The Ghost of Your Phone’s Past: An App Graveyard

Readers, it’s that time of year when we’re all drowning in midterms yet procrastinating through various forms and getting takeout every day still surviving. Let’s just say that spring break cannot come soon enough.

Despite the Georgetown stress culture that surrounds us and forces us to buckle down in Lau cubicles, we still need to take study breaks — even if that entails a small nap in a cubicle (which I’ve done before and highly recommend). You could walk down to Midnight and get a Rainbow Fish, arguably the best beverage ever invented by The Corp. You could even just go to Booey’s — obviously only if you’re 21, though — and throw back a pitcher before heading back with a lovely buzz.

OR, you could also just sit there and mindlessly pass time on your phone and computer. If you do this, make sure it’s at least worth your while by playing a fantastic game or doing something very entertaining. To help you with that, let’s take a walk down memory lane as 4E explores the apps, long since dead, that used to dominate our time.

1. Angry Birds– One of the first and longest-lasting apps of the electronic world. Shooting birds from one end of the screen to the other sure was a riveting experience in 2015. Starting as a cellular app and then expanding to both tablets and computers, this app definitely could help you pass fifteen minutes.

Apparently if the app isn’t enough, you could also experience it in real life.

2. Words with Friends– Maybe you still use this to play against your grandparents, but the craze over this game has long since fizzled out. Although it’ll keep you from doing schoolwork, you might consider this game to be productive since you’re using words and building vocabulary…?

3. PapiJump– This app gained popularity when Apple released iPhones with motion sensitivity features. In other words, playing a game in which tilting your phone helped change the direction of a ball — or, in this case, a “Papi” — struck the world as something revolutionary.

4. Tap Tap Revenge– I vividly remember people in my grammar school fighting to hold the iPod touch so they could play this incredibly overrated game. Basically, they took Guitar Hero and adapted it to a phone form. So many better games, and my classmates chose this lame app that requires the mental capacity of a dodo bird.  SMH.

5. Candy Crush Saga– Personally I never played this game, but I remember all too well the craze over this seemingly-boring game. Similar to Tap Tap Revenge, this game required a player to tap the screen over and over again (or so I’ve heard). So original!

However, considering its popularity, I guess whatever floats your boat is fine.

6. Fruit Ninja– Now THIS was a fantastic game. I was one of those people who would spend five minutes just moving my finger in a rapid zig-zag across the screen. Let’s just say that wasn’t the best strategy but nonetheless worked. Now, the term “fruit ninja” has taken on a different meaning.

1.4k likes and counting

7. Yik Yak– Anonymous messaging.

Yik Yak provided a platform where people could either play pranks on others or just harass and bully them, thus offering a quite valid reason for its restriction on school campuses. But outside of the ugly effects, Yik Yak was very entertaining. One time when I was at a football game I saw someone’s post about how there was vomit all over the bathroom floor, which was quite useful to know at the time. On that note, we probably need something like that for Epi at 1 a.m. on a Friday night. Unfortunately, Yik Yak has been laid to rest.

8. Vine– Okay, I know some people still use Vine, but does it really have the same fervor it had a few years ago? Despite the decline of this beloved app, it still exists and can be used to procrastinate. You might even find some gems that will make you laugh quite loudly in your cubicle (do yourself a favor and skip to 1:14).

9. Trivia Crack– Again, this app still exists but the craze associated with it has disappeared. I, for one, was obsessed with this game. I remember I was called out in high school for challenging people on Christmas Eve. Let’s just say I didn’t get out much in those years.

10. QuizUp– Yet another app that still exists but in some faded form to which no one pays attention. The only reason I downloaded this was that one of my teachers in high school offered us extra credit if we could beat him. I, as you could guess, was victorious. Many others, unfortunately, were not.

11. FatBooth– One of the most entertaining apps of all time. The best part is that you can upload older photos to the app instead of just using your phone’s camera. This app is also available on the Mac App Store and my computer.

