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Travel AppsAs Hoyas gear up to travel home for Thanksgiving break, many will find themselves bored waiting in an airport terminal or sitting on a train. Most of us instinctively turn to our phones to pass the time, but while travelling, there often isn’t WiFi around and cellular connection isn’t the best. To alleviate your woes, 4E has compiled some of the best apps to download and play while you anxiously wait to return home.

94 Seconds – This is basically a one-person game of Scattergories. As the name implies, you have 94 seconds to name something within a category, given one letter. For example, it could give you the category of fruit and the letter B, and you would type banana, blueberry, etc. Fair warning: This game is extremely addictive.IMG_2201-1

Flow – If you haven’t heard of this game, you need to go download it immediately. It’s extremely simple: You connect dots of the same color and try to fill up the board. Don’t let the lack of difficulty fool you. This game will literally keep you occupied for hours. There are an insane number of levels to complete, making it the perfect game to play while traveling.screen568x568

Candy Crush Saga – Almost everyone has heard of this game by now, and for good reason: It’s a great game to play when you’ve got some time to kill. Here’s a little cheat I’ve learned while playing: If you run out of lives and don’t want to wait, set your phone’s clock forward a few hours and go back into the game. Voila! More lives! (I play this game compulsively.)candycrushsaga

Any “Bloons Tower Defense” game – This is geared more towards those of you who like strategic games rather than puzzles. The main objective of the game is to pop “bloons” before they reach the end of a track that spans the screen, using towers that shoot darts, bombs and even lasers as you upgrade. Once you get up to around level 50, the game becomes more challenging, but regardless of difficulty, it remains wildly entertaining.bloons-tower-defense-3-screenshot0

Tiny Wings – This game is $0.99, but it’s worth the small purchase. Use landscaped hills to carry a tiny bird across “islands” before the sun goes down. I know it’s a strange description, but trust me, Tiny Wings is both exhilarating and addicting.screen568x568-1

Go download some (or all) of these games in the hopes that you won’t fall asleep and miss your flight. Safe travels home, Hoyas!

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I’m about to Peace: Waiting at the Airport

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Hope you guys are excited for Thanksgiving break! Unfortunately, before you get to eat turkey, you may have a long road ahead of you. (Literally.) Many of you are going to have to wait for what seems like an eternity to board a plane. Luckily, 4E has made you a stellar playlist to keep you calm while waiting and get you pumped to take off.

1. World’s Greatest – R Kelly You made it! It’s time to put all your carry-on bags down and slump into one of those exceedingly comfy airport chairs. It took a lot to get here; you lasted almost an entire semester, you got yourself to the airport and you even made it through security! Appreciate how awesome you are.

2. I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons Even though you’re the world’s greatest, you still have to wait like everyone else. So wait awhile with Mumford and Sons.

3. Waiting on the World to Change – John Mayer One day you will be able to teleport home but for now you’ll just have to chill in the waiting area.

4. Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake You’ve been away from home for about three months now. All you have to do is hold on for a little bit longer!

5. Like a G6 – Far East Movement You’re probably not actually taking a G6 home but here’s to hoping that you at least get upgraded to first class!

6. Spaceship – Kanye West At some point, after you’ve exhausted scrolling through every form of social media you’ll be praying for any form of transportation, even a spaceship, to take you away from the smelly guy across from you.

7. Big Jet Plane – Angus and Julia Stone If you take this song literally, it makes a lot of sense.

8. Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver This song is an absolute tear-jerker and it may make you realize how much you are going to miss eating Ramen with your roommate. Listen to it anyway.

9. Fly – Rihanna ft. Nicki Minaj It’s time to lighten the mood. Try your hardest not to rap along with Nicki because the poor grandma sitting next to you may be frightened.

10. Touch the Sky – Kanye West It’s time to line up! Your wait was worth it. This is the best pump up song ever created and you really will be on top of the world in a few minutes. Plus it’s on President Obama’s iPod and who doesn’t want to be more like Obama?



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DCTC: Dulles International Airport


Earlier today, we showed you how to get to Union Station and Reagan National Airport in preparation for spring break at the end of this week!

By popular demand, here is a guide to getting to Dulles International Airport as well!

Route 1 Take/book a SuperShuttle! SuperShuttle is a shared van-ride system that can take you from the front gates right to Dulles. You need to make an online reservation to get one!

Cost: The fare is around $29 to Georgetown main campus for the first passenger in your group and $8 for each additional passenger (up to 5 passengers), excluding tip (check their website for price updates).

Route 2 MetroBus 5A is an express bus going from Rosslyn Metro Station to Dulles. You can take the GUTS bus from the McDonough parking lot to the Rosslyn Metro and take the 5A to the airport.

Cost:  The GUTS bus is free, the fare for this MetroBus is $3.

Route 3 A good ol’ taxicab. And to quote the helpful advice of Matt Caulfield from his article directing you to Reagan, “Hint: Sometimes even if you have a small or manageable bag, the drivers will insist on picking it up for you to put it in their trunk. BEWARE that some services add a bag-handling fee to your fare.”

Cost: It’s about a $60 cab ride (sadly) so grab one or two friends to make it more manageable!