumor has it, I may be behind the scenes…

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How to Rock an Awkward Moment

200_sWe can all admit we’ve done something awkward on campus. Maybe we’ve pushed on a pull door, tripped on uneven sidewalk on Prospect and did the awkward “recovery stumble” or another embarrassing scenario. At 4E we’re here to help you out in these potentially cringeworthy moments, so have no fear because here’s how to play it off and be cool.

1. Late to Class

Scenario: You arrive at 5:03 p.m. for your 5 p.m. in ICC, and there aren’t any desks left to sit in. You stand awkwardly in the doorway of the room and the whole class stares at you.

4 Steps to “play it off cool”:

  1. Laugh it off. Address the class and say “Sorry everyone, haha.”
  2. Ask the professor if there is another desk (he or she will find you one).
  3. Sit in your seat, take out your notebook/ pen and take notes.
  4. Say at least one comment out loud. It shows you’re engaged — trust us.

2. Music in Lau

Scenario: You are on Lau 3 (quiet room) and your phone plays music aloud. One person coughs disapprovingly, and another gives you the side eye.

3 Steps to handle it:

  1. Turn off Fetty Wap as soon as possible.
  2. Look around the room as if it wasn’t you responsible for that noise.
  3. Continue studying and maybe let out a disapproving cough to be like “Yeah whoever is listening to Fetty right now is just a bad person, jeez.”

3. Trippin’ in Leo’s

Scenario: You trip in Leo’s. Not on shrooms, but on your own feet and a hot person happens to sees it.


3 Steps to coolness:

  1. Laugh it off for 2 seconds. Not too long or you will look like an insane person.
  2. If you spilled something, pick it up. If it’s a big thing that you can’t pick up yourself then tell a person at Leo’s and use “please,” “sorry” and “thank you” because it really is nice of them to pick it up for you.
  3. Walk back to your table confidently and eat your food like the rockstar you are.

4. Being “too wild” on a Friday night 

Scenario: You had too much Burnett’s fun and made a fool of yourself. You texted your crush “OMG why did I text my crush 15 times in a row just in emojis? What’s up with me?!” 


4 ways to handle it:

  1. Thank your friends for getting you home with a quick text.
  2. If you think about texting your crush, don’t. The emojis did enough and if he or she likes you then they will text you back (which will probably be the case because usually people have a sense of humor about these things). If they don’t text you then no worries because you’ll find someone just as great or even better.
  3. Realize that the regret you’re feeling is probably from the hangover. Chug water and watch Netflix… and Facebook stalk a random person’s album from 2010 because, for reasons that scientists cannot understand, it is a really fun hangover activity.
  4. Enjoy your Saturday and next time, pace yourself.

Photo: giphy.com; popsugar.com; tumblr.com

Friday Fixat10ns: Middle School Dance Edition


[8tracks url=”https://8tracks.com/hoya_sounds/friday-fixat10ns-middle-school-dance-edition” ]

Whip out the ugg boots, blue eye shadow and flip phones because this playlist will serve as the ultimate “throwback” to those fantastically awkward middle school days.

  1. “Stronger” – Kanye West. We all wanted those shutter shades featured in the music video, and even the kids who didn’t normally dance were likely to participate in this one.  
  2. “TiK ToK” – Ke$ha. Alas, the rise of Ke$ha, with her money symbol name and her amazingly bizarre lyrics. It’s still a mystery how middle schools allowed a song with words like “before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of jack.”
  3. “I Know You Want Me” – Pitbull (Feat. Calle Ocho). While we mock Mr. 305, we can agree that this song was our jam in those middle school days. Deep down we all had a special someone that we wanted to serenade with this tune if that sort of thing were “socially acceptable.”
  4. “Lollipop” – Lil Wayne. This song came on when the “grinding” (or whatever the kids call it these days) was in full force. The chaperones heard the start of this and were probably in alert mode to break up that kind of dancing.
  5. “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga. Everyone knows the tune, the words and the meaning. It was played not just at middle school dances, but at every other event where music was played aloud.
  6. “Live Your Life” – T.I. (Feat. Rihanna). As a middle schooler we all loved this song and all sang along to the chorus and focused on dancing during the TI verses since it was hard to memorize those portions. Good times.
  7. “With You” – Chris Brown. Awww. When Chris Brown wasn’t scary, this song was a perfect for slow dancing or just swaying along to.
  8. “Low” – Flo-Rida. Yes, we all googled “apple bottom jeans” and we all had that “a-ha!” moment after realizing that Flo-Rida is Florida “like the state.”
  9. “Umbrella” – Rihanna (feat. Jay-Z). It went beyond a song but was like a universally known and enjoyed middle school bonding piece that is still enjoyable to listen to.
  10. “When I Grow Up” – The Pussycat Dolls. This was a “belt it out and have no shame” sort of song, and it was a universal misconception (that we all bonded over) that she says “boobies” not “groupies.

Photos/Gifs: hirevue.com

How to Survive Awkward Family Parties

Otis copy2

The holiday season is always the perfect time of year to lounge around binge-watching Netflix, take advantage of home cooked meals and attend as many family holiday parties as can be jammed into three weeks.

