Stuff Georgetown Kids Like: Healy Beach

With weather climbing into the 90s this week, it’s hard to deny that Healy Beach season is officially upon us. One of the common denominators of Georgetown student life lies in the grassy expanse of Healy lawn on a sunny day. Every group has their niche, though some more alternative folks might head to Copley lawn instead (I’m looking at you, Ultimate Frisbee).

Once the sun comes out, there are some characters that you can reliably find out on the lawn. Walking across the front of campus becomes a scavenger hunt: four people smoking hookah, three Sig Ep bros tossing a football, two girls tanning and one guy playing “Wonderwall” on an acoustic guitar (bonus points if he doesn’t have a shirt on).

But the predictability of Healy Beach only makes it that much more welcome. Along with sundresses and allergies, it’s a sure sign that spring has finally arrived.

And who could complain about that? Our professors maybe – the thought of sitting in an underground ICC classroom can be too much to bear with the sun shining and the smell of GUGS in the air. Watching the rest of the student body frolicking through the windows of Healy might be even more unbearable. Let’s just say if it weren’t for finals, we would be seeing a lot more empty classrooms around this time of year.

While our neighbors might not be fond of sunbathing, they can’t complain if it’s on campus. You can get away with wearing a bathing suit, despite the lack of beach or pool. Just be sure to bring a blanket – for everything there is to love about Healy Beach, scratchy grass isn’t one of them. And who wants grass stains ruining a perfectly good tan?

Healy Beach also acts as a beacon of good things to come. And by good things I mean Georgetown Day. Even without a beer garden gracing Healy lawn this year, or the moon bounce on Copley, these will still be the central meeting place for the best day of the year. Since we’re only about a week away at this point, I think it’s a good time for a throwback to Snowpocalypse 2K10 to say just how excited we are for Georgetown Day.

Stuff Georgetown Kids Like is our attempt to classify and understand, well, the stuff that students at Georgetown like. It is  homage to Stuff White People Like, which we like.

Photo: Michelle Cassidy/The Hoya

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