12. Flappy Bird– As usual, we save the best for last. The app that defined a generation and gripped the nation my senior year of high school stands as the best on this list. Back when I was young, dumb and used Twitter, people would tweet their high scores and go back-and-forth in arguments over who was better. Friendships were broken and homework assignments went uncompleted, but a few people became famous–at least in my small northern New Jersey high school community. Sadly, Flappy Bird has been taken off the App Store.

Happy exam season, Hoyas! Use this list to procrastinate this week. If not, use it for spring break if you’re bored or just don’t feel like participating in a conversation.


(Yet Another) Snapchat Update

On-Blog-Snapchat-1-700x300Remember when Snapchat let you see your friends’ best friends? Remember how many relationships were ruined and crushes were exposed? Well, Snapchat has officially turned over a new leaf: it now shows special emojis when you’ve been best friends with someone for a while. The app is essentially supporting long term, monogamous snapping relationships.

By now we all know the emoji categories – the happy smiley, the grimacing smiley…But if you need a refresher, see our article here.

As always, when you are your #1 best friend’s best friend, you get a gold heart next to his or her name.


But now, if you’ve been best friends for two weeks, you get a red heart.images

And then, when you’ve been best friends for two months, you get the two small pink hearts. It’s lovely.


Bonus info: if you reach a 100 day snap streak, the fire emoji becomes the 100 emoji. Keep snapping and stay loyal!


Special thanks to for the deets.


The Phases of Tinder Everyone Encounters

Tinder2Tinder has been a hot topic subject throughout many of our 4E blogger meetings, as it is an all together entertaining app. Tinder has changed the game of dating, making it possible to meet up with (whatever that may be) people from all over your area. It makes choosing a new love interest as easy as online shopping. Tinder is not new, so that’s why I am sure many of you reading this, who are too scared to admit that you even downloaded the app in the first place, can relate to these phases.

1. The “Oh.My.God. I just downloaded tinder, what do I do now” phase.

2. The “time to make myself look super fun, exciting, and beautiful all in three pictures from my Facebook profile” phase.

Now, this would be great for your profile

3. The “SWIPE, SWIPE, SWIPE (oh no I should have swiped right on them, why did I do that)” phase.

4. The “YASSSS I just got my first match with a hottie” phase.

5. The “wow this is getting real, we have been messaging for a bit” phase.

6. The “ewww I just received the grossest message from some rando, let’s pretend that never happened” phase.

7. The “okay we have been talking for a while (is this creepy or acceptable?)” phase.

But maybe he/she is normal…or not

8. The “uh oh I just agreed to give them my number” phase.

Whether you are bored at your internship or just looking for some good ol’ fashion entertainment, these are clearly the phases you will endure while on this magical quest. Please remember to swipe responsibly.


The New Way to Party: Wigo


Ever had trouble locating where your friends are partying? Find yourself confused by their indecipherable texts, trying to tell you where to find them?

Partying just got a whole lot easier with the up and coming app, Wigo. Since September 2014, Wigo has rapidly become one of the hottest apps across college campuses, next to the beloved Yik Yak.


Wigo helps college students, like us, find out where their friends are going to meet up and party without any added confusion or strain. What makes this app even more desirable amongst campuses is that it is not as simple as just downloading it. Before students can freely use the app, approximately 5% of the college’s population must be signed up for Wigo for it to be unlocked. It has become somewhat a contest across campuses over which school will be the next to unlock the coveted Wigo. No longer will we have to ask ourselves, “Is Brown House the move tonight?” Rather, we can simply look down at our phones to discover which parties are the most happening.


The student-only app filters out randos, townies and adults, ensuring that your night is both safe and fun – cheers to that!


Are you convinced yet? Just imagine what your life would be like without having to trek to 5 different houses in this 20-degree weather before finding the one party that was actually worth it. Plus, now that Rhino is closing, what better way than to download Wigo to make up for our tragic loss?

Sign up for Wigo now and let’s bring the fun to the 20057.



Have No Fear, Rapchat is Here


This is what we’ve all been waiting for. Years of technological development have brought us to this very moment.

