March Sadness: Georgetown Edition

As the real March Madness came to an end, we here at 4E decided to give some ~content~ to all of Hoya Nation who had to sit through another NCAA Tournament without a team to root for.

We all have places on campus where we like to be sad. Whether it’s public, private, has beautiful views, reinforces the stresses of everyday life, allows you to forget about your issues or just involves you staring at your pillow, we all can root for our spots in the first annual March Sadness Bracket Challenge: the end-of-season tournament to determine where exactly is the best place to be sad on campus.

Some Notes

Dahlgren Chapel – Dahlgren is a heavy hitter in terms of sadness. I talked to some of my friends about this one, and they singled out something called “Catholic Guilt.” Since I’m Jewish, I don’t really know what that is. However, I would be super sad if I had to tell someone all of my sins every week because there must be SO many. I am, as they say, a sinner. I don’t exactly know what’s considered a sin, but I feel like I commit at least seven of them every time I watch an episode of “Storage Wars: Texas.”

My Bed – My bed is a great place to think about all the times that my friends have abandoned me (looking at you, Mark) and my family has shown little regard for my feelings. It’s great because if you squeeze the pillow really tight, you actually can’t hear any of the sounds of the cruel outside world.

Back of ICC 214 – The back-left desk of ICC 214 is a great place to be sad. This one is especially true when you get back your chem midterm and it’s not what you expected, even though you studied really hard and answered all the questions coherently but your TA really screwed you and must hate you because of that one time she said liked your sweater and you didn’t understand what she was saying at first so you just kept walking. Maybe this is more of a me problem.

Gaston Hall – Gaston has great acoustics for not only a cappella concerts and Rangila, but also for crying. If you really want to hear yourself cry (that is, bellow all of the half notes and pitch changes of your sobbing), there’s no place like Gaston to sit and bawl.

Yates Steps – Sometimes I like to pretend I’m going to Yates and start to walk up the steps, then I realize the steepness makes those steps really hard to ascend. Naturally, I just turn around most of the time. But that makes me extra sad because not only am I skipping Yates because I’m lazy, but I’m also physically incapable of exerting the necessary amount of energy that will allow me to even start working out. In the end I just cry, which one could argue is a form of exercise for your eyelids.


DCAF 2015 Preview


If you happened to miss DCAF last weekend, do not fear: there is another night of DCAF coming to you this weekend! As the official 4E a cappella enthusiast fan girl, I thought that it was only fitting that I let you know what you can expect this Sat. Nov. 14.

Just in case you didn’t know, DCAF is a 2-week event, with one weekend hosted by the Georgetown Gracenotes and the other weekend hosted by the Georgetown Phantoms. Each weekend is graced by the presence of some other amazing groups, both from Georgetown and other schools across the east coast.

Last weekend Georgetown was wowed by The Chimes, Superfood, The Phantoms, The Gracenotes, The Columbia Kingsmen and The Princeton Tigressions.

This weekend, ticket holders will hear the amazing voices of:

The Capitol G’s: My friends all know that this performance kinda changed my life. The song was (and kinda still) is in my head. Can’t wait to see what twist they bring next.

The Saxatones: Even though I was abroad, the Saxatones version of this song was stuck in my head for at least two months. So on point.

The Phantoms: So incredible, what else can I say. They always bring it and I cannot wait to hear their new stuff.

The Gracenotes: Kinda biased because I am kinda a sucker for Misterwives, but they also did such an amazing job with this!

The NYU N’Harmonics: Few people can do Whitney well, and they certainly did. Do it again, please!

The JHU Octopodes: Their version actually made me like Lady Gaga again (possibly). Killed it.

So, if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you should probably go do that right about now right here. 7:30pm. Gaston Hall. See ya there~


Spring Sing Preview!


As spring is beginning to spring, Georgetown’s a cappella groups are also beginning to sing. This Saturday is the annual a cappella festival, Spring Sing!

Hosted by Superfood and the Saxatones, this is an event that brings together many of the a cappella groups on campus and celebrates the beginning of the best time of the year (read: warm weather).

Since nobody wants to look like a NEWB at the biggest a cappella performance of the semester, here is the rundown of what you should get excited for.



The Chimes

The Gracenotes

The Phantoms

The Capitol G’s

The show starts at 7:30pm and tickets ($7) can be bought here, in Red Square or at the door. Buy them before they are gone and get ready for the *experience* of a lifetime.


Pitch Perfect-ion


We all know and love the a cappella classic Pitch Perfect, AKA the movie that changed movies forever. Naturally, 4E is obsessed with Pitch Perfect and all things that involve songs being turned into heavenly remixes.


Let’s be honest, all the songs are still stuck in our heads. I still pretend to be Anna Kendrick when “No Diggity” comes on. There is no escaping the sphere of influence Pitch Perfect has created.

As we all know, this classic favorite is now getting a sequel. Yes, that is right. Double the songs, double the a cappella jokes and double the badass-ness. If you haven’t checked out either trailers, please take this time to educate yourself.

Originally we thought that this was going to be another horribly done sequel, as this is often the case. Actually, how could it live up to the original? But, these trailers are making us rethink our preconceived notions.

