Today is Uber’s “Puppy Bowl” celebration. This means that they are delivering puppies straight to your office until 3:00 pm! For only $30 you get 15 minutes of puppy playtime.


All profits are directly donated to the participating animal society; for us, that’s the Washington Area Rescue League.

The best part: all the puppies can be adopted. Most Georgetown students can’t really keep a dog on campus (I know, we’ve all thought about it), but today might be the day you can convince a professor, recent graduate or family friend to adopt a fuzzy playmate. Plus, if you live off-campus, no one will ever know about your extra roommate.

If you still use antiquated taxicab services because you’re old, lame and living under a rock, you can use special promo code PUPPYBOWL2015 to get $20 off your first Uber ride.

So quick: download Uber, use promo code DCpuppies and make a new friend!

Photos/Gifs: Tumblr.com; geeksandcleats.com

Uber Delivers Kittens Today

kittensUber is delivering kittens today! Because it’s National Cat Day so naturally a taxi driver should arrive at your doorstep with a kitten and UberKITTENS swag. The kittens are coming to Austin, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and D.C. (THAT’S US)!

kittens-gifIf you live in any of these cities you can order a kitten between noon and 4 p.m. today and have the little kitty for a 15 minute cuddle and petting session.  You can get your kittens and UberKITTENS swag on-demand for $30 by using promo code KITTENSDC.

Can it get any better? YES! All of the money will be donated to the Washington Humane Society.

Could it get any better? Yes.


All you have to do is ask the shelter representative who will be assisting with handling the kittens about adoption.

Today is a beautiful day ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy the cuddles.