Did you Spot the Shuttle?

The space shuttle Discovery made its last voyage today, and it was right above our heads. If you were looking skyward around around 10:15  a.m. you might have seen it passing by campus, attached to an enormous Boeing 747.

After today’s flight, Discovery will make its home in the Air and Space Museum’s James S. McDonnell Space Hangar out at Dulles International Airport. The welcome celebration will be held on Thursday, so if you’re a real space junkie you can make your way out to Virginia to see the shuttle being moved (as well as a whole host of activities).

So, did you #SpotTheShuttle this morning? We want to see your pictures! Post them in the comments or share them with us on Twitter, @thehoya4e or Instagram, also @thehoya4e.

Photo: Flickr user nasahqphoto