Sparknotes: Georgetown Day


As the Day of all Days approaches (exactly three weeks. Better start carbing up and hydrating), freshmen and transfers (and sophomores who never made it past kegs and eggs last year) begin to question what exactly one does on this legendary Friday.

You know there will be alcoholic beverages. You know it has something to do with the lawn. Luckily for you, we’re here to give you a slightly more comprehensive overview to ensure you get the most out of your Georgetown Day:

7am-11am: The Start  There is a wide spectrum of breakfast options on Georgetown Day. The most dedicated will rally the roommates and be making pancakes by 7am to get an early start. The classiest of us will find themselves at a champagne brunch, whether it be at Chadwicks or in your dorm with Tropicana, Andre, and your best friends. Still others will let their breakfast linger into the early afternoon in the grand tradition of a backyard Kegs n’ Eggs soiree. Our advice? Get your day started early, and if you want to eat at a restaurant, make reservations now (that’s not a joke).

11-5pm: The Lawn You may have heard rumors of beer gardens and barricades, inflatables, and food trucks, but the truth is, Georgetown Day changes every year under the leadership of both the university and a student planning committee. We’ll keep you updated with any official announcements, but here’s what you can count on:

  • Food trucks galore, although most have considerable lines. Leo’s actually becomes an appealing option around 2pm.
  • Inflatables, usually including Jack the bulldog, a large slide, and some sort of structure that facilitates friendly competition between stumbling students (ie dodgeball, laser tag, etc)
  • Performances by all variety of student groups on White-Gravenor patio. Go watch to support your friends and lament about your lack of vocal/dance skills.
  • Performances by any eccentric performers the planning committee decides to hire. Last year we had a magician.
  • Lots of sunbathers on Healy lawn. Break out the Chubbies and find your best cutoff t-shirt or pinny, because regardless as to whether the sun’s out, the guns certainly will be. Healy Lawn is a great place to take a break from the festivities of Copley and plan your next move, or just lay around and reveal in the happiness that is Georgetown Day.
  • Off campus, there will undoubtably be lots of grilling and lots of beer. Your friends that have houses and BBQ skillz will be invaluable today.

5pm: Take a power nap, you deserve it.

**Important note: You may very well have classes on Georgetown Day. Some professors will cancel, many more will not. Take heart, freshmen in Friday recitation, it is but an hour out of your afternoon! Many a Hoya have had wonderful days despite a pesky lecture or two.

The official schedule for Georgetown Day will be released in the coming weeks, so check back with us for a complete review. Remember, more than anything Georgetown Day is about friends, fun, and hydration. Drink lots of water kids, and don’t forget your sunblock; you’re in for the best Friday of your semester.

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