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The 4E is an inclusive blog. We accept people from all types of food-eating groups: vegans, vegetarian, paleo, chocolate-only … as long as you love to eat, we are the blog for you.

Personally, there is nothing that I love more than a good taco. Seriously, I had tacos twice this week and I was in Israel. It is an addiction that I am not trying to stop.

So if you love food and tacos, you are going to die of pure excitement in about 5 seconds.

Ever heard of Chaia? If you haven’t, you will soon. Chaia is a veggie taco company that has often frequented D.C. farmer’s markets (we all know the 4E loves farmer’s markets).

Now, they are opening a real life store in the one and only foodie capital of the world, Georgetown.

Yes, that is right. At 3207 Grace St. NW this June, Georgetown students will have direct access to these genius tacos. That is a 15-minute walk from the front gates. So basically, tacos are going to happen between your weekday classes. Taco Tuesdays anyone?

I actually can't stop looking at this.
I actually can’t stop looking at this.

Their current plan is to serve lunch Tuesday through Friday, brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and even dinner Tuesday through Sunday. That is a lot of tacos!

But actually, how amazing does that brunch sound? Eggs, tacos, friends, Georgetown, 4E… can life get any better at the Hilltop?! (Hint: no, it cannot.)

Of course, prep with some Georgetown Winter Brunching. Training is key for an event as big as this.


Thanks Washington City Paper for this rad article that brought this wonderful news to our attention and for soothing our taco hunger.

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