Thank you Benjamin Franklin for flying your kite and getting us electricity.
Thank you Alexander Graham Bell for creating the first practical telephone.
Thank you Steve Jobs for the iPhone.
Thank you to every visionary that contributed to technology since the dawn of time.

Because now, after years and years of hard work and innovation, we have reached the apex of science: Rapchat.


Snapchat is a thing of the past. Who needs to send selfies, awkward videos, or overly-flashed pictures of Brown House ragers when you can send a rap instead?

That’s right. Rapchat, a new app on the App Store, gives the user anywhere from twenty to forty seconds to drop the most fire lines of their life. After recording, you can send it to any one of your lucky Facebook friends!

Now you may be asking yourself, “Do we really need an app for this?” The answer is yes. A firm, unequivocal yes. Rapchat will give you a variety of beats to choose from and you can simply record a freestyle rap and send it to your friends. Imagine that instead of drunk Snapchat selfies, you will receive incoherent, mildly-offensive raps set to underwhelming beats! I can’t think of anything better than that.


Click on this link and join the bloggers of 4E in downloading Rapchat as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you will be loudly sending incomprehensible slant rhymes with no discernible rhythm to your friends in no time!


Apps & New Releases — Nov. 7, 2014



Do you love watching “The Ellen Show,” but don’t always have time to keep up with it daily? This new app is your go-to source for all things Ellen, displaying the best clips as well as other funny videos that will keep you entertained for hours. Adding a social media aspect, it allows you to create a profile and instantly share favorite videos with your friends. This app is especially unique because it combines the love of Ellen with the love of humor, and users can even send in their own homemade clips.



The combination of photography and mathematics is simple in this new app, which allows users to take a photo of any math problem and have it instantly be solved. Now, the difficult calculus problems we sometimes face are not always supported, but this app can still tackle a variety of polynomials and equations to make math homework easier. The interface is easy to use, providing a step-by-step solution to the problem once it identifies the numbers and type of equation. Users can also save equations and compile them into a list for easy access.



When regular emojis get boring, the new app Bitmoji spices up texting and keeps conversations alive. A variety of emotions and expressions are available, and they can be used on several platforms including iMessage and WhatsApp. They can even be customized avatars of yourself, which adds a personal touch and makes any conversation more fun. These emojis are easy to create and add to any chat, because Bitmoji integrates into your regular keyboard on your smartphone. This app is great for expanding the pool of generic emojis that never quite fit what you’re trying to express.

New Releases

little-boots-2014-1200x800‘Taste It’
Little Boots

Little Boots, also known as Victoria Christina Hesketh, returns to the electropop scene with her latest single in anticipation of her new “Business Pleasure” EP, to be released Dec. 1. The song is a blend of smooth, synthetic percussion beats and the English singer’s signature wispy, feminine vocals. With its odd rhythm and casual singing style, it is reminiscent of Santogold’s original music combinations with a slightly more feminine twist. While this experimental nature is commendable, the song is unable to add depth to its instrumental ambience. With repetitive lyrics like “la la la” and “on your lips like licorice,” the single sounds more like a broken record than a ground-breaking hit.


Rodney-Atkins-Eat-Sleep-Love-You-Repeat-CountryMusicRocks.net_‘Eat Sleep Love You Repeat’
Rodney Atkins

Anyone who has heard the original “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” by Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr featuring Beardyman, or the subsequent remix by Calvin Harris, will be sure to get a kick out of this classic country song. Rodney Atkins is no stranger to the American country music genre, and he sticks to his formulaic style in this fun remake of the single’s electro house predecessor. The song is a typical mix of guitar, drums and country cajoling. While it will shine for a short time due to the popular allusion, it doesn’t stand out as a number that will join the league of timeless country hits any time soon.


wu tang‘Ruckus in B Minor’
Wu-Tang Clan

The American hip-hop group is getting fans pumped for its upcoming album “A Better Tomorrow,” and if the album is as good as this single, it is sure to be a smash hit. The song has a romantic crudeness to it, created by its harsh New York sounds of clocked guns and spinning records combined with the aggressive lyrics that bombard and captivate the listener. Each verse, performed by one of the group’s many rappers, seamlessly transitions into the next, bringing with it the power of the rappers’ idiosyncratic speeds and styles. This constantly changing sound is fascinating and shows the flexibility and complexity of the group’s composition as a whole.

