Sunday Night Wrapup: My Heart Will Go On

Hopefully you didn’t encounter any bad luck on Friday the 13th (or the rest of the weekend for that matter). But just in case you broke a mirror, walked under a ladder or ran into a whole gang of black cats and were incapacitated for the weekend, here’s the news you missed.

  • In case you missed our coverage, Georgetown welcomed our brand new puppy of a mascot to campus this Friday. We’re leaving the banner up a bit longer in celebration of his arrival.
  • On Friday, D.C. officials announced that the debut line of streetcars will be called “One City.” Community response to the proposed line wasn’t entirely positive, to say the least.
  • President Obama went down to Colombia for a Summit of the Americas, which should be an exciting international event, but it has been overshadowed by scandal. Apparently, a dozen Secret Service agents and five military service members were involved in “misconduct” involving Columbian prostitutes.
  • Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Though a surprising number of people didn’t realize that the movie was based on a real event, D.C.’s Men’s Titanic Society honored those who died by recreating the last meal served on the ship and visiting the Titanic Memorial (did you know we had one of those?).

Photo: Flickr user thisisbossi

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