Summer Classes Abroad are the Worst…

Summer Classes Abroad are the Worst

One of our very own 4E bloggers has jetted off to the land of love, lights and (most importantly) wine. Her experiences abroad have been challenging and tiresome, but she has managed to push through to blog about her experiences.

Reader Discretion Advised: Article may contain references to pastries, cheese and lack of homework. 

The words “summer” and “classes” shouldn’t go together; summer is best spent tanning, not studying. But since I chose to study abroad in Tours & Paris this summer, I’ve taken some time out of wine tasting, chateaux visiting, walking along the Seine, and (I guess) class to compile a list of the worst parts about taking summer classes abroad (in my experience, France).

Classes. A few hours of classes in French everyday can be pretty tiring, but the worst classes are the wine tastings. Especially when bread and cheese are included.


Field Trips. Remember those things? Soooo middle school. Really, half a day at Versailles? A tour of The French National Assembly? Meeting the French Minister of Foreign Affairs? The worst.

~footage from our field trip~

The Homework.


The People. Meeting new people is always hard, but meeting people then having to spend six weeks in France with them is just the worst. Does anyone really want to walk along the Seine, laughing in the rain?


The National Pride. France, why did you have to host the Euro Cup this year? Everyone getting super hyped about soccer football? Where is the national pride for the Olympics trials?

And finally, the food.
In France, you can have….

A different cheese every day of the year.

Gelato galore.

And don’t even get me started on the bread.

Ugh, summer classes are the worst… But in all seriousness, there’s no better way to learn about a culture than by studying abroad. Whether you want to take courses over the summer or the school year, I cannot stress enough to you that one MUST study abroad. No matter where you choose to plant yourself for 6 weeks to 5 months, learn and embrace all that your ~host~ country has to offer!


The 10 Reasons Why Everyone Must Attend Kickback


Those of you who were around last fall should remember that The Corp started an awesome music and art festival, combining Georgetown-based acts and professional headliners. I wasn’t there personally, but I heard it was awesome.

Well, The Corp is bring back this event again THIS SATURDAY Sept. 12. From 12 p.m. until the last act blows you away, all Hoyas can enjoy some awesome music, some insanly creative art and a bunch of fun activities. This year, The Corp has partnered with a few other Georgetown groups to make this event more collaborative and more intrinsic to the Georgetown experience.

After meeting with the people in charge of this awesome event, 4E has determined the top 10 reasons why this is the can’t miss event of the semester:

1. The Food. The Corp has not spared any expenses when it comes to the most important thing in all our lives, food. they are going to have a ton of local food trucks and eateries there to fill your mid-Kickback hunger. It is rumored that among these trucks will be Rito Loco, Swizzlr and Captain Cookie.

giphy2. Zipcar Membership. As part of this year’s Kickback, The Corp is working with Zipcar to provide discounted Zipcar memberships for those Hoyas who attend the festival and feel the need for a membership. But, in reality, who doesn’t need a car? Hello… trips to Costco?!

3. Flash Tats & Water Balloons. To make this event even more exciting, WGTB Georgetown radio will be providing both flash tattoos. I repeat: FLASH TATS. The Corp is providing water balloons, so basically anything could happen. Also, there will be water guns, hola hoops and other random things all provided by Zipcar. I have no idea what we are going to do with all this, but I do know that it will be fantastic.

4. Down Dog Yoga. At around noonish, Down Dog Yoga will be providing a free class on the lawn for anyone in attendance. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with some meditation and tree pose?!

5. Instagram Opportunities. The backdrop of Copley makes the perfect frame for your #nofilter Instagram. If that wasn’t enough, The Hoya (hay) is having some of our professional photographers take photos of people on the front lawn. And everyone knows that professional photos > iPhone photos.


6. Bringing Tie-Dye Back. Along with the flash tats, WGTB Georgetown radio is also hosting a tie-dye booth at the event! Ugh, how retro and awesome is that?!

7. Sunbathing. What better way to bask and enjoy Copley lawn than accompanied by music?

8. Artsy Art. Georgetown students are super talented. Why not see your friends’ art displayed across the lawn? You can tell them how great they are or maybe even discover your new favorite artist. So many possibilities.

9. The Music (duh). What other chance do you have to watch and jam out to student and professional performances? The answer: you don’t. This is your only chance.

10. FOMO. All your friends are going, so why wouldn’t you? You don’t wanna be that one person who missed out on Kickback, as if!

Kickback tickets are on sale now here and are only $10. 4E can’t wait to see you there.

Photos/Gifs: The Corp;; 

What to Expect From the Artists at Kickback


Today, The Corp announced the full lineup for Kickback, “a music and arts festival” on Labor Day.

With a mix of professional and student acts, Kickback promises a day of good music next week. But before the event is here, we’ve got a rundown of each of the bands, including our favorite song they perform.

The Knocks

The Knocks, an electropop duo, is one of Kickback’s professional headline acts.

Our favorite song of theirs is “Classic,” not to be confused with MKTO’s “Classic” because this “Classic” is more classic. This song is so fun. It’s perfect for the singalong-type jumping, happy dancing that was made to do with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

The Knocks seem kickback-ready because they have the scruff game on lock.

We also have an expert opinion on record claiming that The Knocks are incredibly talented.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 4.24.31 PM


One of the professional act headliners, Misterwives serves up delightful indie pop like this song, “Reflections”.

Are your ears happy yet?

Other than that one song I am completely lost on the rest of Misterwives’s stuff but I like what I hear so far and am looking forward to hear the rest of their catalogue on Monday.