Nick Jonas

After three of the songs from his upcoming album “Views from the 6” were leaked online, Drake officially released them over the weekend via SoundCloud. “6 God” features a strong drum and bass with a short, melodic background riff that pairs with Drake’s usual rapping style. His pace is led by this clipped, repeating beat for a minute or two before the drums fade and a subtle synthesizer builds up the anticipation. This section never really reaches a peak, as it simply falls back into the original rhythm of the song. Current Drake fans will be content with his unfaltering voice, lyrics and instrumentals, yet he offers nothing new to draw in other potential audiences.

Apps & New Releases — Oct. 31, 2014



Have you ever had trouble expressing yourself through the limited characters of a text message? Have you ever wanted to prove that a picture is worth a thousand words? A new app called Inkboard allows iPhone users to draw pictures on their screens. It includes a rainbow of colors and uses an array of tools that replicate crayons, markers, ballpoint pens and highlighters, as well as four different pencil tips and an eraser function. The pictures are then sent as a linked image instead of directly within a text message, but they still add an artistic touch to your conversations.



In the era of semi-professional iPhone photographers, Exposure is another app that allows people to express their artistry through creative photo modifications. The effects this app offers are not very different from the many other photo-editing apps, but what warrants its $1.99 price is that users get to choose a specific area of the photo to apply a given effect. Therefore, Exposure users can mix and match different effects, filters, and even isolate color in black-and-white photos to create highly personalized images that are perfect for sharing.


B4_DelectableWinesAppDelectable Wines

This app allows users to take a photo of a wine label, which the app will then instantly recognize and generate a list of reviews and tasting notes from other users within the Delectable Wines community. One can scan an unlimited number of wines for free, add reviews and share their own wine recommendations with friends. Through the extensive database of wines, Delectable users can also follow sommeliers and winemakers to discover new wine choices. Finally, the app allows users to buy wine directly, which then gets delivered right to their doors.

New Releases

B7_BegForIt_VirginEMIRecords‘Beg For It’
Iggy Azalea

,While prepping fans for the release of her upcoming studio album “Reclassified,” Iggy has decided to have fun with her latest single without straying too far from her distinctive sound. In the song, she pays tribute to Notorious B.I.G., mirroring his famous “Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see” verse lyrics at the end of her second verse. The song combines rhythmic-rap sections with a feminine, high-pitched chorus and a smooth synthesizer to produce a slow-paced whole reminiscent of her earlier hit “Fancy.” It ends with an alluring voice that captures Iggy’s sassy spark. It may not break any revolutionary ground, as Iggy doesn’t seem intent on experimenting with her successful music style.


B7_ThePartyLine_MatadorRecords‘The Party Line’
Belle and Sebastian

Coming in strong after five years of low-key living, the indie pop band is back with a new single in anticipation of its new album to be released in January. The male vocals and whispered female accompaniment is similar to Gotye’s indie rock sound, and the song somehow remains upbeat yet pleasurably mellow throughout. This can be attributed to the electric hum of the bass and the single’s bouncing mix of disco-techno ambiance. With playfully alternating combinations of notes and rhythms, the single is sure to attract new fans in the ever more popular indie-pop genre

B7_IBetMyLife_InterscopeRecords‘I Bet My Life’
Imagine Dragons

Two years ago, the indie-rock band made a splash with its debut studio album “Night Visions.” Following a spree of multiple hits and then a brief hiatus from the spotlight, the group had a lot to live up to. This single is a formulaic version of the band’s earlier songs. It starts with a harmonized chorus that immediately switches to an almost country vibe with clapping, heavy percussion and a prominent guitar part. The chorus comes early and suddenly, picking up the speed with lead singer Dan Reynold’s unique voice. The single mimics the form of songs like “On Top of the World.” Overall, it is not a very catchy or melodious tune, leaving one uncertain about the future success of Imagine Dragons’ second album.

