Spicing It Up With Star Trek

Star Trek GeorgetownWith midterms underway and piles upon piles of readings and problem sets to do, you might not be that happy with Georgetown classes. But according to The Daily Beast, there are classes here to change your mind! Georgetown even made it onto their Hottest College Courses list with our very own “Philosophy of Star Trek” course.

According to the list, Georgetown’s “philosophers” of Star Trek analyze what it means to be human, question the existence of free will and, obviously, go where no man has gone before (Ha. Get it?)

Other courses on the list included “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame” at the University of South Carolina and “The Ugly American Comes Home” at the University of Chicago. So as you tirelessly prepare for those midterms, just remember you could be learning about the meaning of life from Spock himself in Philosophy of Star Trek. Who knows – maybe Will Shatner even comes to guest lecture.

Photo: Georgetown University, Eacology

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