What? That last one doesn’t sound too fun.

Admittedly, family parties this time of year can be stressful, as you’ll likely find yourself deflecting questions left and right about your major and life plans from relatives you didn’t even know existed.

The worst thing you can possibly do in such a situation is be unprepared. If you find yourself stumbling over your words as you try and tell your Uncle Jim about Georgetown’s social scene, then you may want to keep reading as 4E presents the best ways to answer relatives’ awkward questions this holiday season.

Imagine this: you’re at a family party, minding your own business, sipping on some non-alcoholic eggnog and enjoying a festive holiday cookie.

Things are going pretty well, you’ve made some rounds and managed to avoid any super uncomfortable encounters so far. You feel like you’re in the clear when all of a sudden you hear your name being called loudly from across the room. Your palms begin to sweat as you slowly turn and see your mom’s third cousin twice removed wildly waving her arms in an attempt to flag you down. Sheer terror crosses your face as you realize it’s too late, she’s spotted you.  After a customary awkward greeting the interrogation begins…

You know, when I was your age, I was already engaged. Any prospects for you?

Yeah, I’m really hitting things off with [insert roommate’s name here]. We’re basically inseparable, so inseparable that we’re living together. We have a lot of the same interests, I mean we both agree that sloths are really weird animals. Plus, no one understands my eternal love of Eat & Joy pizza after a really late night quite like my roomie. I really think I’m in this one for the long haul!

Have you decided on a major yet? You don’t really have a lot of time left to decide!

I’m actually more of a free spirit so I don’t really think it’s necessary to make such definitive plans. I’ll just go with the direction of the wind and see where I end up. Nothing is really permanent anyway. You should understand where I’m coming from, right? Weren’t you at Woodstock?

How’s the social scene? I remember all my crazy times back in college!

When I’m not in the library studying, I sit quietly in my room all day waiting for my professors to assign more work. There’s really no time to be crazy in college anymore these days, things must have really changed…

So do you know what you plan on doing after graduation?

Yup, I know exactly what I’m going to be doing. After finding the cure for cancer, I plan on personally building a spaceship to take me to Mars. I’ll then use my new spaceship to get off of this planet in order to avoid any future awkward encounters with you. And hey, if this plan ever fails, I’ve always got my parents’ basement as a backup!

[Insert any question that takes you by surprise].

Quickly shove as many holiday cookies as possible into your mouth and start mumbling a response.  Pretend to choke on the cookies so you can quickly excuse yourself and hide for the remainder of the party. 

Best of luck this holiday season, Hoyas!

Photos/Gifs: survivingcollege.com, howlatthemoon.com, tumblr.com; kanyetothe.com

Timeline of an Awkward Date

Timeline of Awkward Date

Every so often, us girls have those nights that inevitably end in two empty pans of Betty Crocker brownies, five episodes of “One Tree Hill,” emotional hair-braiding sessions and possibly tears while falling asleep to Taylor Swift’s “Cold As You.” We stay up long after the Netflix binge, reflecting on how we literally can’t even deal with why college boys can’t measure up to Chad Michael Murray.

But then there are those times when the nonexistent date you were just complaining about does happen, and is so uncomfortable that you find yourself wishing you had never prayed to Ryan Gosling about your relationship problems in the first place. Allow Jane Hoya to take you through that cringe-worthy dinner and bring back the memories you’ve tried to black out of your romantic history.


6:57 p.m. Jane leaves her house now to feign nonchalance.

7:10 p.m. Ten minutes fashionably late and he isn’t here. Nonchalance backfires.

7:12 p.m. Does she sit? Okay she’s sitting. Now there’s bread. Eats three pieces of bread.

7:14 p.m. He’s standing behind her but she doesn’t notice, as she is preoccupied confirming to the waiter that yes, she has in fact finished the bread basket, and yes, she’d like it refilled before her friend gets here.

7:15 p.m. Jane is still trying to recover from the bread fiasco when here comes her Spanish professor who has spotted her in the restaurant. Now she must simultaneously greet them. Are introductions necessary here? Does she stand? No hugging.


7:20 p.m. Orders burger first. He orders a salad. Without dressing. No croutons?!

7:22 p.m. Jane makes small talk. Complains about two tests this week. He had three midterms, a research paper and his dog died.

7:29 p.m. Conversation at a lull. Accidentally has been rubbing his foot under the table. Thought it was a pole. Excuses herself for the bathroom.

7:40 p.m. There was a line. Was she really in the bathroom for 10 minutes? He’s probably jumping to some unfortunate conclusions right now.

7:42 p.m. Seriously? No croutons?

7:45 p.m. Spanish professor comes back to the table for more conversation. Wants to speak in Spanish this time. Jane has barely spoken in English so far. Forced to speak in Spanish in front of date. May or may not have spit on him while rolling an “r.”

7:52 p.m. Meal comes. All of a sudden he’s asking a lot of questions. Maybe because he feels bored after having finished his lettuce and air in two bites while Jane is struggling to answer between mouthfuls of her burger.