B7_6God_OVOSound‘6 God’

After three of the songs from his upcoming album “Views from the 6” were leaked online, Drake officially released them over the weekend via SoundCloud. “6 God” features a strong drum and bass with a short, melodic background riff that pairs with Drake’s usual rapping style. His pace is led by this clipped, repeating beat for a minute or two before the drums fade and a subtle synthesizer builds up the anticipation. This section never really reaches a peak, as it simply falls back into the original rhythm of the song. Current Drake fans will be content with his unfaltering voice, lyrics and instrumentals, yet he offers nothing new to draw in other potential audiences.


Apps & New Releases — Oct. 24, 2014


B4_AppLevelMoneyLevel Money

This new app is a great resource for college students. It analyzes your bank accounts to let you know just how much you can spend to stay within your budget. It has the ability to track income, bills and savings to display a spendable amount. In addition, it tracks transactions and categorizes them in an easy, color-coded interface that makes finances painless. Supported by over 2,000 banks, Level Money links to your bank account so you do not need to enter anything manually. This app effectively displays how much you can spend and is invaluable in keeping your finances on track.


Ever find yourself at Yates without a good playlist to match your workout? With this new app, this is no longer a problem. With upbeat songs picked by artists and friends alike, Spring makes it easy to change the tempo of your music to match the intensity of your exercise activity. It even synchronizes movement to different songs so users never find themselves listening to a song that is too slow. The app works as a more specialized version of Spotify, as its social media integration allows users to share playlists and rate other songs to add to their own playlists.

B4_AppSkypeQikSkype Qik

The issue of group video messaging on a mobile format is no more with this new app, which allows users to easily create group chats and record and share videos. A unique aspect is the ability to delete messages from the chat which erases them from the conversation. The minimalist design makes it easy to navigate, and there are no login, usernames or passwords to remember. Similar to SnapChat, this app creates a new way to send location-based messages and videos to individuals or groups.


New Releases

Bring Me the Horizon

The British metalcore band has put itself on the punk-metal music radar with this new single. Lead singer Oliver Syke demonstrates his talent as a singer with his abrupt transitions between smooth, serenading vocals and the signature coarse screams of the genre. While its prominent and fast-paced guitar and drum parts set up the foundation for metalcore moshing, the distant chorus contrasts these elements and lends a dreamier, less harsh feeling to the song. The accompanying music video is hilarious, including several seconds of a random jazz music intermission that continues the melody of the song while an exorcism supposedly takes place.

B7_Livingwithoutyou_islandrecords‘Living Without You’

Tulisa is a woman of many talents, and her newest single is a testament to her strength as a singer-songwriter. The intro begins with an impressive display of sultry vocals that culminates in an abrupt shift to synthetic beats. It is a welcome change that brings back ’60s disco vibes, and Tulisa’s lyrics pick up the pace to add to this playfulness. The bubbly synth layers complement her voice without overwhelming it, and the song is a great sing-along song for clubs or dance parties. Overall, the single wonderfully shows off Tulisa’s powerful, flexible voice, a feature that is usually lost in the safe, restrictive melodies of other pop songs.

B7_BabyDontLie_InterscopeRecords‘Baby Don’t Lie’
Gwen Stefani

It seems that Gwen Stefani has fallen into the trap of formulated pop music. She sacrifices her normally sassy, unwavering singing style for a bizarre tune that consistently changes from deep, yet tolerable vocals to a high-pitched squeak. While the synthetic beats are catchy and creative, Stefani’s weak melody and superficial lyrics fail to match their adventurous mood. The song transitions into an unnecessary section where Stefani gives a short speech accompanied by a strong bass that is supposed to build up and release tension in the following chorus but falls markedly short. Stefani has succeeded in imitating the beat-focused pop music of today, but at the cost of what made her rebellious songs like “Hollaback Girl” so famous.

