The Final Days of Rhino


As you probably know by now, Georgetown’s quintessential bar, Rhino, is closing for good this Saturday, Feb. 28. While Georgetown technically has other bars such as Bandolero, Mason Inn, Piano Bar and Mr. Smith’s… oh wait that’s right, Mr. Smith’s also left because of the ridiculously high rent (and let’s be honest you’re never going to make the trek all the way to Mason Inn anyway), so there is no place quite like Rhino. Sorry Tombs.

Underage students all across campus are lamenting that they will never be able to attend this classy establishment. One junior expressed her regret: “I just want to be accepted at Rhino for me, not the random blonde girl I occasionally pretend to be”. One sophomore described an amazing birthday celebration: “I spent my 23rd birthday at Rhino, I wish I could have gone there for my 21st!” A freshman articulated her longing to go: “I want to be one of those girls, wearing 4 inch heels and too much makeup, waiting in line in the freezing cold, they just look so sophisticated”. Unfortunately these students will never have the true Rhino experience, and that’s a crying shame.

However, if you are 21, you’ve still got four days to live it up at Rhino. Go wild, go crazy!

Here are some ideas:

1. Wear something ridiculous. Those hot pink leopard leggings in the back of your closet? Now is your chance to show them off.

2. Order drinks on someone else’s tab. Shots for everyone!


3. Ask the bartenders for ridiculous mixed drinks with weird made up names. Can I have a Snowmuncher: tequila, coke and orange juice please!

4. Steal as many coats as you possibly can. Hey, it’s cold outside!

But in all seriousness, if you’re feel adventurous this week, Wednesday night is the last ever jersey night. So if you own a sports jersey, and are ready to get rowdy, start the weekend early by heading to Rhino at 9:00 pm! You have a midterm? Not a good enough excuse.

Come on guys, it’s closing time. One last call for alcohol, so come get your whiskey and beer!