Obviously, we have some unanswered questions about what happened after the Bellas won nationals:

How are things with Jesse and Beca? Are they together, are they serious, or did the love die out?


What happened with Bumper? Is he famous now? Why was he in the trailer?

Do Aubrey and Chloe ever graduate? How many years is this college?

Does Fat Amy ever go by Fat Patricia? Or does she keep the nickname? 


Follow up: Why did she choose that nickname in the first place?

Why did the President invite them to sing? It is not like they are The Chimes or something!

Where is Kimmy Jin? Is she still relevant?

Will these be addressed? What do we have to look forward to? We can only imagine the aca-mazingness that is in store.

Pitch Perfect forever.



Friday Fixat10ns: A Cappella Edition


Sure, instruments are cool and all, but sometimes it is fun to just enjoy the sweet harmonies of talented singers. The 42nd Cherry Tree Massacre is upon us, and we here at 4E are getting ready by filling our ears with some of the hottest a cappella tracks out there.

Let’s Get It On”- Pentatonix

Pentatonix is probably the hottest a cappella group out there right now, and they got their start on NBC’s short-lived TV competition “The Sing Off”. I was a huge fan of the show, and Pentatonix stole my heart with this killer performance. If you’re a fan, you should check out their whole run through the show.

“Final Performance”- Barden Bellas

I’ll be honest – I loved the movie Pitch Perfect. I was hesitant watching it the first time, but the story is pretty funny, and the music is killer. I couldn’t make an a cappella list without this jam.

“Final Performance”- Treblemakers

Couldn’t include one without the other. This is the other final performance in the movie, from the “bad boys of a cappella”. If you say you can’t jam along to this track, you either don’t have a musical bone in your body, or you’re a liar.

“Bon Jovi Medley”- Straight No Chaser

Brought to the mainstream by their Christmas medleys, Straight No Chaser is a pretty famous a cappella group from the University of Indiana. They have a ton of songs to choose from, including a lot of medleys and mash-ups, but this one just felt right.

“Sweet Caroline”- The Beelzebubs

Another group of “Sing Off” superstars, these heart-melting gentlemen are from Tufts University. I personally just love the song, but it’s also a great performance/serenade.

“Dog Days are Over”- Pentatonix

Sorry, I know I already included them once, but they crushed basically every performance while on the “Sing Off,” so I figured I’d give you guys another taste. (Performance starts around 1:40)

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight”- A Cappella Soul

Admittedly, they have one guy playing an instrument (I think it’s a stand-up bass), but this is one of the coolest a cappella groups I’ve been able to find. They’ve got great vocals, and put on a really entertaining performance.

“Telephone Line”- The Georgetown Chimes

I couldn’t write an a cappella post without including something from last year’s Cherry Tree Massacre. This one grabbed my attention live, and got me hooked on the original song. I think that’s all you can ask for in an a cappella performance.

“Take Me To Church”- The Georgetown Saxatones

If you are heading to Cherry Tree tonight or Feb 7, you will have the honor of seeing the Saxatones perform as well. They killed DCAF in the Fall and this song is one of their best from that performance. You should also check out their version of “Bang Bang” because it is killer.

“Evolution of Beyoncé”- Pentatonix

Okay, this actually is the last Pentatonix song. They are just too amazing. The Evolution of Beyoncé is more that just a song, it is an experience. What a better way to honor the Queen that is Queen B.


Penn Masala Preview

Penn Masala

Good news, fans of a cappella and of South Asian music! Penn Masala, hailing from the University of Pennsylvania, is coming to Gaston Hall tomorrow at 6 p.m. for what is sure to be a riveting performance, thanks to Deloitte, Pratham DC, GU Jawani and the SAPAN Institute. Unfortunately, tickets are sold out, but for those lucky enough to be attending or to anyone interested in the group, 4E interviewed Penn Masala’s business manager, Pranay Sharma, and the group’s President, Dilip Rajan.

For those not familiar with Penn Masala, could you describe your group in a few words?
Penn Masala is the world’s first and premier South Asian a cappella group (no instruments, just voices). By combining the best of Bollywood with Western popular music, we’ve been able to release 8 albums and perform around the world.

Have you ever performed in DC before? Are you guys going to see the sights while you’re here?
We have performed in DC before and love the city! Unfortunately, I’m not sure if we’ll have time on this trip to do the sightseeing so we’ll have to come back some other time for that.

Where was the coolest place you’ve ever performed?
The coolest place we’ve performed in recent times was definitely at IIFA (the Indian International Film Awards). It was unreal to be singing songs on stage that were originally performed by the actors that were sitting in the first row!

What are your favorite songs as a group?
We all have our own favorites but as a group we all love performing “Fix You – Ishq Bina” (Coldplay and AR Rahman) and “Distant Places” (written by the group).

Who would be your dream singers to work with?
Working with Arijit Singh or Shreya Ghoshal would be a dream come true!

You can check out more about Penn Masala here, including videos of their performances. The concert tomorrow will be raising money for Pratham USA, the largest educational movement in India. Thanks Pranay and Dilip and the rest of Penn Masala – we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s concert!