B7_tswift_BigMachineRecords‘Welcome to New York’
Taylor Swift

This is the third single Swift has released in anticipation for her upcoming album “1989,” which will be released next week. The song begins with prominent claps and a buzzing synth pulse. Swift then takes over with her energetic falsetto voice which is subtly harmonized to produce a more unique effect. The song doesn’t incorporate her country roots, and it continues to follow the conventional layout of her recent pop hits.  While the lyrics aren’t very symbolic, they have a catchy, rhythmic flow that makes it an easy and enjoyable listen. Whether you’re a fan of Swift or not, one way or another you’ll somehow find yourself knowing all the words and singing along to this one.

Apps & New Releases — Oct. 17, 2014


B4_PhotoshopAppAdobe Photoshop for iPhone

Take your photo editing skills to the professional level with Adobe Photoshop for your iPhone which, to our surprise, is free (compared to the normal high cost for laptop downloads). Get all the convenient editing treatments you would expect from Photoshop such as photo enhancements and the ability to cut and mix images. All this comes with a sleek, easy-to-use interface that puts current photo editing apps to shame. The app is very user-friendly and has no unnecessarily complicated tools that you would likely never learn how to use anyway. Enhance your editing skills and photos on this one easy app.


Put your creativity to the test with this new video app. It lets your create your own mini-movie  right on your phone. Record multiple short clips and use the app to combine them into an impressively successful and beautiful short motion picture. The app allows you to choose interesting filters for your clips and add music and voice-overs. Plus, it includes an easy link to any and all of your social media outlets so that you can quickly and easily share your masterpiece with the world. While your work may not come close to that of Christopher Nolan or James Cameron, the app provides a fun and simple way to explore the art of cinematography.

B4_NewRepublicAppNews Republic

While there are a lot of apps for getting your news, News Republic bests them all, providing a consolidated view of the day’s top stories. Choose from countless categories with stories from some of the top news companies including the Associated Press, Bloomberg and Huffington Post. You can filter your searches and create preferences that specifically cater to your interests. Topics range from Politics to Movies and all things in between, providing you with endless options and stories. You can even add RSS feeds from your favorite news sites (i.e. The Hoya) to the app. And if this isn’t enough, the app features a widget that includes real-time news updates in your iPhone’s Today screen.

New Releases

B7_HonneAllInTheValue_SuperRecords‘All in the Value’

The relatively unknown U.K. duo is picking up heat with its newest single currently streaming on SoundCloud. The song begins with lulling synthetic beats that set the R&B vibe, which permeates the rest of the song. These soft sounds combine with husky vocals that quietly waver before transitioning into a more definable tune that later rises in pitch. While the vocals and synthetic beat keep a mellow pace, the latter half of the song adds a rebellious flare with a strong guitar that breaks through the milder sound layers to form bold and memorable melody.

B7_YouGotItAllUnionJ_SonyRecords‘You Got It All’
Union J

In the wake of its  previous single “Tonight (We Live Forever),” which didn’t receive much attention in the music world, Union J is back with yet another song, to be released early next year through Epic Records. The band is competing within a saturated market of boy bands which is perhaps why it decided to shake things up in this single and tone down its predictably bubbly pop sound. The boys trade in their upbeat party stereotypes for a slower-paced song that struggles to venture away from the territory of their pop star contemporaries. The single does justice to the band’s flexible and synergetic vocals through a powerfully harmonized chorus and difficult, fluctuating solo melodies.

B7_WhieNoiseExCops_DowntownRecords‘White Noise’
Ex Cops

Ex Cops was a project started in 2010 by Brian Harding, formerly from the band Hymns. The band is working on expanding its fan base, and “White Noise” shows that it is definitely gaining the right momentum. The song introduces funky disco-synth sounds that combine with a guitar part to create a cohesive indie-pop-rock background. Vocalist Amalie Bruun captures the heart of the song with a voice that continually varies in style. Her dainty singing transitions into passionate vocals that launch off the song and give it its rock twist, alternating with more laid-back verses,.