8:10 p.m. Waiter brings dessert unrequested “for the couple.”

8:18 p.m. Check comes. Jane offers to pay. He says he’s got it covered.

8:19 p.m. Changes his mind. Maybe she could throw a few dollars in because burgers generally cost a little more than lettuce.

8:30 p.m. They walk home. He wants to know if they could do that again sometime. What’s the least awkward way to say no? Settles for “I’m busy every evening for the rest of the semester. See you in class tomorrow! Deuces!” Crushed it.

So there you have it, a fun reminder that not going on dates doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out on a great time. But what to do if your evening was eerily similar to Jane Hoya’s? Either you pretend it didn’t happen or you watch enough episodes of “Dating Naked” to make you feel better about yourself, because at the very least you weren’t desperate enough to ride a Jetski with a nude stranger. (Note: If this date was especially awkward, you may need to alternate with episodes of “Teen Mom.” Dodged a bullet there!)

Photo: thedailymeal.com

Weird Things That Happen to You on Long Runs

poorforrestI, like many Hoyas, have been training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon that’s coming up in D.C. In doing so, I have reluctantly been on many long and interesting runs around the city. Here are some weird things that I’ve experienced while running with which any fellow runner could probably sympathize.

1. Running by Georgetown Cupcake. 

If you’re running around Georgetown and happen to turn down 33rd, running by the line of people contently waiting for delicious treats while you force yourself to keep pushing through the cramps that have already developed in the 6 blocks it has taken you to get there just isn’t the most motivating thing while you think about the 8 left to go.


2. Stopping at red lights. 

It’s just inconvenient. You just got a good pace going, and now you’re standing in a crowd of well-dressed city people who are also waiting to cross the street. Except you’re kind of jogging in place and panting and sweating all over them. I can’t imagine they enjoy it. spngbobmaxim3. Dealing with your headphones.

It could probably be scientifically proven that it is impossible to complete an entire distance run without either your headphones falling out of your ears or the wires tangling around your arms, hands and neck. So not conducive to trying to look super fit and athletic. It’s also not conducive to breathing, which is a problem.


4. Smiling/waving at other runners who don’t respond. 

I’m sure you’re working hard and you’re totally in the zone but it’s just plain rude.


5. Realizing someone is trying to pass you. 



6. Realizing they will definitely end up passing you.

OK, it’s happening.


5. Tripping. 

There’s just no easy way to recover from it. That’s the end. Just cut your losses and go home.



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Awkward Moments at Home

AwkwardLife back home is sweet. Home-cooked meals, a couch for watching Netflix, pajama days until the end of time. But what happens when you leave the front door and face the outside world? As a college student returning home to the site of some of your most glorious (or embarrassing) days, there is huge potential for awkward moments or encounters. Be on the lookout for some of these common awkward moments:

Running into a teacher at the grocery store 
So, you’re psyched to go grocery shopping with your mom. Who wouldn’t be? It’s been months since you’ve walked through the aisles, smelled the fresh fruit, sampled gourmet cheeses and actually had a fridge big enough to hold it all. As you walk past the milk in your sweats, eyes wide at all the varieties of milk that actually exist, your freshman year math teacher wanders by and catches your eye. She wants to know everything about school, what you’re majoring in, what math classes you’ve taken. You nod and smile and answer the right questions, even though you look like you’ve just been hit by a car and you just want to keep staring at the milk.

Going to a spin classes with your younger sister
Your friends are all still at school but you are dying to hit up SoulCycle to get a little workout in, pre-bathing suit time. You reluctantly take your little sister and all of her annoying middle school friends with you. You pick a bike in the back and try and tune out the incessant chatter of small children, giving the older, more sophisticated members of the gym an apologetic glance as they roll their eyes. But it’s too late. Your mom is thrilled you are doing something with your sister, and she is already bragging to all of her friends and setting up a time for tomorrow. You are stuck for the week.

Finding out that your favorite Thai food place is out of business
You’ve got the perfect evening set up. Head to the absolute best Thai food restaurant for an early dinner, then hit up the movie theater next door to catch up on all those films people are always talking about. You’ve timed it all out, set up the details with friends, and are out the door. But after a third time circling the spot, you are beyond confused. You call them up and find out they’ve gone out of business. So much for dinner plans. Too bad you missed the going away party.

Seeing the high school freshmen that have been friending you
You’ve been ignoring these friend requests for a while now. Overeager freshmen from your high school have been friending you faster than Road Runner tearing down the mountain cliff. You’ve ducked, dipped, dived and dodged them well. That is, until now, when a posse of them come right at you on the street. You recognize them, whether or not you’ll admit it. They recognize you, even though they play it “cool” in front of their “college friends.” You quickly look down, but they know you know them. The damage has been done.

You may not get tangled in all of these snafus before you head back to the Hilltop but there’s a chance you may experience one of them. Our best advice: Don’t leave your house. Or do. You may as well embrace the awkwardness, knowing most of the people you run into aren’t Hoyas and you are. Poor things.

Photo: talesofatwentysomething.wordpress.com