Coin is an indie pop band that will open for the two professional acts. Our favorite song, “Oh No,” combines playful lyrics with an upbeat melody.

This song discusses the difficulty of a challenging relationship and the problems one can run into when it’s clear that one person should have broken up with the other but couldn’t because he or she “liked the view”. The view is nice ladies and gents.

The Unforgiven

At first we were upset that was their only video on YouTube but it’s actually awesome; they legitimately play in Georgetown townhouses for student parties. I’m just really disappointed that I was never invited to one.

They even sing “Wagon Wheel!” It might be a bit unseemly to call these guys hot because of their age. (Sorry members of The Unforgiven, but if it’s any conciliation we seriously love you.) Was that creepy too? Anyway they seem really chill and we feel like we already know them after watching this short documentary.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses

Tigers Are Bad For Horses, one of the two acts featuring Georgetown students, is a duo featuring Mary Ellen Funke (SFS ’15) and Lyell Roeder (COL ’13). The group just got together this year so their only video as of now is a cover:

Look for new music and original songs from them at the festival next week.

Peter Fanone

Peter Fanone (COL ’15) serves up some folky indie rock. This is our favorite song of his, especially because the music video was created by and stars Georgetown students.

Happy kicking back Hoyas! Check out the Kickback site to buy your tickets and I’ll see you there.

Full disclosure: The Hoya is a sponsor of Kickback.

Hot Spots to Cool Off: Jazz in the Garden

hot spots

Dear Mother Nature:

STOP. It’s currently 88 degrees outside, and my body temperature is somewhere between a baked rotisserie chicken and the depths of Mauna Loa. If you’re feeling anything like I am, you’re craving for a respite, a refuge, an escape from the sweaty horrors of D.C. summer. Good thing 4E has got you covered.

Throughout the season, we’ll be telling you all the tips, tricks, and places to go to beat the grueling Washington heat. So before your clothes begin melting into your skin, let’s begin. Here’s this week’s installment of 4E’s Hot Spots to Cool Off.

This week’s place to cool off is a D.C. favorite: Jazz in the Garden at the National Gallery of Art (after all, what could be cooler than the crisp, popping melodies of jazz?!) Every summer, the National Gallery sponsors free jazz performances every Friday evening at its outdoor café. The venue is located at The Pavilion Café at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden at 7th and Constitution NW, Washington, D.C. (nearest Metro stations are Archives/Navy Memorial, Smithsonian and Judiciary Square.)

The best part? Admission is free! – visitors can enjoy syncopated music and jazzy melodies in a cool garden setting, surrounded by the Gallery’s large sculpture sculpture collection. The garden includes pieces by Roy Liechtenstein, Louise Bourgeois and Roxy Paine, among many others.

In addition, guests may purchase food and drinks from the Pavilion Café and the carts surrounding the venue. The café offers appetizers, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and numerous refreshing ice-cold drinks, as well as outdoor grill items including pork sandwiches, Italian sausages and jerk chicken. Moreover, guests over 21 can enjoy a cool selection of on-site alcoholic beverages, including sangria, wine and beer (readers be wary: all outside alcohol will be confiscated, so don’t try to bring any!) However, outside food is permitted, so to get the most bang for your buck, pack a picnic and bring it to the performance.

Concerts begin at 5pm on Fridays and last until approximately 8:30pm. To get the best seating, guests are advised to arrive early. To get the full list of Jazz in the Garden dates and performances, click here, and for more information check out this link (and this link) or call (202) 289-3360.

And in the meantime, stay cool, Hoyas!

Photo: Guest of a Guest

Living the Long Weekend, Columbus Style

Ah, Columbus Day weekend. Trees are changing colors, pumpkins are ripening on the vine, and allergies are hitting hard. If you aren’t one of the thousands of people going home in the coming days, take a second to enjoy the DC autumn in the name of Christopher Columbus. Here are a few ways to celebrate your favorite Cuba-discoverer and set your weekend sailing into the new world:

Explore the city. Nothing says Columbus Day like setting off in search of new neighborhood, a new favorite restaurant, or even a new favorite spot on campus. It doesn’t matter if your exploration is a flop—Columbus didn’t find India, but things worked out in the end. The point is to get up, get out there, and take advantage of everything Washington has to offer. Like Columbus, you might just hit the jackpot. Some suggestions: Try Bar Dupont’s James Bond Anniversary Party on Friday or the Columbia Heights Day Festival on Saturday.

Let out your inner Spaniard. Do some tequila shots, or stop by Ezme, a tapas bar in Dupont. Visit the DC Fine Art Photography Fair at the former Spanish Ambassador’s residence this Sunday. Listen to the new single by Enrique Iglesias and let yourself get a little crazy. Party this weekend up like Isabella and Ferdinand when they learned their boy Christopher just got them a brand new backyard across the Atlantic…

…Or take some time to simply relax. Discovering the new world and torturing a bunch of Indians was no easy feat, and neither are midterms, papers, internships, and extra-curriculars. Walk along the Potomac, de-stress, cozy up in your favorite slippers, and have some pumpkin beer. Take a leisurely walk down Pennsylvania Avenue this weekend and have a Taste of DC, filled with restaurant specials, food trucks, and local tastings.

Regardless of what you choose this weekend, take a moment and be like our buddy Christopher Columbus. Seize the day, and do things your way. You never know what you’ll find. (It might even be Cuba.)

The New World Awaits, Hoyas…

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