B7_EmileHaynieFallingApart_InterscopeRecords‘Make Me Wanna’
Emile Haynie feat. Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson

American music producer Emile Haynie’s new single features Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt and the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson, creating rather high expectations for the anticipated song. With an orchestral opening tinged with profound emotions and a distinctive, hoarse voice to accompany it, the song definitely lives up to Haynie’s reputation. These elements are combined with a pounding, rhythmic drum, a discreet background choir and even more synthetic tweaks that add an uplifting feel to the overall piece. This is a comforting, wistful single, perfect for hopeful and sad listeners alike.

Apps and New Releases — Oct. 10, 2014




This app is personalized for your data to create an ideal sleep schedule and help you fall asleep up to 50 percent faster. It works by issuing a test that determines your sleep patterns before giving you exercises and techniques to perform in order to fall asleep. Developed by a sleep scientist from Oxford University, this app is specifically tailored to the individual and achieves its main goal: helping you fall asleep faster. It is customizable and, most importantly, free to download with optional in-app purchases for those users seeking further help.


B5_SnapbyGrouponSnap by Groupon

Groupon is a popular app that provides coupons to countless stores, and their new addition Snap makes shopping even more beneficial by providing cashback rewards every time you use the app. All you have to do is browse the offers, use the coupons and send a photo of the receipt to receive the cashback in your account after purchasing. It even has features such as a built-in shopping list to combine all your grocery shopping needs into one place. The simple user interface makes it very easy to send a picture of your receipt and receive the money back within a few days.


When there just isn’t enough time to read the entire newspaper or gather all the facts from a particular story, this app comes in handy to provide the most relevant details of current events in a simple-to-use layout. It is divided into categories such as business, lifestyle, world and sports. Its biggest hook is that there is no loading time, so the news stories are ready to read as soon as they are opened. Push notifications are also available to send headlines as soon as they come out, up to three times per day, so users are always in the loop. In our fast-paced world, this app comes in handy to keep in the know without using too much time to rifle through a paper.


New Releases

The Ordinary Boys

Originally broken up in 2008, the English indie-rock band has released its first single since the 2007 song “I Luv U.” While the melodic chorus flows well with the prominent guitar and drum parts, the shorter solo verses become overwhelmed by this repetitive and overplayed section. After returning from such a long hiatus, the band is ultimately unable to show off the talent of its individual singers. The voices blend together and drown beneath their weaker unified vocals and a background of blasting music.

Ella Henderson

“Glow,” the follow up to Ella Henderson’s debut single, “Ghost,” mesmerizes with its dynamic indie melody. Henderson was a finalist on the UK’s “The X Factor,” and she continues to dazzle with her passion and enchanting indie sound. Part of her upcoming debut album, “Chapter One,” the single builds to a powerful chorus in which Ella Henderson channels both her impressive vocal range and her Ellie Goulding-like vibe. Those who enjoy artists like Lana Del Rey or Florence and the Machine will especially love “Glow,” but the song is appealing to anybody looking for an inspirational pick-me-up and some soulful vocals.

David Guetta

DJ David Guetta is at it again after hits like “Without You” and “Titanium” with his new single, “Dangerous,” featuring Sam Martin. The synths of “Dangerous” produce a high-energy melody that makes your heart beat with every chord. Even those who are not normally fans of electronic music will appreciate the highquality electric guitar sound of the synthesizers. Sam Martin’s auto-tuned vocals are the perfect complement to the synths and help bring personality to a dynamic electric song. While this isn’t anything wildly new for Guetta, it still manages to hit the spot.

B7_MakeMeWannaThomasRhett“Makes Me Wanna”
Thomas Rhett

Rhett is no stranger to the country scene, and his new song “Make Me Wanna” is a testament to his flexibility as a singer and songwriter. Although he keeps the vocals filled with a country twang and the lyrics follow the stereotypical country love theme, Rhett experiments with instrumentals to produce a unique and appealing song. The typical banjo, fiddle and harmonica are exchanged for a fast disco-synth beat. In the slower section this disparity works against the song, as Rhett’s signature country voice doesn’t mesh well with the more prominent electro beat. However, overall, this contrast provides a bizarre yet somehow interesting combination. While the lyrics will satisfy loycal country fans, the modern twist gives it a satisfying update.